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I would like to make the content of the blog here to be driven by you. No, this is not just another forum. Please use the BI EE forums for questions that need quick, immediate answers. Again, this is not a substitute for Metalink which is where you should direct your production issues to. Please post questions that you think will be useful to others if the answer is in the form of a step by step guide. For example, a question like “How do we make BI Delivers to publish reports to a FTP server? How do we call BI Publisher APIs from BI Delivers?” would be of more relevance to this page. You can also post the challenges that you face in using BI EE, BI Publisher, Hyperion etc. I will try to find an answer to your questions and i will blog about them here. If someone else has already blogged about it, i would point you there. But the idea is to have your questions answered in the form of a simple step by step guide. If it is a simple question which has been asked already in the forums, i would point you to the URL. So if you feel that your question warrants a step by step answer or an elaborate answer in the form of a seperate blog entry, feel free to post them here.

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    • Rajat said

      I am using OBIEE I want to create a user list in BI publisher admin module and in application server control( in Systems management).
      But in BI publisher, when i click on admin -> roles and permission , i am not getting page. Can anyone pls tell me what is the problem?

  2. ia said

    Hi Venkat,

    Is there a way to know and/or set the “path” OBI takes for queries when there are _more_ than two fact tables in a business model?

    Let’s imagine there are fact tables F1..F4 and dimension tables D1..D5. A measure in the F1 is set as the implicit fact column. The fact tables F1..F4 share the dimensions D1..D3. The dimensions D4 and D5 are only shared by the fact tables F2 and F3. We experienced a problem making a query F2-D1-D2-D3-D4-D5: OBI tried to go to the fact table F4 and gave an error saying the F4 is not connected to the dimensions D4 and D5. Of course it’s not, but why OBI went to the F4 in the first place?

    Some workarounds in this case include:
    -Including a column from F3 (and hiding it in the request) made OBI select the right path, but it’s not very pretty and we don’t know why it solves the problem!
    -In some cases you can use a physical join in the business layer to force a path but that’s really ugly
    -Split the business model into several business models each including max two fact tables (one of them implicit and there wouldn’t ever be problems), but that’s not always possible

    A hierarchy for implicit fact columns could solve the problem, for example: if the fact table F1 is suitable for the query use F1 if not then if the fact table F2 is suitable for the query use F2 if not then… but this is not possible in OBI..

    Are there any other ways to set the path which OBI takes? Or can we at the very least predict which will be the path taken? What’s the logic OBI uses to select the path or is it completely random and the desing of more than two fact tables in a business model simply not supported?


  3. Mikael said


    Thanks for providing this great resource!

    My question is: how do I allow users to change their own password without forcing them to change it every X day?



  4. Safiya said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thank you for this new “resource”,

    Is there a way in OBI Answers for displaying blank columns in a pivot table? I know we can display blank rows through Section properties button. But I can’t find anywhere in the documentation or the Answers where i Can display blank columns too.

    In this case, I have a number of measures (4) which is ventilated by the members of a dimension. I want to display this members in columns.
    Thank you for your help. I am still searching in the web for some way to do it.


  5. Kalmesh Sindagi said

    Hi Venkat.

    We refered your previous blog to create request selector and we are facing some performance issue.

    The issue is because we have around 15 reports and users want to see them in dropdown list.

    Is it possible to use Java script or something else to achieve the same requirement.

    Kalmesh Sindagi

  6. David Andersen said

    OBIEE does not have a way to easily compute rolling sums (etc.) for ranges of dimensional values that are not included in the result set.

    For example, I may want to show a 6-row table of monthly transaction activity:

    Month Net $ Transactions
    —– ——————
    Jan07 100
    Feb07 150
    Mar07 -100
    Apr07 125
    May07 -200
    Jun07 210

    That’s easy but in another column I want to show an all-time rolling sum of the transaction activity (sum the metric for all rows in the fact table <= the month in the row of the report).

    Month Net $ Transactions Rolling Sum To Date (Balance)
    —– —————— —————–
    Jan07 100 3400
    Feb07 150 3550
    Mar07 -100 3450
    Apr07 125 3575
    May07 -200 3375
    Jun07 210 3585

    In physical SQL I can do this easily with a sub-select for the rolling sum and reference the outer query month in the inner query:

    (select sum(i1.trans_amt)
    from facttbl i2, datedim i1
    where i1.key = i2.key
    and i1.month <= o1.month) roll_sum
    from facttbl 02, datedim o1
    group by o1.month

    Can I write OBIEE logical SQL to do this? Is there another way to do this (w/o needing to store the rolling sum in a table)?

    Thank you.

  7. SSR said

    Hello Sir ,

    I have a question regarding OBIEE . I created dashboards and gave navigation option for child reports . Evrythg is working fine. In the Child report at the bottom we give the links to return ,download , refresh or copy ….is there any way can we display those things at the top of the page or child report, becoz from a user perspective if there are many records , the user may not be comfortable scrolling all the way 10,000 records and then return ..if they have at the top …they can directly go to the previous page . Can you pls let me know if this is possible or the OBIEE is designed that way .

    Thank you

    Have a good Weekend


  8. Vladimir said

    I have question regarding using of Repository variables for Date fields in Prompt

    I’ve created two server variables APP_MONTH_FST_DATE and APP_CUR_DATE which I’m planning to use in Dashboard Promt for Date fields. But I faced with follow situation – Field I use for prompt is of type datetime. In prompt I’m using between Operator “Between”, Control “Calendar” and try Default to set to “Server variable” but using this combination of prompt attributes window where I can typein those variables doesn’t open. But, when I set for this field combination like “Is greater than or equal to”|”Is greater than or equal to”,”Calendar” and “Server variable” I can typein my server variables for “>=” and “=<“.
    Can you explain is it a bug for “Beetwen” operator of prompt or feature?
    I’m Using Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build 070411.1900)


  9. Sachin said

    Hi Raghu,

    I need to configure a waterfall report using bar stacked view , given the condition that the bar for the next measure should start seperately from the upper limit of the previous measure and not 0 on the x axis.

    Any help in this regard is appreciated.

  10. hp said

    is it posible to drill down when we are using union inn oracle BIEE?
    if it is, could you show us how?

  11. David said

    Is there a way to create a report in Answers that involves a LEFT JOIN in the Presentation Layer? Ex. I would like to create a report of all customers with a Certificate of Deposit with a column that displays a “Y” if that customer also has a checking account, and “N” if he/she doens’t. The column ACCT_TYPE_CODE stores the values of each type of account. Can it only be done by creating the join in the Business Layer?

  12. Safiya said


    Do you know a way to order months in the chronological way in Anwsers.
    In the reports I’ve created. Months are ordered alphabetically.

    Thank you,


  13. Vijaylaxmi said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am new to this feild. I have seen what OOB siebel provides. However, my interest in this feild increased drastically when i started browsing this blog. Thanks a lot.

    I have one question. I see that the analytics server generates an additional query for grand total calculations. But this happens only to custom measures and not to OOB measures.

    Note: I am using SA 7.8.2

    I am interested to know what is that difference that is causing the server which generates a separte SQL?

  14. vyke said

    I noticed couple of things that seem like OBI bugs but wanted to confirm with others.

    1) I have a dashboard with 2 pages, Page A and Page B. Page A has a dashboard prompt (scope=dashboard) and Page B has a prompt with ‘Page’ scope. Now say both these prompts have a common column called fiscal year period (YYYY-MM) and with a default value of latest year and month (2008-04).

    When I change the value of this column on Page A to say 2008-01 hit GO and click on Page B tab, I still see the value on Page B as 2008-04, even though Page A has a prompt with Dashboard scope. It seems to me that OBI chooses to retain the default value because this is the first time user interacted with this tab. But I can argue that values on Page A are not default anymore because I changed the Fiscal Year Period.

    Now if I go back and change the value on Page A to say 2008-02 hit GO and click on Page B, this time I see the correct value. OBI now recognizes the change on Page A and reflects appropriate value on Page B.

    2) Now for the same example modify Page B prompt and choose “is between” operator instead of “is Equal to / is In”. Take out the default values that we set (just to take issue 1 above, out of the picture). Choose 2008-04 on Page A hit GO and then Click on Page B, you will see the 2008-04 in the first field (from filed) and ‘’ in the second field. This is probably normal behavior because when it transfers the value to Page B it only sets the From Period with the value on Page A. So that resulting queries have a filter that would like Year Period >= 2008-04. Hit the GO button now and take a look at the SQL that is generated. It actually says Fiscal Year Period = 2008-04. Hit the GO button again on (without any changes) and this time correct SQL is generated that reads Fiscal Year Period >=2008-04. This got to be a bug. How can OBI generate different SQL for the same set of prompt values on Page B?


  15. vyke said

    Can anyone please confirm if you observe the same thing that I do as explained below.

    This has to do with setting Request Variable (aka session variable) through dashboard prompts and using it. My reports seem to work fine when I use session variables that are set by dashboard prompts. Even reports on other pages (other than the page which has the prompt that sets this session variable) seem to work fine.

    1) But I am convinced that the values of these session variables are not permanent as one might think. Immediately after you run a dashboard page that sets the session variable, go to session manager and you would see that the session variable still shows the default value (if you have one) not the latest value

    2) Prompts for some reason can’t seem to read the session variable either. To test this, create a 2 page dashboard ( page A & B). Set the value of column on Page A prompt to a request variable and have the prompt on Page B read that variable ( either through Server Variable NQ_SESSION. OR through logical SQL ) . Either way, Prompt on Page B will always show the default value no matter what.

    Do you see why these are called Request Variables or not Session Variables ( or is it a bug)


  16. Satyajit said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have some department names which are used in prompt on my reports. I have a table which has the names of these departments in English and in local Language with a languge qualifier.
    Based on the language chosen by user the list of departments in Prompt should be shown in correct language.

    Can you please explain how this can be achieved?

  17. samatha said

    how to connect oraclebiee to oracle application

  18. Safiya said

    Hello Venkat,

    Obi administration tool is crashing each time I try to import from a multidimensianal database. I have a “An unhandled win32 exception occured in admintool.exe…”

    I will re install obi from scratch in a new server.

    My question is: Where are the dashboards and other web components that I’ve created stored so I can use them in the newly installed OBI?
    And do you think they will be compatible?



  19. Anoop said

    Venkat Hi,

    Am just exploring the possibilities for firing event based alerts through Oracle Business Intelligence SE1 Scheduler to external mails, without the help of delivers. Is there any workaround for the above issue.

    Kindly provide your suggestions


  20. ram said

    what is the difference between seibel 7.8 and oracle BI EE 10.3

  21. Danisa said

    Hola Venkata,

    Tengo una duda con respecto a OBIEE. ¿se puede realizar una navegación entre informes de distintas areas temáticas, aplicando los mismos filtros en ambas?

    Un saludo,

  22. Pradeep said

    Hello Venkat,

    How can we make a self join in fact table or any other thing i have to do for achieving this

    Start_Date | End_Date | Start_Price | End_Price | %change
    01/11/2005 | 10/11/2005| 500 $ | 600 $ | 20%

    I am having Two dimension and one fact table dim_Start_date and dim_End_date and fact_sales table.

    I don’t have two columns in my fact table, as open_value and close_value

    I am having only one measure i.e. VALUE for that day. This measure i m using as open_value for from_date and close_value for to_date.

    my fact table is having only two columns

    date_key | Value
    15/05/2006 | 1000.00
    18/05/2006 | 1250.00
    so on …..

    Pl. give some hint to solve this….

    thanks in advance once again.


    I am not able to solve this problem, still not got the any reply on this issue.


  23. Safiya said

    Hi venkat,

    Are you aware of the problem related here?

    It’s been 2 weeks I’m no more able to connect essbase to OBIee. OBI administration tool crashes when we click ok in the window “import from multidimension database”.

    Please, if you don’t know this bug can you give us something like a best way of install of obiee with Essbase.



  24. shankha said

    I have a small question..Is it possible to show data on geo-maps using OBI.


  25. learningobiee said

    Hi venkat,

    Can you please have a blog on how to create session and reposistory variables and Init Blocks. why do you need them and what purpose do they serve.


  26. Aparna said


    We have created aggregates of sum on measures it has perfomance issues.
    Now the report is running for 52mts instead of 30seconds.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Safiya said


    concerning my question here:

    I have found a solution. I had to install Hyperion Essbase client 9.3. Our client runs on 9.2 version. With this version, Obi admin simply crashes when trying to connect to it.



  28. Aniket said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am trying to get report based total in one of the report. Even after setting the Report-Based Total option ON, I don’t see any difference. Oracle BIEE totals up all the values which are not even displayed in the report.

    I have come across one comment posted on the link below which states,

    ‘If the Report-Based Total option is not selected, then you might find that filtering on nested aggregates returns the same result as when the Report-Based Total option is selected. This issue has no workaround.’

    Available from :

    Any further clarification on the above statement would be highly appreciated.



  29. Frederick Samson said

    Hi Venkat,

    In Oracle BI Answers, in the Advanced tab, it’ possible to see / define the XML (saw:criteria, saw:columns, saw:views etc).

    The saw:report root node defines two Siebel XML namespace :


    Do you, by any chance, have a clue where those schemas are documented or where can one find the XSDs/DTDs?

    I am under the impression that one can accomplish many things using this XML directly.


    Best regards,


  30. Satyajit said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am stuck at one point in my project. It would be great if you could point me to some solution or approach which I can try.

    I have 3 tables
    Table 1: Item
    Item_nbr (PK)

    Table 2: Variant
    Item_nbr (PK)
    Var_id (PK)… on this table Primary key is composite key of both the columns. This is because one item can belong to multiple variants and one variant will have multiple items.

    Table 3: Sales
    Item_nbr (PK)

    I want to fetch data from sales table based on Vendor number OR variant id and join is on item_nbr. Since Item_nbr is not a primary key on Variant table and because of OR condition it bring back multiple rows for same item number.

    Please suggest if there is any way to split this query in 2-3 parts in OBI so that the result avoid the duplicate rows.

    I tried this approach:
    First query passes only Vendor number and second query passes only variant id and then we try to union it by using “combine with similar request” option.
    But then it returns 3 rows.
    1 sales for vendor
    2 sales for just variant ..
    3 common sales for variant and vendor combination… I do not want this 3rd row as these sales are already considered in first line.

    I tried to minus this 3rd row by adding one more query but I think Union, minus options does not work at aggregate level in OBI.

    Please suggest if I there can be some other approach to achieve this.

  31. Foluke said

    Hi Venkat

    Great info on this Blog, i must say.

    The requirement is to use an administrative interface (API) or SOAP to programtically administer the webcat.

    The business reason is that maintaining this manually is a significant administrative overhead. This is in particular important when the accounts are maintained externally (i.e. accounts are not created in OBI but in an external database such as active directory).

    The tasks we want to accomplish with the API are:

    – create new users

    – disable iBots

    – archive user data

    – remove any references to the user in the webcat

    when a user leaves the company or no longer licensed to use the product.

  32. Vasu said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am facing a problem while using the prompts in the dashboards.
    I am having three filter columns in the prompt. For example A,B,C are my three columns and column B should be constrained on the value of column A but not on column C. But when i am placing the constraint option for column B, it is getting constrained on both A and C. Is there any way to get this done?
    Its quite urgent for me. Can you help me?

    Thank you in Advance….

  33. Raph said

    Hi Venkat,

    First, thanks for this blog.

    I have a question related to the ‘GO URL’ navigation method.
    How to add a return link (back) on a page?
    I use “&done=…MyDashboard…” as parameter and it works to go to a specific page BUT how to implement a back functionnality? (what to enter after ‘&done=’ to go back to my previous page).

    It is maybee related to ’stateid’ and ‘viewstate’ parameters? Do you know something about that?

    Best Regards,

  34. Venkataraman said

    What is the difference between discoverer & OBIEE+. OBIEE is the upgraded version to Discoverer. I also found Business Intellignce version for Discoverer.

    Can you please explain briefly.

  35. santhosh said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am trying to implement US maps in dashboard using image prompts. I read your blog regarding ” creating image prompts” and found it very easy and understandable. but how do i set the co-ordinates for the each state in US ?
    Any Suggestions?

  36. Tejas said

    Hi Venkat,

    We are generating reports based on GL Account hierarchies where in i need to allow users to drill down from the top level group account to sub-group account which is @ one lvel below to child level GL Account (Lowest level). while doing this, i also need to show corresponding parent account for the child account in the same page. how do i achieve this using OBIEE Answers? for better understanding, please see the following example:

    GL Accounts Amount
    -Total Operating Expense $40,000
    -Salaries $20,000
    +Allocation Salaries $12,000
    +Other Salaries $8,000
    +Advertising $10,000
    +Rent $5,000
    +Other Exp. $5,000

    User can drill down and up by clicking on the GL Account name or by clicking on + sign. Please let me know how do i achieve this.

    Appreciate your help.


  37. Jehra said

    Hello Venkat,

    My company is looking at moving from our current reporting solution to Oracle BI Publisher. One of the things we try to do is report re-use where the only thing that changes is the database being used to generate the report. Is there a way through the WSDL or SOAP calls that will allow me to dynamically change the xdo saved on the BI Publisher server before report execution? I want to change the dataSourceRef attribute on the sql node to the database I want to connect to.

    If so, how do you do this? Or, can you think of a better way to do this?

    Thanks in advance.


  38. Iban Mateos said

    Hello Venkat:

    I am CIO of a Spanish company that has bought OBI for analysis and reporting. I need to tell you that I love BI too. I started working on it in San Francisco in year 2002 using SQL Server Analisys Services and since them I love it. But I changed from company and I did not have the change to use it until now.
    We have made several dashboards about plannification and production.It its working really fine and right know we have translated information to knowlege 🙂 But I have a question that I would like to solve. We are using pivot table where the column shows the article family and the row shows the month. As indicator we have pending money to be delivered.

    Is it possible to have a link in the indicator square and the it links me to another dashboard we it shows me the detail of pending orders to be deliver of that article in that month?

    I hope it is clear for you. Is it possible to register to this web site and to receive news from you?

    My best regards

  39. Natalya said

    Hello Venkat,

    I have a problem. I need to use Condition format, use some colors to highlight some values. But I need to color values in column “A”, but condition I make on the column “B”. It works good on the Table, but doesn’t work on the Pivot table.
    Is there way to solve this problem?

    With regards,

  40. Sandi said


    i have a huge data .so what is the best design for the data warehouse to improve the preformance? how can i use the materlized view?

  41. Kamal said

    Hi venkat,

    I have requirement , in which user want change the background of dashboard pages with some photograph. User also want to have different photographs(backgrounds) for different dashboard pages. I have done it partially by making some changes in portalcontent.css but by doing so background is implemented to the entire dashboard. can u please tell me how to implemented one particular background for one particular page.


  42. Ayse said

    Hello Venkat,

    I created a gauge. Now I need to give the ranges in terms of a column. Actually the rule should be like this;

    “Duration” Colour:RED
    “Duration” = “Target” => Colour:YELLOW
    “Duration” > “Target” => Colour:GREEN

    Here, gauge was created by “Duration(double)” & “GroupCode(varchar)”.

    Do you have any ideas? Could you please help me?

    Thanks & Best Rgrds,

  43. Subro said

    Hi Venkat,

    Suppose i have four columns in criteria, there are some very complex formula on all four columns which would make the 5th column.
    Is there any way so that i could store a column value into a variable for each row?

    Is it possible to store an result value into an variable?
    Is there anything like array of variables in BI?

  44. Frederic Auv said

    I have got a very simple requirement. I would to export data from Answers or Dashboards into a CSV file. So obviously it should be the CSV conditions which are:

    – Fields/columns should be separated by the comma character and records/rows separated by newlines.
    – Fields that contain a special character (comma, newline, or double quote), must be enclosed in double quotes.

    I have tried to use the “Download Data” function but the file uses tab as delimiter.
    Is there any process where we can export data directly into CSV file.


  45. Alok Surana said

    Hello Venky,

    I have been digging the net for some information regarding OBIEE and Web Services. I even read your blog regarding the same but I still cannot relate to what I need to do.

    So here is what I need to do:

    The data sources I need to access are behind the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and I am given a WSDL file that sits on a Web service that is above the ESB. Now I have to integrate this external WDSL file into OBIEE and present it to the users thru Answers. I have gone thru a lot of documentation but nothing explaining how I could intergrate an external WSDL file into OBIEE.

    It could be great if you could suggest me an approach or documentation. Any help will be calming.

    Much thanks and keep blessing us with knowledge,


    Alok Surana

  46. Priyanka said

    how to get previous and current months data when current month is prompted

  47. Alexander said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,

    Thanks for your blog. It’s very useful.

    I have two questions. First is about Open Office. Do you aware about any solutions that allowed exporting of Answers’ reports to ODS format?

    Second is about authorization. I want to create a kind of bashup. How can I use authorization and authentication mechanisms from Oracle BI EE?

    Thanks in advance

  48. Sunil Epari said

    Hi Venkat,
    Sorry! I had posted in this in your Contact Me section instead of here…

    I am working on a solution dealing with dashboard Prompts:
    Some of them as per requirements cannot be displayed on the dashboard, but they are evaluated based on other prompts values.

    Requirement is:

    Prompt1 Prompt2 Prompt3 Prompt4

    Prompt2 is based on Prompt1
    Prompt3 is based Prompt2 , but this prompt cannot be displayed
    Prompt4 is based on Prompt3

    Appreciate if you can direct or provide some guidance on this

    Sunil Epari

  49. Mohammed Ameen Uddin said

    Hi Sir,

    I am siebel user and as part of my requirement i need to generate the report from a button in the siebel.
    for which a necessary processing should be done to generate the xml for which a template should be mapped.
    My client wants to use the BI Publisher for generating reports.
    So, I want to invoke the Macro in the word which should take input as xml and the translation file name.

    This input should be given to the Bi Publisher Objects and pdf should be generated and opened.

    But i am blank with this requirement to carry forward.

    I want to know to which Objects i have to give xml as input and how to pickup the xlif file and how should i generate the pdf in the VB Script.It will be great on ur part if you could provide this information to me and a sample code too.

    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am in great trouble to with stand this functionality.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohammed Ameen Uddin

  50. Ayaps said

    Regarding Oracle BI Presentation Services Replication Agent, in the ./bin/sawrepaj/config.xml – the password is in cleartext. Is that possible to encrypt password entry or don’t enter the value but make the agent to ask for password on launch ?


  51. Deepa said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,

    You seem to have a very resourceful blog out there.
    I have worked in some of the applications under PeopleSoft EPM suite in the past. I recently came across articles all over about Hyperion and OBIEE.. I see the term EPM everywhere but only referring to the Domain.. I even noticed that in Oracle’s EPM/BI product listing, there is no mention of PeopleSoft EPM. i was wondering if my old friend is kinda buried.. Your opinion ?


  52. Manohar Mishra said

    Dear Venkatakrishnan,

    Our Finance department users want to download the Finance Dashboards (both Reports and Charts) specifically into MS Excel (apart from PDF). However when I click “Printer Friendly”
    link/button at the left hand bottom of the dashboards, I only see two options “HTML” / “PDF” but not excel. I want to know whether it is really possible to provide this option to the user? if yes, how to make this possible?


  53. Vivek said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,
    I have a quite different requirement from my client in report drill down using the dimensional hierarchy. I have a a PRODUCT dimension in which I have CATEGORY and SUBCATEGORY levels defined. Now when user clicks on CATEGORY column he wants to drill down to SUBCATEGORY with the PROMPTS still available at the top of the report. We tried doing this by creating two different pages and a similar report with SUBCATEGORY included and gave the NAVIGATION link to the second page. By this we achieved the requirement but this case is with almost every report and this solution is increasing the number of objects like anything. This is also giving lot of troubles while maintaining the objects.
    Please suggest if there is any work around using which we can drill down to report and display the drilled report on the same page.

    Thanks in advance

  54. Manohar Mishra said

    Dear Venkatakrishnan,

    Regarding the excel download, I tried using BI office server and the client. It gives access to the presentation catalogues directly from the excell which is good. But it seems painfully slow. Then I tried iBot setting. But again when I go to”Delivery Content” page and try to use
    “Send Content as” drop down list again I see options only for HTML/PDF but not excel. Pls. suggest how to invoke this option.


  55. V Murali said

    We have two dashboard prompts i.e. prompt1 & prompt2. In prompt1, I have four values such has A,B,C,D and second prompt value populate on the basis of prompt1 value filter. In prompt1 value “A” no reference value in prompt2 then it should not visible but in prompt1 value “B” having value in prompt2 and it should visible


  56. V Murali said

    Hi Venkat,

    We have three dashboard prompt with constraint. when we select first dashboard prompt at that time second dashboard prompt data not getting refreshing.But when you select second time then only data getting populating in second dashboard prompt.

    We are using obi :

    could you please response to this mail.


  57. CC said

    Hi Venkat
    I have a request which outputs to chart format for last six months. Each bar has to have different SQL where clause. Say chart has july, june, may, april, march, february. For july bar, close month is july, open month is july,june,may. Like this, for june, close month is june and open month is june, may, april.
    My question is If i prompt close fiscal month in a dashboard prompt, can i pass this variable to my where filter clause.

    Let me know your ideas on this.

  58. ravi said

    Dear venkat,

    thnx for providing this blog,
    can i know the main difference between business intellignce & financial reporting,& why we r considering web analysis,FR,IR,PR are BI reportings to the clients ,why can’t we express in readable word format.


  59. Ravi Alladi said

    Hi Venkat, i disabled the Marketing menu from all users except Administrator from More Porducts by using a combination of permissions. Now my client wante me to change the message that reads “Siebel Marketing is your starting point to develop target segments for marketing campaigns. Please choose from the options below” to something like “Marketing is not available”.Which xml file has this message?

  60. shubh said

    Hi Venkat,
    I have a requirement in which i have to send a report to 1400 different stores (store’s primary person’s email id) via iBots. But one person can be primary of multiple stores and all the primary persons of the stores will login to OBIEE and setup their my account and provide the email id (which is different for different stores) to which the report need to be deliverred. as he is primary of multiple stores, he need to setup multiple email ids. but the report is not getting deliverred to multiple email ids rather it is getting deliverred to only the default email id.
    If you can help me in setting up this, it will be of much help,


  61. Aditya said

    We are trying to use the Custom Authenticator with OBIEE which requires you to have a shared object. The .so we created depends on another .so which is in a different location from the .so which we wrote. We modified the rpd file to specify the location of the .so that should be used for authentication. When we try to login to OBIEE the .so tries to load but fails. Where should we specify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that OBIEE knows where to load all the dependent libraries?

    Thanks, Aditya

  62. Ocef Joe said

    how to do update row count automatic so when we open Dashboard data have fresh data ??

  63. Vijay said

    Hello Venkat

    I have a question regarding OBIEE integration.
    I have to integrate APex with OBIEE. Other than SSO approach, how can i achieve that?

    thanks in advance for your inputs

    Warm Rgds,

  64. Aniruddha said

    I was trying to automate the creation of hierarchies in OBIEE. I copied the dimension hierarchy from the RPD and pasted it on the notepad to get the script. I made some changes and tried executing using nQUDMLExec but got “Not Defined” error`nQSError: 28006. Request you to suggest simple way of duplicating hierarchies in the RPD. I have several Time Hierarchies and all of them have same format. I would like to automate this otherwise cumbersome manual process.

  65. sudheer said

    HI Venkat,

    I deleted the Nqsconfig.ini file by mistake from the Linux server where OBIEE was installed. I tried to replace it by copying a Nqsconfig.ini file which i had in the windows environment , but the OBIEE server is not starting.

    Is there anyway I can get a back up of Nqsconfig.ini file. or is there any solution for this problem?


  66. Poornima Peiris said

    Hi Venkat

    Can u pls help me to solve following scenario.

    How do I get columns in a table in to rows in Oracle BI Answers?

    ID Name Age Adress
    Xx xx xx xx
    Xx xx xx xx
    Xx xx xx xx
    Xx xx xx xx

    I want this for one particular name or ID (Ex: I mean after filtering)

    Name xx
    Age xx
    Address xx


  67. Ravi Alladi said

    Can I change the contextual help? If I am in a column, say Fiscal Quarter and I wanted to add some help content listing the Repository variables that are available for use where and how would I do this? Basically, I wanted to add some text to the help files so viewers can see a list of repository variables that they can use.

  68. Sri said


    We are using Oracle BI 10.1.2. We have a requirement to launch Discoverer Plus from the application. While launching the application we would like to store the user details such as sector, department, ect. This details would be used in the worksheets to restrict the data retrieved, in other words users would be able to see the details that belong to their department. How this can be done? Please advice.


  69. Donna Furon said

    I have a CALENDAR dimension (day level) and a FACT table with 14 different dates.
    1) The consistency checker complains if I do not connect the calendar to the fact table at the PHYSICAL level.
    2) I think I need to create 14 views of the calendar and connect the day key to each date, but am not sure if I do that at the PHYSICAL or BUSINESS (logical) layers.

    Can you point me to anything that might help me understand this better?

  70. lalitha said

    Hello Sir ,

    I have a question regarding OBIEE . I created dashboards and gave navigation option for child reports . Evrythg is working fine. In the Child report at the bottom we give the links to return ,download , refresh or copy ….is there any way can we display those things at the top of the page or child report, becoz from a user perspective if there are many records , the user may not be comfortable scrolling all the way 10,000 records and then return ..if they have at the top …they can directly go to the previous page . Can you pls let me know if this is possible or the OBIEE is designed that way .

    Thank you

  71. Vijaya said

    I have an OBIEE Dashboard request that has 7 pivot tables and depending on the day of the week, we need to automatically default to a specific pivot table. Is there any way in OBIEE to dynamically default to a specific pivot table based on a condition?

  72. Pallavi said


    all above questions are really helpful
    i have one question
    Is there any way in OBIEE to convert columns into rows?


  73. Abs said

    How to hide specific column of specific tables in presentation layer?


  74. Aze said

    Hi Venkat,
    Need help in Oracle Discoverer to OBIEE migration…
    Im using the Discoverer Metadata Conversion Assistant provided by OBIEE to migrate my Discoverer EUL to OBIEE repository…

    Migration was successful but I couldnt able to open the repository… I tried with all the users mapped to discoverer EUL…
    As mentioned in the document, I even tried with UPPERCASE userid as password…
    Please let me know is there any default user/pwd for the repository created by the migration tool…



  75. Gerald Peters said

    Can you tell me whether Oracle Process Manufacturing is covered by the scope of Oracle BI?


  76. Shiva Molabanti said

    I have a date that is stored in a varchar2 column in the physical table, like so: 20071225
    Silly I know, but that’s what I’m dealing with.

    Anyway, I want to create a logical column in the business model (using the Administration tool) and convert it to a date so that I can do date arithmetic with it, but TO_DATE doesn’t seem to be supported.

    In Oracle SQL would do this :

    Is there any way to accomplish this same thing in the OBIEE? I see the CAST function, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to cast a string to a date?

  77. ramu said

    1) How many fact tables can we create in one bmm layer.
    2) How can we add the new column to 10 different tables.

    pls send me this answers to

  78. Stephen said

    Hi Venkat,

    Is it possible to have a join between 2 tables based on a condition in SA?

    I tried using the CASE statement in the complex join between two tables BV_BOOKINGS_CHANNEL_PARTNER and BV_DISTRIBUTOR_ALLOCATED. But its giving me a syntax error.

    For example :


    Is giving a syntax error.


  79. Chaitanya said

    Im having a small doubt… can we combine both Hyperion Financial reports and Planning on the same server, here we are having 3 diff servers for Hyperion Planning, essbase and reports.version 9.3.
    We want to migrate to DR environment.can we place all the 3 applications on the same server… ??/

  80. Deepak said

    Hi Venkat
    Is it possible to pass the subject area name, or report name to the database.
    We are implementing RLS in database and some reports had some specific data security needs, so just wondering if we can pass the report name and set the context in database .

    appreciate any help


  81. Mervin Alexander said

    Hi Sir,

    I want to hide column name in Answers for particular user,Is any solution

  82. Ravinder said

    I just want to know how to pass multiple dynamic parameter from a OBI Publisher Report To OBI Answers Report in OBIEE

  83. sandeep said

    Hi venkat,

    I have an issue with hierarchical drill down in BMM layer.Here is the scenario as soon as user clicks on the column, it has to prompt asking for column to be selected, and then he wants to drill down functionality on that column.


    B or C or D
    | | |
    E E E
    | | |
    F F F

    Can you please suggest me solution for it..


  84. Jose Casas said

    hello, i’m from peru. please sorry for my english. i hope you can understand me.

    i’m learning about oracle BI EE. i think its so interesting. your web help me so much! thanks!

    i need your help. i need to know how can i have a “connection” between dashboards and power point (for example). i need syncronize those programs… not only download. if i change something in dashboards i need see that change in power the same time.

    is it possible?

    thanks for your help


  85. Hey Venkat,

    We are faced with a problem with image prompts.As part of our requirement, we need to create a dynamic image prompt. I’ve read through various articles on your blog and other forums but still not found a solution

    1. Create a Dynamic Image prompt or a linked Image
    2. Link it with Data, so that the colors or the hot spot range would change according to data.
    Eg 1: Image prompt – A map of US that is used to show the hurricane impact.
    Dynamic content – The region for click through (hotsopt) should vary as the hurricane shifts from one place to another. Which means you cannot hard core the regions on the image, but it has to be picked up from a Table. or an XML file.


    Eg 2: A Builders Site Map where the image prompt shows a) Under Construction b) Completed c)Launched sites in different colors. As the data base gets updated with the completion status the image prompt should automatically re-configure the colors to display the actual status.
    Hope my question and examples make sense. 🙂


  86. malleshn said

    Hey Venkat,

    I have a obiee reporting problem. We have a requirement as to Navigate from a Chart report to another report filtering the selected item in the chart. For example if we have a pie chart with (1)# of Tickets (2)Urgency (low,medium,high and urgent). When we click on the Low in the pie chart it should drill down to a detailed report filtering the Urgency value to ‘Low’. We have managed to achieve this from table view(By adding the GoNav function). Please help us, if this is possible to do. (FYI there is no hierarchy defined for this. This is a custom report)


  87. Rachna said

    Hi Venkat,
    We are upgrading our current analytics environment from Analytics 7.8.5 to OBIEE as part of a major release. When we merged the old RPD metadata with the enhanced Metadata on the new version, we are observing different query generation patterns for some of the reports.

    We have validated the metadata configuration, which is same on the two environments on different versions, we have synched up the DBFeatures.ini files in the two environments but still when we run a simple Ad-Hoc request including a particular field from a view, we get two different queries which cause an ODBC error in the newer version.

    Can you please respond, in how to resolve it


  88. jodtaetep said

    From where is the html/jsp for the BI Publisher toolbar (View, Export, Analyzer, etc.) I am looking to customize it. I am using in oc4j. Any advice would be appreciated.

  89. Gary said

    Hey Venkat,

    I’m creating calculated item like x/y in the Business Model Layer using the OBI Administration tool. OBIEE is always rounding the result number to two decimals. How can I increase the number of decimal places?

  90. Jano du Toit said

    Hi venkat,

    Is it possible to dynamically populate columns in a template without knowing before hand which columns my dynamic sql will retrun?

    Therefore, I want to create a template withough specifying beforehand the amount of columns as well as column names. As example, I want to either call a stored proc or do a select from tablename. this select could return:
    ‘Main column’,’column1′,’column2′,’column3′
    or return
    ‘Main column’,’column1′,’column2′. would it then be possible for the template to display these columns without me physically going and specifying them in the template (an rtf template) beforehand?

    Thanks a lot!!
    Jano du Toit

  91. We have a dashboard prompt with a date interval. How can we set the default values to a relative interval, say for example “last week”. Can you somehow specify that the default are TimestampAdd(SQL_TSI_DAY, – 7, CURRENT_DATE) and CURRENT_DATE ?

    Thank You,

  92. Sophia Hsu said

    Hi Venkat,

    We learned a lot from your knowledgeable forum. In recent, we had a problem about Page axis in Hyperion Financial Reporting 9.3.1. First of all, dimension members (ex: apple, mango, and banana) have been assigned to the page axis of a grid. However, when we changed the members from the Pages drop-down list in HTML mode, the member of Pages and report data still stayed in the first member. For example, the member was switched from “apple” to “banana”, but the member of the page and content was still the “apple”. The Pages function didn’t work in Windows platform.
    We would really appreciate your response. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time.

    Best regards,
    Sophia Hsu

  93. Hi, i am a Oracle partner from São Paulo, Brazil.
    And i am needing a little help about “External Security” on Essbase. How to create and costomize a “External Secutity” for some user?
    Can you help me or indicate me a link with these information?

    Thanks a lot!!
    Wemerson Sosua.

    PS: sorry, my english is not so good yet.

  94. Rascasse83 said


    We are currently evaluating replacing our current Business Objects BI Infrastructure with a potential Hyperion/Oracle fit and would like to know which Oracle/Hyperion modules would best replace our current BI functionality :

    This is what we currently use:

    1) Enterprise Reporting “Push” of thousands of Crystal Reports pixel-perfect formatted reports to many individuals in PDF format.

    2) Super-User Ad-hoc Reporting using the Crystal Reports mentioned above and a blend of 22 report run-time parameters providing highly complex data filtering and user-driven formatting of report groups.

    3) Super-User Ad-hoc Querying using Universes semantic Layer and Web Intelligence ad-hoc reporting tool where users can drag n drop in a Web Environment fields or rather “business terms” onto a cross-tab axis to build their own reports (The Universes semantic layer building the SQL statement for the user) and add some level of formatting to the report.

    4) OLAP Trend type Analysis using Analysis Services Cubes and front-end in Web Business Objects Voyager (Web Based OLAP Client).

    Could you put us in the direction of which product in Oracle/Hyperion suite would be a best match like for like ?

    Are all the Oracle/Hyperion BI Reporting front-end which you are going to suggest web based?

    Are they all hosted under the same BI Environment sharing the same repository and security like our BOXI Environment?

    Your input on this would be most welcomed as we are currently doing an assessment of the power of the Oracle/Hyperion BI tools to decide whether we start a proper full assessment via an Oracle partner.

    thanks !


  95. Asad said

    How to move (or copy)Oracle BI reports from one client to another. I tried but did not get useful result.
    Please Help.

  96. srikanth said

    Iam fresher to obiee Iam working with ibots iam getting alert only to administrator user but not to authenticated users. Help


  97. Pallavi said

    Hi Venkat,
    I would like to know that how we could extend the number of rows of .csv file while downloading the report.

  98. kapil said

    Hi Venkat,

    First thanks for your Blog.

    I need some information on public portal. my client want to pass user name and password through url and want to access OBI Answers. directly by clicking the link.

    How i can give him a solution kindly suggest or show me a example.


  99. Kala said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have read your very nice and very helpful.

    I need some help regarding my carrier …

    Present I am working with Business Objects XI2 past 3 years I need update move my skill set another tool so, I am planning to update anyone one these tools

    OBIEE, Hyperion (which one better), OWB, SAP BI 7.0… these i have selected but which one better to learn please suggest me …

    Many Thanks.



  100. Kala said

    Hi Venkat,

    Please Ignore first line i have type miskate

    “I have read your blog very nice and very helpful”.

  101. Ruben said


    is it possible to use an Excel file as a data source to build dashboards? How to do it?

    Thx in advance!

  102. Ramesh Pabba said

    Hi Venkat ,

    Do we have any OBI EE automation process for deployment .

    Ramesh Pabba

  103. K Anand said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for this awesome blog. I would like to know how to use the JDBC driver in OBIEE to connect to other BI tools such as SAS. Any ideas?


  104. Bhargavi said

    Can u please let me know if we can create a column selector at Dashboard level but not report level, If so can u please tell me how to do it..

    Its little urgent for me.


  105. Karthik said

    Hi Venkat,

    This is regarding goURL functionality in OBIEE; I know that we could pass any parameters through goURL functionality and based on that we have a dashboard which filters reports based on few prompts. We are able to pass parameters using goURL but reports dont automatically refresh after parameters are passed. Its only after a user hits go on the prompt, reports are refreshed with proper filter condition.

    Just want to know if we pass variables for filtering, how do the reports in dashboard refresh automatically?

    — Thanks

  106. I would like to know the significance of highlighted entries in the business mapping layer.

  107. Konstantin said

    Hi, Venhat
    We need to track Oracle BI EE Suite user’s activity. There is Usage Tracking option in exSiebel products making possible to track what and when user did. It’s needed to do similar audit for BI Publisher.

    It’s works “by itself” for Publisher reports built on top of BI Server infrastructure. Usage Tracking does all the job. But what should we do to audit reports using direct sql requests to the database?

    Thanks, Konstantin.

    We have sucurity model integrated with Oracle BI EE Server.

  108. gopi said

    hi venkat,i am new to obi and any bi tool. would u pls show me the implementation of ragged hierarchies in obi with screen shots.
    thanks in advance

  109. Anirudh said

    I need to adjust a Dashbaord Page Name in two lines instead of one line.Could youm please tell me where should I change the settings?Suppose a Dashboard Page is Customer Training .I want to see Customer in one line and Training in one line.I have to do it for many dashboard pages similarly so that when a user logins he should not scroll horizontally.

    Please let me know how to resolve this issue
    Sreeram Anirudh

  110. Saurav Mohanty said

    Hi Venkat ,

    This is saurav mohanty here from oracle hyd..Remember AMEX.Can you pls help me in a situation.

    There is a requirment where the user wants to navigate to a target report based on specific data values on the source report. For example:

    Agent A has metric value of 100% and Agent B has a metric of 50% on the same report.
    when the user clicks on the 100% value he needs to navigate to the target report and when the user clicks on the 50% value he should remain on the same report or alternately the navigational link should not work.


  111. Kala said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am present working with Business Objects .. so, i have some queries regarding this OBIEE tool

    1. What is difference between OBIEE vs Business Objects (or BI tools like cognos,crystal reports etc)

    2. At what situation OBIEE tool mainly used why we can use OBIEE? what scenario used this application there is any specific situation?

    3. why we were go OBIEE application.

    4. I am planning to move OBIEE so i need these answers for these queries.

    Many Thanks.


  112. Ajit said

    Hi Venkat,

    I was going around your entry on “Oracle BI EE – Image Maps, HTML and GO URL”. Iam confused on the Go URL thing,do you mind to explain me this part of the URL “Go&Path=/shared/Paint%20Demo/Image%20Map/Report&Options=rmf&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=eq&P2=Periods.Year&P3=2000” “.

    I couldn’t understand the P0,P1,P2 thing. I have scenario where my user wants to drill on the US-state map then drill on to the cities. Could you tell me how should i be doing this with multiple filter prompts. My other question is can we use this imaage prompt for multiple filter criteria.


  113. gwene said

    I have a script that creates security data tables for me to parse out in access spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03paccess.txt’;
    display privilege user;
    spool off;
    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pdatabase.txt’;
    display database;
    spool off;
    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pga.txt’;
    display privilege group;
    spool off;
    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pgu.txt’;
    display user in group;
    spool off;
    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pfilters.txt’;
    display filter;
    spool off;
    the only issue is consultant created group names that are bigger than 19 characters what code do I add to this script to get it to output the complete group names.

  114. sreenivas said


    I want enroll my blog your blogroll.
    could you Please check



  115. gwene said

    Does anyone know how to get out of maxl a list of Group-user – application- db-access level?

  116. Mainak Mitra said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for making such a useful blog.

    I am a OBI profesional. And looking for some immidiate solution for a problem which is critical for my project.

    We have Siebel Application and OBI
    i want to integrate the OBI with siebel.
    i want to show Two Tab in CRM Application. namely answers a and dashboards
    in the answers tab i want to show the answers application and in the dashboard tab i want to show the all the dash board and default will be My dashboard. i have 7 dashboards all the dashboard should be seen when i click the dashboard tab in the CRM application just like if you open the analytics dashboard in the standalone mode..

    looking for your valuable answer and suggestion.

    Thanks and Regards,

  117. Bill Podell said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am working on modifying the dashboardtemplates.xml file to allow for a text box to display @{savedName} and also session variables…I am able to get the session variables to display, but not the “savedName”. Any ideas on what I need to do. I essentially want to see what tab has been selected as well. Here is an example:



    • Ayyappan said

      How did you able to get session variable value ? Can you please guide me. My requirement is to show a repository session variable next to “welcome user!” when they login.
      I planned to do via – dashboardtemplates.xml, so please help me out.

  118. Bill Podell said

    Try again with the actual xml text



  119. Venkat Raghavan said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,
    Can you please tell me what are the qualified misses and unqualified misses in the cache summary in the server log file…

    Though I am getting a cache hit, I also get these parameters qualified misses…does that mean that the query qualified for cache hit but missed to hit it?


  120. Ashish said

    Hi Venkat ,

    Can you please tell me how can we avoid illegal cross join error in modeling?
    I have 5 tables – Dim (A, B , C,E) and Fact( D). C is lookup table which is used to resolve the lookup code column in table E.
    The relationships between these are
    A–< B—-C
    & A–<D
    My requirement is i have to expose Attributes of A,B ,C & E within Dimension.
    These attributes (from B,C,E) will be treated as property of A.
    Someone may query these attributes without selecting any column from fact table.

    Thanks & Regards,

  121. Al Garcia said

    Hi Venkat:

    I´m kind of new in OBI,could you give me a hint on how to configure OBI Disconected Analysis


  122. Cindy said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have a problem when tried to download the image to excel, it always display as an x bcause the image goes with the link. I tried to use fmap although i don’t know if it will work or not. However, I don’t know how to use the fmap in html code. For example, in the the Column Properties > Data Format > Custom Text Format, I put @html”Test
    but it didnt’ work.
    Please show me how to use fmap in html or any other workaround to solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance!

  123. Nagesh said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am facing problem to connect relational DB from hyperion web analysis report. In web analysis we have Drill through feature.
    But i am unable to connect any of the relational DB. I am getting error “Getting connection failed”. I am trying to connect Oracle DB. but i am able to connect using Oracle Mirant. but we do’t have Oracle Mirant in Drill through.
    Please help me on this.


  124. Angelo said

    Hi Venkat ,
    I’am developing an application in OBIEE but i have a problem with sections using a guided navigation. In particular i’have a dashboard page with one prompt and 4 sections which each contain a report (Section 1 contain Prompt, Section 2 contain Answer A, Section 3 contain Answer B,Section 4 contain Answer C,Section 5 contain Answer D) Each section have a guided navigation based on others answers (Section 2 is based on answers X , Section 3 is based on answers Y, Section 4 is based on answers Y,Section 5 is based on answers Z).
    When i select the prompt value what I expect is that some sections disappear and no other (according to the conditions set in guided navigation). The section that not disapear, because the guided navigation condiction is met, don’t display the answer! The only thing that i can see is the border of section! I need click the second time the OK Prompt button to see the section with inside the answer. The OBIEE behavior when i click the first time the OK Prompt button is display the message (one for guided navigation section) “preparing guided navigation” after this message, the message is replaced with section (only border) without answer. So, to run properly guided navigation i need click twice the ok botton prompt if is the first time that i select the prompt value. If the prompt value is just select in first and i reselect it i don’t need to click twice but only clck is enough.
    Thanks in advance

  125. Krishna said

    Hi Venkat,

    This question is regarding Pagination in Pivot Table.

    I have gone through your blog. And solution you gave to acheive (RCOUNT) and PIVOT is working fine.

    I have different problem related to this or extension of this.

    Everything looks okay, but when the user wants to download the report to any “Excel” or what ever format. The no of records getting downloaded are limited to what user is seeing on that particular page at that point of download.

    Download is taking a hit.

    Any workaround for this too?

    Could you please help on this..

    Thanks in Advance.

  126. Sandeep Kumar Mohanty said

    Hi Venkat,

    You have put a real helpful information here abt development in OBIEE. It helped me a lot in past few days in my project. Thanks a lot to you for that.I am new to OBIEE and I have impemented the writeback to the answers. In my case I am writing back to a staging table instead of directy updating the data base. Later an OWB map updates my backend base tables from the staging table.So when the user logs back in he/she is able to see the update in the dashboard made by the writeback.
    Here my client requires to capture the ‘Username’ of the user who makes a writeback and the date(sysdate) of updation as well.
    Can you kindly advice me how to make it happen. If you can describe the steps with some screenshots for a sample example it would be really very helpful to me.

    Thanks a lot in advance for all yur help.


  127. Siva said


    I need a assist from you guys.

    We have done a fresh installation of Hyperion 9.3.1 components.

    We are using HFM and we need tio create Financial Reports using HFM database.

    But, when i tried to create a ‘new database connection’ in Financial Reporting studio client, i am not able to see Financial Management option in the list. But able to see Planning, Essbase, SAP , MOLAP.

    Please suggest, if something needs to be done inaddition to HFM and HFR client installation, to make available Fiancial Management option in the DB connection list.

    Also, we have HFR and HFM clients in the same machine.


  128. sagar said

    Hi Venkat
    Thanks for providing this great resource! u really grt man
    Can you please tell me how to do calculation in essbase give some sample senario & with any snap shots plz

    Thanks a lot in advance for all yur help.


  129. Ardiwinata said

    Hi Venkat,

    Nice blog. I have several questions regarding the OBIEE and Essbase.
    1. OBIEE reporting not giving the correct result while retrieving to Essbase db (applied Filter access).
    2. I don’t see any option OBIEE can choose any of multiple Alias table in essbase, not like other Hyperion reporting.

    Really appreciate if you can share your experience on this.


  130. Sangeetha said

    Hi venkat,

    Could you please give me some hint regarding the cache clearing for particular users.Is it possible to do for few users?


  131. Sangeetha said

    Suppose I am an OBIEE Admin. My user id is ‘Administrator’ and password is ‘Administrator’.

    There is a user called ‘sandip’. I know the user id of user which is ‘sandip’ but do not know the password.

    I want to run the logical query of user ‘sandip’ from my user login (Administrator/Administrator ).

    How can I add user id ‘sandip’ in the logical query (of user ‘sandip’) and run from Administrator’s (my) login?

    I have tried in the following way.

    run the following command in the command prompt (where userid/passowrd is Administrator/Administrator).

    nqcmd -d AnalyticsWeb -u Administrator -p Administrator -s q1.sql

    The q1.sql contains the following logical statement.

    SELECT Products.Type saw_0, Products.Brand saw_1 FROM Paint ORDER BY saw_0, saw_1;

    How can I add user id ‘sandip’ in the above logical query so that it runs the logical query of user ‘sandip’ only? (Note: I do not know the password user ‘sandip’).

    Please also let me know any other way apart from using iBot.


  132. Sangeetha said


    Please suggest me,How can i seed the data? Without using IBOT


  133. geetha said


    Can we do the reverse of the same process. Can we seed the cache with OBIEE report queries using C Prompt. Our case is a bit tricky. We cant use IBots as we dont have license for it and we want the OBIEE admin to run these queries at the application server and seed these for different users without knowing their passwords.


  134. Dinesh Kumar A said


    How ot enable dynamic time series using road rules

  135. Ling said

    Is it possible to change directory of Repository Section (OracleBI\server\Repository)?

  136. Deep said


    I need a report with YTD budget and annual budget. How can I get that. I have my year and month as prompted. Please help me to get this done.

  137. V Murali said

    Hi Venkat,

    We are facing a pecuilar problem in OBI Reports.

    If any report, which has provided with advanced sql filter condition those report output in csv not getting creating for other normal filter condition is able to create csv output.

    Please let me know how to resolved this problem

    Our OBIEE version


  138. Anita C. said

    Dear Venkatakrishnan,

    How can you remove the “PDF” option from the “Printer Friendly”
    link/button at the left hand bottom of the dashboards, I only want option “HTML” Is this possible?

    Anita C.

  139. Supriya said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have a report with several Request types like ‘Attendee Upload’, ‘CRMOD’…etc,were for each request type it counts how many requests were completed by month in FY09 and I have a Cumulative column at the end which is calculated using summation. I want the Cumulative column to be a running aggregate for that particular service type.

    eg. For ‘Attendee Upload’ Request type, 0 days took to complete 1 request, 1 day took to complete 395 requests, 3 days took to complete 898 requests etc.
    I want the cumulative column values as 1, 396,396+898=1294 etc. this running aggregate should go only until the last row of the ‘Attendee Upload’ Request type then for the next Request type i.e. ‘CRMOD’ the running aggregate should start form 0 days taken to complete a request.

    Hope I was able to explain it well.

    Please let me know if you have come accrosed such kind of report or if you any idea on how to go about.

  140. Supriya said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have a report with several Request types like ‘Attendee Upload’, ‘CRMOD’…etc,were for each request type it counts how many requests were completed by month in FY09 and I have a Cumulative column at the end which is calculated using summation. I want the Cumulative column to be a running aggregate for that particular service type.

    eg. For ‘Attendee Upload’ Request type, 0 days took to complete 1 request, 1 day took to complete 395 requests, 3 days took to complete 898 requests etc.
    I want the cumulative column values as 1, 396,396+898=1294 etc. this running aggregate should go only until the last row of the ‘Attendee Upload’ Request type then for the next Request type i.e. ‘CRMOD’ the running aggregate should start form 0 days taken to complete a request.

    Hope I was able to explain it well.

    Please let me know if you have come accrosed such kind of report or if you any idea on how to go about.


  141. Desmond said

    Dear Venkat,

    I am very new to Oracle BIEE.

    As my company is using VB.NET, Are there anyway we can integrate BIEE into VB.Net forms? How can we know if Oracle BIEE Web Services have been setup in our server?

    Thanks for your help 🙂


  142. Mon Ami said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have three columns – year, market and customer (customer is a child level of market). AT present, Market contains CX amongst others and Customer contains CX east, CX west, CX north, CX south AND CX, thus leading to double counting values at the Customer level. I need three prompts – Year, Market and Customer, so that when I pick Year 1, I should see CX in Market only and not in Customer column. And when I pick Year2, I should not see CX at all in the Market but CXeast, west, north, south and CX in Customer only. How can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Mon Ami

  143. Anthony said

    Hi Venkat,

    Is there a way to have a web analysis dashboard open a url which is an auto login to planning (rather than going to navigate->applications->planning->”planapp”(.

    I am looking into a way of having one central dashboard which links to planning applications, hfm applications, dashboards and reports?

    I was thinking of using webanalysis or creating a custom html page. I would then have users set this page to their default page on login. Have you done anything similar?



  144. preethe said

    Hi Venkat!!
    Thanks a lot!! I was able to set up the lab server at work with the inputs from your blog.

    We have a small requirement. Unable to implement the same. Please provide your valuable inputs.

    I have a hierarchy Level1 –> Level2 –> Level3
    When I have the level1 hierarchy on the report and I try to drill down I dont want the target report to be filtered by the value if Level1. Instead I want the target report to display the summary details of other values under level1.

    Level1 Metric
    AAA 200
    BBB 300

    When I drill down on AAA , I want the target report to display the BB values also at the summary level.

    Level1 Level2 Metric
    AAA AA1 100
    AA2 50
    AA3 50
    BBB 300

    Presently I see that the report gets filtered with level1=AAA value. And the values of BBB are not displayed
    is it possible to display both AAA and BBB on the same report after the drill down? Is it possible to have such a report in OBIEE?

    Thanks a lot

  145. Anatoli said


    I have a machine with x86_64 Linux installed. Can I install on this server Oracle BI Suite for x86? Is someone have such experience?

  146. Venkatesh said

    Hi venkat, i am getting below error from Bi administration tool.

    [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: S1000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 12154, message: ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified at OCI call OCILogon. [nQSError: 17014] Could not connect to Oracle database.

  147. Anthony said

    Hi Venkat (I forgot to tick email follow up comments),

    Is there a way to have a web analysis dashboard open a url which is an auto login to planning and put the application in a tab (rather than going to navigate->applications->planning->”[planapp]”). -> e.g. http://blah/workspace/autologin.jsp#Planapp

    I am looking into a way of having one central dashboard which links to planning applications, hfm applications, dashboards and reports?

    I was thinking of using webanalysis or creating a custom html page. I would then have users set this page to their default page on login. Have you done anything similar?



  148. Anthony said

    Hi Venkat (I forgot to tick email follow up comments),

    Is there a way to have a web analysis dashboard open a url which is an auto login to planning and put the application in a tab (rather than going to navigate->applications->planning->”[planapp]”). -> e.g. http://blah/workspace/autologin.jsp#Planapp

    I am looking into a way of having one central dashboard which links to planning applications, hfm applications, dashboards and reports?

    I was thinking of using webanalysis or creating a custom html page. I would then have users set this page to their default page on login. Have you done anything similar?



    P.s. are you looking for a new job?

  149. pankaj garg said

    hi venkat…
    i am new person to oracle business intelligence and got stuck some where while working on bi answers and dashboards…actually we need to make a slider which is connected to a column…so that if we change a value the graph changes accordingly..can it be done???if yes please let me know the method how can we do that???

    any help will appreciated

    Thanks & regards

    Pankaj Garg

  150. Jagdeep said

    Hi Venkat,

    Great Blog!! YOu deserve an Achievement Award for this.

    Today I had an issue. I created user using Administration client on my desktop – online. I can log into BI PUblisher and Analytics using that userid and password but when i try to login using client, online, I get message – Logon Failed. But if i give wrong password, i get invalid username/password. Can you help?

  151. Shraddha said


    I m a recruiter. I am looking for a candidate who has 5 yera experience in Hyperion Essbase.Almost all candidates got contacted B4 from portals. How can i get the candidates? Please let me know.


  152. Jerry Smetzer said

    In the Oracle BI tutorial titled: “Getting Started with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher,” there is a reference to WebServices.rtf template on page 122, and a reference to HTTP-RSS.rtf template on page 132. It says these two files are “provided with this OBE.”

    After scouring the drives on the two computers I have dedicated to testing OBI and BIP I conclude that – actually – the two files are NOT “…provided with this OBE.” Can you tell me what happened to them? It would be very helpful to me to have them to look at even there is some problem with them.

  153. Ravi said

    One of our client wants to run query directly on the database. I read your answer how to do that.
    What will be the implication if we allow the user to have direct access to database?


  154. pankaj said

    hello all

    Is thr ny way to define error code and error messages tht wil display on dashboards..i mean is there any poss way of getting the error code and error msg that are defined by user….or is thr any file that contains a list of all error codes and msg’s



  155. hArAkiRiON said

    I would like to implement a kind of project progress chart in a timeline graph manner (gantt chart?).

    Dates (plan and actual): Start, Milestone1, Milestone2, End.
    Project information: P. Number, Name, Project Lead,…


  156. Raghu said

    How to publish the report from Dev environment to Product?

  157. Vinod Jaganathan said

    Hi Venkat

    Is there any way to get the list of presentation columns [Any inbuilt session variable ]
    which user is trying out from Answers page ?

    Is there any way to refresh a varaible for every request
    for a subject area from answers page ?

    I have requirement to add filters implicitly whenever user selecting a particular
    column through Aswers page .

    Business/Technical Requirement

    Existing Physical Query

    select T656153.NAME as c1,
    count(distinct case when T656153.VAL in (‘Event – Pre-Reg Attendee’ ) then T32353.ROW_WID else NULL end ) as c2,
    count(distinct case when T656153.VAL in (‘Software Downloaded’) then T32353.ROW_WID else NULL end ) as c3,
    count(distinct case when T656153.VAL in (‘TM – Bad record’, ‘TM – No call required’ ) then T32353.ROW_WID else NULL end ) as c4,
    count(distinct case when T656153.VAL in (‘White Paper download’) then T32353.ROW_WID else NULL end ) as c5
    W_RESPONSE_F_PT T32353 /* Fact_W_RESPONSE_F */ ,
    W_SOURCE_D T43873 /* Dim_W_SOURCE_D_Campaign */ ,
    W_LOV_D T656153 /* Dim_W_LOV_D_Response_Type */
    where ( T32353.SOURCE_WID = T43873.ROW_WID and
    T32353.X_RESP_TYPE_WID = T656153.ROW_WID and
    T43873.CAMP_NAME = ‘Test Campaign’ )
    group by T656153.NAME
    order by c1

    W_RESPONSE_F_PT –> This is partition table based on X_RESP_TYPE_WID .
    We have around 50 measures based on response_type , and we are deriving up measures in
    business layer . Here all the response references are appearing in CASE stmt and
    oracle rdbms is not able to use partition pruning .

    We would like to dynamically add filters like
    T656153.VAL in (‘TM – Bad record’, ‘TM – No call required’ )
    whenever the user selecting respective column from Answers page .
    So that rdbms will use optimized plan .

    Expected Physical Query , if user selected first 2 measures

    select T656153.NAME as c1,
    count(distinct case when T656153.VAL in (‘Event – Pre-Reg Attendee’ ) then T32353.ROW_WID else NULL end ) as c2,
    count(distinct case when T656153.VAL in (‘Software Downloaded’) then T32353.ROW_WID else NULL end ) as c3
    W_RESPONSE_F_PT T32353 /* Fact_W_RESPONSE_F */ ,
    W_SOURCE_D T43873 /* Dim_W_SOURCE_D_Campaign */ ,
    W_LOV_D T656153 /* Dim_W_LOV_D_Response_Type */
    where ( T32353.SOURCE_WID = T43873.ROW_WID and
    T32353.X_RESP_TYPE_WID = T656153.ROW_WID and
    T656153.VAL in (‘Event – Pre-Reg Attendee’ ) OR
    T656153.VAL in (‘Software Downloaded’) AND
    T43873.CAMP_NAME = ‘Test Campaign’ )
    group by T656153.NAME
    order by c1


  158. Balaa said

    Hi venkat,
    I want to view all session variables in one dashboard page(Tab) while we are work in dashboards.

  159. Balaa said

    Hi venkat,

    I want to view all session variables in one dashboard page(Tab) while we are work in OBISE1 dashboards. plz explain me how we can do.
    Thanks in advance

  160. Trupti said

    Hi Venkat,

    We have an existing portlet based application that is using Liferay portal to display the portlets to the users. Our client wants us to display the same portlet application using Oracle BI. Could you let me know what would be the easy way to do this ? As per my understanding, we would need to migrate our portlets from Liferay to Oracle Portal and then use the Oracle BI. Please let me know if this is the correct approach.

  161. salvatore said


    do you know a way to create an initial field (for putting a text word of 3 chars, before the first member of the row) in a report (i.e. a txt-file) generated with an Essbase report-script?

    i need to put this text-word at the beginning of each row]

    <DIMBOTTOM “Product”


  162. salvatore said


    do you know a way to create an initial field (for putting a text word of 3 chars, before the first member of the row) in a report (i.e. a txt-file) generated with an Essbase report-script?

    ROW (Year, Scenario, Product…)

    “txt” [HERE! -> i need to put this text-word at the beginning of each row]

    DIMBOTTOM “Product”


  163. salvatore said

    I hope it’s clear…


  164. Raghu said


    When I try to run iBOT using ‘Run as administrator’ option it runs successfully. But without this option it fails with below error,we are using database authentication using database user login not external table.

    +++ ThreadID: 1060 : 2009-03-13 15:46:47.012

    [nQSError: 77006] Oracle BI Presentation Server Error: A fatal error occurred while processing the request. The server responded with: Authentication Failure.

    Error Codes: IHVF6OM7:OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC

    Odbc driver returned an error (SQLDriverConnectW).

    State: 08004. Code: 10018. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: 08004] [nQSError: 10018] Access for the requested connection is refused.

    [nQSError: 43001] Authentication failed for a467213 in repository Star: invalid user/password. (08004)

    I really really appreciate if someone can pass the solution.


  165. Abdul Moyeed said

    Dear Sir,

    Please, let me know, how to Edit Chart in BI Publisher As per OBE, I have to Right-Click to get the BI Publisher Chart option, which I am not getting. I can Insert in New Chart in RTF template but Can’t edit the existing chart in RTF Template.

    Please, help.


  166. alfredy said

    Hi Venkat,

    How do I setup OBIEE Disconnect Analytics?

    I have done the following:
    1. OBIEE server setup and working
    2. able to create answer & dashboard.
    3. read the manual – OBI Disconnected Analytics Admin & configuration Guide.

    First, I can not find the disconnected analytics software ?

    Do you have step by step on setting up Disconnected Analytics ?

    Appreciate your help.’


  167. Prasanth said

    hey venkat,

    This information is very helpful. But lately,i am running into another problem

    I have an Org dimension which is across 5 generations. So In my report i have the org generation starting at Gen3 which goes all the way down to Gen5. So i have a prompt with 3 gen columsn gen3, gen4,gen5.So when i select some members in the prompts from gen3 to gen5 itz giving NO results. how ever it shows results in the report if i use a normal drill down instead of the prompts. So even it has results for the selected prompt combination it gives no results. But in the drill down it shows results.

    Prompt columns: gen3, gen4, gen5
    Report columsn: gen3, dollars
    filters in the report: gen3, gen4, gen5 are prompted

    Is there any specific way to handle Essbase prompts in OBIEE. Please advice.


  168. srinivas said

    Hi venkat,

    Iam new to OBIEE. Iam thankful to u for ur article on obiee and mapviewer integration. i have completed the phase-1 successfully at the end when i was trying to create narrative view the code u have mentioned in ur blog I was entered properly. But after updating this I was unable to get the map properly.

    The code as follows….


    Oracle Maps

    var mapview;

    function showMap()
    var baseURL = “http://””/mapviewer”;
    var mapCenterLon = -122.45;
    var mapCenterLat = 37.6706;
    var mapZoom = 4;
    var mpoint = MVSdoGeometry.createPoint(mapCenterLon,mapCenterLat,8307);
    mapview = new MVMapView(document.getElementById(“map”), baseURL);
    mapview.addBaseMapLayer(new MVBaseMap(“mvdemo.demo_map”));


    var Region = getURLParameter(“Region”);
    Region = Region.toUpperCase();
    var Parameters=”\”” + Region + “\””;
    var marraypara = new Arrayparameter(parameters,’sarray’,’city_list’);
    var themebasedfoi=mapview.getThemeBasedFOI(“themebasedfoi1”);
    if (themebasedfoi=null)
    themebasedfoi = new MVThemeBasedFOI(‘themebasedfoi1′,’mvdemo.customer_by_cities’);
    themebasedfoi.refresh() ;
    function getURLParameter(paramName) {
    var strURLParamReturn = “”;
    var strHref = window.location.href;
    if ( strHref.indexof(“?”) > -1 ) {
    var strQuerystring = strhref.substr(strHref.indexof(“?”)).toLowerCase();
    var aQueryString = strQueryString.split(“&”);
    for ( var iparam = 0; iparam -1 ){
    var aparam = aQueryString[iparam].split(“=”);
    strURLParamReturn = aparam[1];
    return unescape(strURLParamReturn);

    It is showing an error that…..

    line 9535
    error; ‘’ is null of not on object.
    code 0

    can u chk and and plz resolve the errors in this code.

    thanks in advance.

    waiting for u reply..

  169. Devarasu said

    I have a small question.. Oracle Map Builder in mysql database connection ,Is it possible to show data on geo-maps using OBI. if it is Possibile I need the Connection steps in Oracle Map Builder in mysql database connection…


  170. Devarasu said

    I have a small question.. Oracle Map Builder in mysql database connection ,Is it possible to show data on Oracle BI-maps using OBI. if it is Possibile I need the Connection steps in Oracle Map Builder in mysql database connection…


  171. Devarasu said

    I have a small question.. How to connect OracleBI Map Builder in mysql database connection? ,Is it possible I need the Connection steps in Oracle Map Builder in mysql database connection…


  172. rajesh said

    Hi Venkat

    I have a question regarding Essbase 931. I have installed essbase 931 in a HP- Unix machine. I hae only installed client and server and not shared services since I need only client and server to work with. After my client installation , in the client install log I see an error message stating

    ProductException: (error code = 601; message=”jvm “jvm” is not defined”)
    at com.installshield.product.actions.Launcher.installFailed(
    at com.installshield.product.actions.Launcher.install(
    at com.installshield.product.actions.UninstallerLauncher.install(
    at com.installshield.product.service.product.PureJavaProductServiceImpl$InstallProduct.install(
    at com.installshield.product.service.product.PureJavaProductServiceImpl$Installer.execute(

    Not sure of the reason for this JVM error. Let me know what could be the reason.


  173. Aruna said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have a question about the following scenario: Upon login, based on the username, my dashboard needs to display ‘N’ graphs based on the course sections that a teacher is teaching without prompting the user to make any selections. For example, a high school teacher may teach 6 sections, an elementary teacher may teach only one section; therefore the number of graphs will vary.

    I tried to create a request with a pivot view (filter using new calculated item but that is not dynamic) and then charted the pivot results; ‘N’ pivot tables/graphs for ‘N’ sections. I have also experimented with “Column Selector”, but this option includes prompting as well and only one graph is displayed at a time. Basically, I need to display a graph for each section without prompting.

    Is it possible? Please let me know if there is a solution or any suggestions that you may have.


  174. Raj said

    Hi Venkat,

    Could you please walkthru on Hyperion Financial Management as you did for Essbase.


  175. Anastasia said

    Hello! I have met the following problem. I created an application in Hyperion Planning 9.3.1. Then I imported data from this application to Oracle BI Administration. Then I created Business Model and Mapping and Presentation layers. Then I tried to create a report in Answers but I met a problem. If I choose only measure column or measure column and a part of other dimensions I does no see anything in the report. But If I choose a measure column and all other dimensions then I can see data in the report. Can you help me with this problem? Thank you.

  176. Zaid said

    Hi Venkat,
    Is there a way to hide a presentation table from the users while you build reports for them to view from that same table?

    Only admin can build reports from that table, users see the admin’s reports but they don’t create reports themselves using the table’s criteria.


  177. Brian W. Shreeves said

    Hi Venkat,
    I’ve been working on OBIEE using Essbase as a source for a little while now. Although I have some background in Essbase (not a beginner, but not a master either) I don’t fully understand how to properly use the EVALUATE function in OBIEE against Essbase.

    I understand that the EVALUATE function will push to code through to the source, let the source deal with it and accept the return of information.

    What I don’t understand is how to properly create syntax in the EVALUATE for Essbase.
    Is there some documentation on how I could correctly create the syntax for this purpose.

    To that end, I’m trying to find a way to bring back specific data points in a query, and I suspect that the EVALUATE and the correct syntax could help me accomplish this.

    Scenario is my measures in OBIEE
    Bringing back Actual, Budget and Forecast
    For 2007 and 2008
    But only want Actuals for 2007, and Budget an Forecast for 2008.
    Tried using filter in the query, but as soon as I add a 2nd measure (scenario) to the query it fails.

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

  178. Niru said

    Hi All,
    Im new to Oracle BI Publisher, Why am I getting following error msg in query developer while creating report from oracle database and what’s the solution to it – ”
    The query could not be parsed. Please close this window and edit the query manually.”

    Thank you

  179. Brett said

    I am new to OBIEE I have an issue with reporting on obiee with essbase source, which I am not able to find any good help from other online source or oracle forum.

    I was trying to put a filter on the date column and filter between timestampadd(sql_tsi_day,-31,current_date) and current_date

    I was successfully able to define both field on sql expression of the filter and I selected “is between”

    when I put this date column with measures and other columns then run report, I get a different error:

    State: HY000. Code: 10058. NQODBC SQL_STATE: HY000 nQSError: 10058 A general error has occurred. nQSError: 42043 An external aggregate is found in an outer query block. (HY000)
    SQL Issued: SELECT Product.”Brand Name” saw_0, “Up Level”.”Trial – level 12″ saw_1, “Year”.”Transaction Year” saw_2, “Year”.”Transactoin Month” saw_3, “Year”.”Transaction Date” saw_4, tranSale.count_of_transactions saw_5, Avg(tranSale.count_of_transactions by “Up Level”.”Trial – level 12″, “Year”.”Transactoin Month”, Product.”Brand Name”) saw_6 FROM tranSale_cube WHERE (“Up Level”.”Trial – level 12″ IN (‘0’, ‘Product Upsell’)) AND (“Year”.”Transactoin Month” >= ‘2009 Feb’) AND (“Year”.”Transaction Date” BETWEEN timestampadd(sql_tsi_day,-31,current_date) AND current_date) ORDER BY saw_0, saw_1, saw_2, saw_3, saw_4

    I believe it must be something with the essbase that is not serving OBIEE well. Because I tried the same filter on a different environment not having essbase, it return me the right results..

    Any pointers will be deeply appreciated


  180. Ssunda said


    I have a requirement to filter a date column to show data of previous 7 days. I created a session variable (with row-wise initialization) which captures the previous 7 dates. And then tried to use this session variable to filter on the date column.
    It is giving error (comparision between incompatible types). I checked the logs and felt that below is the reason for failure.
    The column is of date type. And the session variable is storing the values as string type. (the session variable definition -> select ‘abc’ , date_a from xyz where …) The dates when stored in ‘abc’ session variable, I think they are stored as strings. And hence when applied as filter, it is giving error. Please let me know how I can resolve this problem and if above reason is incorrect.

  181. Gopal said

    Hi Venkat,

    We are facing problem with Siebel Delivers.
    We have created ibots that will deliver reports to user weekly (on every monday)
    But this week, it has not delivered the report, when I checked the “Last Run” date for the ibot it is showing the future date as 04/27/2009 and next Run Date is 05/03/2009.
    It should have displayed the “Last Run” Date as 04/06/2009 instead of 04/27/2009.
    I have verified the NQ ibot,NQ server,NQ Scheduler log files, but couldn’t find any error information for that ibot.
    Could you please suggested, what could be the problem?
    I appreciate your response.

  182. Mahesh said

    Hi Venkat,

    We are using multiple(three) presentation services with single scheduler. In the Job Manager–>iBots–>OBI Presentation Server, we have given the comma seperated list of presentation services(:9710,:9711,:9712).
    Sometimes the iBots are running and sometimes they are getting errored out. We are not able to find the exact reason. The error thrown is:
    iBot Chain Started.
    Scheduler iBot Version: 201
    Job ID: 2
    Instance ID: 15.000000
    User ID: Administrator
    Job Version: 2
    Root iBot ID: /users/administrator/_ibots/Test
    Oracle BI Presentation Server: :9710,:9711,:9712
    Debug: True
    iBot Load Balancing Enabled.

    +++ ThreadID: f523bba0 : 2009-04-06 16:45:25.049
    Using Presentation Server: :9711
    Using Presentation Server: :9712

    +++ ThreadID: f523bba0 : 2009-04-06 16:45:25.102
    [nQSError: 77006] Oracle BI Presentation Server Error: A fatal error occurred while processing the request. The server responded with: Path not found (/users/administrator/_ibots/Test)

    Sometimes its throwing error like ‘Invalid subscribers skipped: Administrator’. what could be the reason for this?
    Are we following the correct approach or are we going wrong? Is it correct to use one Scheduler with Multiple presentation services?

    Can you please let us know the your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance……..

  183. Ahmad said

    Hi ,

    Nice Blog special for beginner like me .
    on one of our client they have oracle EBS R12 and Hyperion System 9 and client want to load data in such a way that he can schedule uploading like backup in night etc.

    you are aware of any tool / script by using which we can achieve this functionality.


  184. Apurv said

    Hi Venkat,

    I need a help on OBIEE. My requirement is to pass a value from one dashboard to other dashboard.

    That is when user selects one value from the prompt it should appear in the other dashboards as well. I am referring to different dashboards and not the same dashboards.

    I have tried with presentation variable but its scope is only upto that dashboard. Can we use session variables. If yes then how to set session variable values in the dashboard.

    Please help. Please guide me If you can think of any other way.


  185. Rezza Nasha said

    Hi Venkat,

    I’m a freshie in Business Intelligence industry. Right now, without prior knowledge about this tool, I’m working in OBIEE answer.
    I have 2 questions:

    1. Is it possible for us to convert OBIEE answer report/dashboard into .pdf or .xls files? Other tools like Cognos and Business Object have their own utilities to convert the tool’s reports into those formats. I believe OBIEE also have that essential, but untill now, i couldn’t find it.

    2. Are there any possibilities that OBIEE report can be turn into Chinese language. I mean a function that can change all english format (data, colums, rows, etc) into chinese especially mandarin. Right now, what I found is that I need to find the chinese translation for all the english terms used in the report and convert them one by one.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks and regards.

  186. pom said

    hi there,

    how to have 2 same columns in one single report, but each report have their own seperate filters

  187. rezza said

    Hi Venkat,

    I’m a freshie in Business Intelligence industry. Right now, without prior knowledge about this tool, I’m working in OBIEE answer.
    I have 2 questions:

    1. Is it possible for us to convert OBIEE answer report/dashboard into .pdf or .xls files? Other tools like Cognos and Business Object have their own utilities to convert the tool’s reports into those formats. I believe OBIEE also have that essential, but untill now, i couldn’t find it.

    2. Is there any possibilities that OBIEE report can be turn into Chinese language. I mean a function that can change all english format (data, colums, rows, etc) into chinese especially mandarin. Right now, what I found is that I need to find the chinese translation for all the english terms used in the report and convert them one by one.

    Thanks and regards.

  188. Neeta said

    Hi Venkat,

    Could you please let me know how timezone implementation is done in OBIEE.In the OBI Presentation Services Administration Guide,it has been mentioned that we should use the session variables like DATA_TZ and DATA_DISPLAY_TZ for seeing the reports in user specific timezone but i do not see any detailed documentation on how this is implemented.


    Neeta Gunturu

  189. Neeta said

    Hi Venkat,

    Could you please let me know how timezone implementation is done in OBIEE.In the OBI Presentation Services Administration Guide,it has been mentioned that we should use the session variables like DATA_TZ and DATA_DISPLAY_TZ for seeing the reports in user specific timezone but i do not see any detailed documentation on how this is implemented.


    Neeta Gunturu

  190. Nitin said

    Hello Venkat,

    Firstly, thanks much for the information you provide. This is indeed an excellent resource.

    To my question, is there a way i can accept month and year through dashboard prompts into presentation variables and build a date out of them and print it on the report (needs to be in the date format)?


  191. Anupam said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am currently working on BI Publisher and I think you will be able to help me out.
    I wish to burst a report which has data from 3 different data models. The 3 data models have one parameter in common, and I wish to burst the report using this parameter. Is this possible?


  192. Radhika said

    Hello Venkat ,

    Im reallly very much impressed with blogs posted in this site covering all the new features of OBIEE. We have an important requirement regarding configuring Multiple Schedulers. We have an environment where we have configured multiple Presentation services on the same machine with multiple instanceconfig files with single Backend database.

    PResentation Service A ( Standard one that uses standard instanceconfig.xml )
    PResentation Service B ( one that uses standard instanceconfig_B.xml )
    PResentation Service C ( one that uses standard instanceconfig_C.xml )

    while configuring scheduler , we have given presentation server IP addreses seperated By (‘)

    Now when we save iBot from PResentation Service B , as scheduler by default will look for files based on the catalog path mentioned in instanceconfig file, It is throwing error “Path Not Found”..

    Let us know if you have any solution for such of issue.

    Any Help is appreciable..

    Let me know if you need any more clarification

    Looking forward for your reply


  193. saichandv said

    hi Venkat,
    First thank for you extreme support for all BI professionals.I worked on how to call bi publisher reports from ibots.I refered to your previous post they are doing well.

    But i want to select a “Delivery Content” based in a BI Publisher Report, not a dashboard content… when I press the “Select Content” button the navigation explorer shows Dashboard Folders only…

    The question is: I need to put a BI Publisher Report “into” a dashboard before call it from a iBot schedule?

    Thanks and Regards,

  194. Pablo Sanchez said

    Is it possible to design a drill down in which when we perform a drill the child level is shown in place as a collapse layer without hiding the other parent levels, somehow a drill down which works as hidden panels where is the child level and clicking the parent level are expanded in place, but having the possibility to expand another parent level and see in place the two expanded parent levels with their respective child levels shown.


  195. JCMoncayo said

    How do I get a list of planning security with access level included. Current system report can’t be parsed and it doesn’t include dimension, access level information from workspace.

    want to be able to list
    user id database access level dimension group

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03paccess.txt’;
    display privilege user;
    spool off;

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pdatabase.txt’;
    display database;
    spool off;

    set column_width 45;
    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pga.txt’;
    display privilege group;
    spool off;

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pgu.txt’;
    display user in group;
    spool off;

    spool on to ‘Fl1m-Hyp-Ap03pfilters.txt’;
    display filter;
    spool off;
    spool off;

  196. Senthilraja said

    hi Venkat,

    I want to create custom dashboard pages. How to do it?

    And i want to know what are the xml files needed for customizing Dashboard page? ( For ex, for login screen, we have logoncontrolmessages.xml to customize login screen)

    thanks in Advance

  197. Tejas said

    Hi Venkat,

    This blog has helped me a lot at various times!!

    Can you please let me the detailed steps of installing OBIEE v10.1.3.4 on Redhat Linux?

    Appreciate your help!!


  198. Dany said

    Hi Venka,

    I use Oracle BI but the data is from Excel.

    There are some fields in Excel data which their data type are String/Text. So I set their datatype as Varchar (255) in Oracle Administration.

    Unfortunately, there is an error message when i open presentation service telling me that the Data is too long. Then i know that the text in Excel data is too long.

    I did research to know how the long text can be viewed in presentation service (Dashboard/Answer). May be you have already had the solution. Can you help me to solve this problem?


  199. mani said


    How to track the details of the users..

    By using the usage tracking i did.. but this is done in OBIEE. but the same thing is not working in the OBISE1.

    plz is there any solution to get success result.


  200. thosh said

    We are using SSO (SiteMinder) for authenticating (OBI enterprise edition). Whenever i try to enter my credentials and log into Oracle BI Dashboards it is throwing a error page stating
    “You are not currently logged in to the Oracle BI Server.If you have already logged in, your connection might have timed out, or a communications or server error may have occurred.
    To log back in, click here. If a problem persists, please contact the site’s administrator.”

    Things i have done to implement this –
    1) Created a user called Impersonator in rpd file , Changed the InstanceConfig.xml file with the section

    Created the credentialstore.xml file and gave the path in Instanceconfig.xml file.

    I Don’t think it is a problem related to SSO /Siteminder because once i create a session and log in to Siebel CRM from the Generic login page, without logging out or closing the browser i typed http://Server/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard URL in the browser but it still shows the login error page. We had a similar error in test env. which shows a generic llogin error page from company’s website whenever we try to log into analytics page and the only time sso allows us to see dashboards is when you enter your credentials and create a session in Siebel CRM and then you type the Dashboard URL in the browser without logging out Siebel CRM.

    Please Help ASAP.

  201. AKS said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have requirement for calculation of YTD for a particular client.

    The data is at a day level granularity but the measure value is the MTD of that month i.e. if u pick the 10 jan day record the measure value is MTD as of 10th Jan i.e. no need to calculate the MTD again as usually we do. So, for MTD it is easy to show as we can show the as of date values.

    Comming to YTD:
    If date selected is below 31st jan then YTD will be as of that date.But, if user selected date is say 21 March then YTD is 31st Jan value+27 Feb Value+21st May value. i.e. sum of every month end and user selected date values.

    I have the MonthEnd IND in my time dim so i can pick up month end values, Date input is from dashbaord.

    I have written a logic for this using case but for that we need to include date col as well for grouping, whihc i dont want. Is their any other way of implementation.

    Thanks in Advance..

  202. AKS said


    if I want to do it using stored Procedure let me know the steps to implement.


  203. Ananth said

    Hi Venkat,

    Nice to see your blog, fantastic one. I have a question on cross subject area reporting. There is a requirement to report data elements from two or more subject areas using a common join column. The user should be able to specify the join column in the Answers Side.

    Is there any way this can be achieved


  204. Srinivas said

    Thanks Venkat,

    This website is really helpful to me. Got lot of information which i am in need.

    Now I am facing the below issue need your help on this please.
    getting the following error while running DAC Server

    Can’t connect to the database.
    Io exception: Broken pipe

    Srinivas Chindam

  205. P Ganesh said


    I am new to Essbase, though I have been working with Oracle products for a while now.

    I downloaded and installed the OBIEE+ and I am playing with it; and I got stuck at this step:

    I was trying to see the data in the Sample.Basic Essbase database, using the Excel add-in (or the Admin console) — no luck. It says there’s no data in the database

    So I assume I need to load the data — and I see a bunch of .txt files in the “\Essbase\EssbaseServer\app\Sample\Basic” directory; but I have no clue about the sequence in which to run the loads.

    Is there a script that loads all the needed data files?

    THanks, and apologies if this is not the correct forum.


  206. Wendy Guo said

    Somehow the dashboard prompt is not being applied to the request on the same dashboard page.

    I followed the instruction in the user guide on how to create a dashboard prompt and add it to a dashboard page. Both of the dashboard prompt and the request show up on the same page but the prompt is not restricting the data in the request. Am I missing some steps?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    Harvard Business Publishing

  207. Luis said

    I’m new to Oracle BIEE, How can I integrate the Oracle BIEE(Administration Tool) with Siebel(CRM)? I want to do this to connect and extract data/information with the Siebel Segmentation tool…

    Please, Can anybody help me with some stuff?

    • Srinivas said


      You need to Install
      -OBIA (DAC will also be installed with this)
      -Informatica or any ETL tool

      And in brief need configuration as blow:

      Create 3 schemas
      -Dac Rep
      -Informatica Rep

      Dac Config.
      -Clent Config.
      -Import metadata

      Setup: DAC System properties
      , DACServer Config
      Import the TABLES in to the dataware house.


      Repository Server Configuration
      Repository restoration.
      Informatica Server configration and in workflow manager.
      DAC— Informatica Connect
      – Informatica Rpository
      – Physical Data Sources.

      Srinivas Chindam

  208. Kanoj said

    When i am searching for a solution to my error i found your blogs, but i didnt find any solution for my error. can you please help me, i am writing my issue below.

    I created list of values for a parameter called employee name, when i am running the report it gives all the list of values when i want to pick a particular value(ie. one emp name) in the list, that value is not assigning to that parameter but other parameters are refreshing when i change this parameter, and while viewing the report it gives me the Invalid parameters requested. For other report the list of values are working fine only for a particular report the list of values are not assigning.

    Krishna Kanoj.

  209. Eileen said

    Hi Venkat,

    Regarding to your post on “Ago and Todate functions on Essbase source”,

    can AGO and TODATE be used together? like this:
    AGO(TODATE(a.a.GP, a.Dim_Time.”Gen3,Dim_Time”), a.Dim_Time.”Gen3,Dim_Time”, 1)

    The aim is to get last month’s accumulative value.

    I’ve tested it but it seems like the todate function will not work in either Ago(Todate) or Todate(Ago), while with RDB source it works perfectly well.

  210. Pee said


    I’d just know that dashboard prompts can control in each section.

    I made 2 prompts in a Dashboard.
    And each section wanna use each prompt.

    | |
    | section 1 |
    | |—————————-| |
    | | prompt 1 | |
    | | | |
    | | contens 1 | |
    | | | |
    | |—————————-| |
    | |
    | |
    | section 2 |
    | |—————————-| |
    | | prompt 2 | |
    | | | |
    | | contens 2 | |
    | | | |
    | |—————————-| |
    | |

    Please, Can anybody help me with some stuff?

  211. Vikram said

    Hi Venkat,
    We have Essbase as a source for our Dashboard/OBIEE reports. When we run report for 8 weeks it come back with following error. it works fine with less number of weeks. Our cube is ASO.
    Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW).
    Error Details
    Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. Essbase Error: Internal error: Query output is too large and cannot be executed. Query results exceeds 2^32 cells. (HY000)
    SQL Issued: SELECT “Acquisition Dates”.Weeks saw_0, “Acquisition Dates”.Years saw_1, saw_2, brands.brand saw_3, affilates.”affiliate channel” saw_4, Levels.level saw_5, “Offer Cost”.Cost saw_6, “Sale Types”.”Gen4,Sale Types” saw_7, “Sale Types”.”Gen2,Sale Types” saw_8, r2.trials_count saw_9, (r2.total_billings_count/r2.trials_count)*100 saw_10, (r2.pending_count/r2.trials_count)*100 saw_11, AGGREGATE(saw_10 BY saw_0, saw_3), AGGREGATE(saw_11 BY saw_0, saw_3), AGGREGATE(saw_10 BY saw_0, saw_3, saw_4, saw_6, saw_7), AGGREGATE(saw_11 BY saw_0, saw_3, saw_4, saw_6, saw_7) FROM r2_cube WHERE (“Acquisition Dates”.Weeks BETWEEN VALUEOF(“keep1:twelve_weeks”) AND VALUEOF(“keep1:two_weeks_ago”)) AND (“Acquisition Dates”.Years = ‘Year 2009’) AND (Levels.level = ‘lvl01’) AND (“Sale Types”.”Gen2,Sale Types” = ‘Continuity’) ORDER BY saw_0, saw_3, saw_9 DESC, saw_1, saw_2, saw_4, saw_5, saw_6, saw_7, saw_8
    Thanks in Advance,

  212. Angel Hinojosa said


    I am wondering if there is a good reference to the XML in OBIEE. In answers you hava and “advanced” tab. the result will be something like this

    Supplier Number

    Supplier Name

    Accounting Dept

    Order Dept

    Sequence Number

    TY $

    Total Sales

    LY $

    Total Sales

    Total Sales TY VS LY

    Total Sales

    TY $

    Total Comp Sales

    LY $

    Total Comp Sales

    Total Comp Sales TY Vs LY

    Total Comp Sales

    TY Sls%

    Receipts Margin

    LY Sls%

    Receipts Margin

    TY Sls%

    Markdowns @ Retail

    LY Sls%

    Markdowns @ Retail

    TY %

    Maintained Margin

    LY %

    Maintained Margin

    TY % Rec Cost

    Total Allowances

    LY % Rec Cost

    Total Allowances

    TY $

    Total Allowances

    LY $

    Total Allowances

    TY $

    Supplier Total Income W/O Cash Discount

    TY %

    Supplier Total Income W/O Cash Discount

    LY $

    Supplier Total Income W/O Cash Discount

    LY %

    Supplier Total Income W/O Cash Discount

    Days Payable

    Net Payment Days


    Days Payable

    Service levels

    Instock %

    Service levels

    Fill Rate %

    “Vendor Item Dim”.”Department Number”

    “Allowance Dim”.”Allowance Type Description”

    “Allowance Dim”.”Allowance Category Description”

    “Vendor Item Dim”.”Vendor Number”

    “Vendor Item Dim”.”Item Number”

    “Vendor Item Dim”.”Accounting Department Number”

    “Vendor Item Dim”.”Accounting Department Number”

    “Vendor Item Dim”.”Vendor Number”

    “Calendar Dim”.”Calendar Date”

    Supplier by Department


    The system has 104 weeks of data available. If your selection exceeds the 104-week data availability period for “LY” data, only partial “LY” data will be reflected.

    Supplier Information


    I need to do some advance formatting to this report and the only way to do it is understanding this XML. Is there any way to know what all these tags mean? I can infere some but not all of them.

    Thank you!


  213. Loga said

    Your site is of great help!!!

    Here goes my issue.

    I am trying to develop a report and I dont see the grand total not coming up.

    The rpd is created from the 11g cube.

    The previous reports have grand total whose rpd not from cube works.

    Thanks in Advance,

  214. Massimo Sernesi said

    my problem is that I have 2 repositories and catalogs, one modified by the customer and one modified by our R&D.
    I now need to install the R&D modifications while keeping the ones from the customer (basically permissions and minor customizations).
    How should I do that?

  215. brij said

    i have a query of merging 2 repository.we have developed 2 repository on individual machines.can you suggest how do i merge the repositories while moving on to production.This is a bit urgent.hope to receive a reply soon.

  216. Divya said

    Hi, this question would be nontechnical. 🙂 Funny how I got to this blog! Are u by any chance the guy with whom I competed my heads out…I intensionally dont place the question simple and straight. 8th class, Sharmila English teacher, class leaders gets punished for shouting in class! does it ring a bell?

  217. KSUB said

    Hello Venkat,

    Love to read your blogs!

    Does BI Publisher (BIP) integration work with disconnected OBIEE? I have created connected dashboard reports and would like to understand the functionality in disconnected. How would users use BIP reports from the disconnected client? seems to be light on this topic and hence asking you.

    Also, Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1 and above has BIP reports as the standard reports (replacing Actuate). Needless to say, BIP reports are supported from the Disconnected CRM client (local BIP XDO engine). If a user has both Disconnected CRM and OBIEE clients, will there be an impact.


  218. Sachin Bansal said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for the useful information on this Blog..

    We have one question.

    We have reports developed in BI Publisher We want this reports to be visible to Oracle Portal users based on authentication.

    Request your guidance for the same.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sachin Bansal

  219. Ravi said

    HI Venkat,

    I follow your blogs regularly. They are very much helpful to me. Please help me regarding the follwoing requirement.

    Requirement: I have a requirement where I have to pass the dashboard prompt selections as paramaters onto a stored procedure and trigger it before running a report. The results obtained from the stored procedure are loaded into a table on which the report has been built.
    I have followed the following method:
    I am passing the presentation variables values selected in the dashboard prompt into the session variables.
    I am paasing these session variable values as paramaters to call a stored procedure.
    The stored procedure is being used in the physical table and I have specified the following in the provided box for physical table to be of stored procedure type.

    Am I calling it in the right manner???


    Getting the following error on dashboard:
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 6550, message: ORA-06550: line 1, column 8: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol “” when expecting one of the following: begin function package pragma procedure subtype type use form current cursor at OCI call OCIStmtExecute: declare BEGIN xxeis.EIS_RS_PAY_COST_GL_PKG.pay_gtn_costing_details( ‘2942.0’ ,TO_DATE( TO_DATE(‘2001-01-01 00:00:00’ , ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) ,’DD-MON-YYYY’) ,TO_DATE( TO_DATE(‘2002-01-01 00:00:00’ , ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) ,’DD-MON-YYYY’) ,’CFA Monthly’ ,’Auckland’ ,’Finance & Administration’ ,’Alexander, Donald’ ,’ALIEN_TAXATION_RESULTS2′ ,’Non-payroll Payments’ ,’Quick Pay’ ,’PAY_TO_GL’); END; . [nQSError: 17011] SQL statement execution failed. (HY000)

    I don’t understand where the quotes (“”) are coming from……….
    Please help me……………….


  220. Tejas said


    I was trying to ensure that ODI can be used for extracting all data from HFM (even translated Parent Currency data). Does the HFM adaptor within ODI support this move?

    Your help on this topic is appreciated.


  221. Annamarie said

    hi Venkat, I am looking for a way to export users and the groups they belong to from the catalog. We do not store our users in the repository since we authenticate via AD and need to export this info from the catalog somehow – is this possible?

  222. Øyvind said

    This is not a question, but you should really write a book about OBIEE. I would definately buy it!

  223. kiran said

    How to set my dashboard default to other dashboard

  224. shital said

    We are running into a critical issue when we try to do iBot sharing. There are 60 some iBots that have to be made available to every individual user. So, the desire is to create those iBots once, then “share” it with other users, so they dont have to create it. But the requirement is that each user needs to be able to run the iBots on their own required schedule.

    With this requirement in mind, I logged in as Administrator, created iBots, then went to ‘Manage Catalog’, Copied the iBots to Shared Folders. Now, when I log in as a user , for example ’85’, I see the shared iBot in the Shared Folders. Here is where I encounter a critical issue:

    As user ’85’, when I modify the iBot under Shared Folders, say modify the schedule, and try to Save it, it gets saved under My Folders. Now, when I run the iBot which is under My Folders, what it does is that, it “reuses” the same Job Id in the s_nq_job table and updates it with userid ’85’ to the defined schedule. Now, user ‘112’ goes in, copies the iBot from the Shared folder to their own ‘My Folders’ and modifies the Schedule, I notice that it “updates” the same Job Id with user 112. That is NOT desirable. We need to be able to control the iBot schedule independently for every user. We also have a process that triggers an email for every inserted Job Id. We need all that functionality preserved and managed for every user. Hence, sharing a single job_id does not meet our requirements

    This is very critical as we have over 60 iBots and several 100 users. It is not a good use of our time to be creating 60 x 100 = 6000 iBots. Have any one of you try to achieve the functionality that I described above?

    • Zuber said


      i just saw your post. although i don’t have the answer for your question but i was wondering if you can answer my question?
      our users are not able to update iBot once its saved in shared folder. is there any setting i need to do in order for user to be able to update shared iBot?


      • aj said


        I am facing the same issue, were you able to find a solution for it. could you please advise me


  225. Ashwin said

    Hello Sir

    Please advise on how to get the Demo maps running after setting up the Mapviewer successfully.
    We have all the settings right except when clicking on any demo map selection it gives the error:
    ‘500 internal server error’! This worked once although we only got to see the blue image and no maps as such.


  226. OBI Novice said

    I see sometimes a report need to be built from 2 or more fact tables. And these 2fact tables may not have same dimension keys i.e., Fact table F1 consists of D1, D2, D4 keys and fact table F2 consists of D2, D3 keys. When we generate a report with metrics from F1, F2 and either D3 or D4, OBI generates error saying that there is no proper join between F1 and F2. Any suggestion on this?

  227. Mazhar said

    Is there any way to use BI Publisher Credentials(i.e.UserName) as a parameter,so that user can select it as a parameter to run the report.
    Actually the scenario is,i have to generate parameters for report based on the UserName of the BI Publisher.

  228. Vazir said


    I have 3 Dashboards with Dashboard prompts and their dropdowns set to presentation variables with the scope of Dashboard.

    Can you tell me how can I clear presentation variable value when I navigate between the dashboards.


  229. Mani said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have followed the link and managed to get the OBIEE Report on my webpage successfully without any Bridge Servlet(As my web application (Oracle Web Center Application) and obiee are in the same machine). This would be good, as far we are working on Development Environment. But for my production environment, we will be having the both instance(Web Center and OBIEE) in different machine. At that time, guess the Bridge Servlet is needed. I have the bridge servlet too, i tested the application using Bridge Servlet, I am able to get the report on my web page, when i am trying to access the links from report, i am getting (Java Script – Access Denied, Object not found, etc…)

    For your information, please find my application source.
    (My Jsp Page Content)
    SAWSessionServiceSoapClient myPort = new SAWSessionServiceSoapClient();
    HtmlViewServiceClient htmlClient = new HtmlViewServiceClient();

    StartPageParams newPage = new StartPageParams();
    ReportRef newreportRef = new ReportRef();
    ReportParams newreportParams = new ReportParams();
    ReportHTMLOptions newreportHTMLOptions = new ReportHTMLOptions();
    //newPage.dontUseHttpCookies = false;
    //newPage.idsPrefix = “1”;

    String sessionID = new String();
    String pageID = new String();
    String reportID = new String();
    String htmlOutput = new String();
    int startIndex;
    int endIndex;
    String url = new String();

    ReportRef reportref = new ReportRef();
    StartPageParams startpageparams = new StartPageParams();

    SAWLocale sawlocale = new SAWLocale();
    SAWSessionParameters sessionparams = new SAWSessionParameters();

    ReportHTMLOptions htmlOptions=new ReportHTMLOptions();

    //sessionID = myPort.logon(“Administrator”,”adminb1ee”);
    AuthResult result = myPort.logonex(“Administrator”,”Administrator”,sessionparams);
    String [] str1={sessionID};
    sessionID = result.getSessionID();
    reportID = “Report1”; // this is user generated ID
    pageID = htmlClient.startPage(null, sessionID);

    // This method will set the path to the servlet which will act like a bridge to retrieve all the OBIEE resources like the javascript, CSS and the report.
    htmlClient.setBridge(request.getContextPath() + “/BridgeServlet”, sessionID);
    htmlClient.addReportToPage(pageID, reportID, reportref, null, null, htmlOptions, sessionID);


    // For Page Header and Report
    String reportHtml = “”;
    reportHtml = htmlClient.getHeadersHtml(pageID,sessionID);
    reportHtml = reportHtml + htmlClient.getHtmlForReport(pageID,reportID,sessionID);
    reportHtml = reportHtml + htmlClient.getCommonBodyHtml(pageID,sessionID);

    out.println( reportHtml );
    catch (Exception ex)

    (My Bridge Servlet Content)

    public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException
    String relatedtUrl = request.getParameter(“RedirectURL”);
    //StringBuffer url = new StringBuffer(“http://host:port/analytics/” + relatedtUrl);
    StringBuffer url = new StringBuffer(relatedtUrl);

    Map parameterMap = request.getParameterMap();
    for (Iterator iterator = parameterMap.keySet().iterator(); iterator.hasNext(); )
    String parameterName = (String);
    String[] parameterValues = (String[]) parameterMap.get(parameterName);
    if (parameterValues != null && parameterValues.length > 0)
    if (parameterName.equals(“RedirectURL”))

    for (int i = 0; i < parameterValues.length; i++)
    String value = "";
    value = URLEncoder.encode(parameterValues[i], "UTF-8");
    //value = URLDecoder.decode(parameterValues[i], "UTF-8");
    catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e)

    URL urlconn = new URL(url.toString());
    URLConnection httpConnection = (URLConnection)urlconn.openConnection();
    ((HttpURLConnection) httpConnection).setRequestMethod("GET");
    httpConnection.setDoInput(true); //Only if you expect to read a response…
    httpConnection.setUseCaches(false); //Highly recommended…
    httpConnection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "binary/data");
    httpConnection.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", request.getHeader("USER-AGENT"));
    InputStream in = (InputStream) httpConnection.getInputStream();
    ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();
    byte buffer1[] = new byte[1024 * 128];
    int k = 0;
    while ((k = != -1)
    out.write(buffer1, 0, k);
    ((HttpURLConnection) httpConnection).disconnect();
    catch (Exception e)

    Could you please help me to get out of this, as i have been working for this issue since from long time.

    Mani R

    • Yogi said

      Hi Mani,
      I have same requirement. I am using Webcenter 11G and Totally new to Webcenter.
      No clue where to write this java code and how to make it working to get the Report from OBIEE.

      Can u guide me with steps (High level) for webcenter program to get OBIEE.

    • zhaoxin said

      Hi Mani,
      I am from china. I met the same problems with you!
      when i am trying to access the links from report, i am getting(
      Access Prohibited
      You are not currently authorized to use Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards.
      If you would like to use this powerful capability, please contact this site’s administrator.

  230. Mazhar said

    I have scheduled a report in BI Publisher and it scheduled successfully but it is not doing any activity,neither giving error that the report ran successfully nor giving any error message on the scheduled time.
    Does any one have idea,what could might be the problem?

  231. zuraida said

    Hi V,
    Using pivot table, we can create table and display chart at the same time. What if I want to display 5 column value in table but only 3 of those value appear in the chart. Can it be done using same pivot table?

    zuraida 🙂

  232. zuraida said

    Hi V,

    I have 3 different pivot table (chart & table) displayed in my compound layout. Each pivot contain pick list by “month”. If I want to view data for the month of January for example, I need to pick ‘January’ at each pick list. Is there any other way that I can just click one pick list and all my chart change to the same month?


  233. Bill said

    Any insight on the syntax I would use for DSN Less connection string for obi that would allow me to query data through the obiee repository from applications without defining a dsn using the odbc administrator? I’ve tried “Driver={Oracle BI Server};Server=localhost;catalog=IT_Mariner;Uid=administrator;Pwd=administrator;”,dbs=myobi without any success.

  234. ALEX said


    IS Hyperion System 9 BI support IE8 ?

    Alex Wong

  235. Ajay said

    I actually have 2 Q’s.
    (i) When i have Bar Line chart, how to represent bar value as Number and Line value as percent. I am able to represent all the values as numbers or percent but not both. Is there a way to achieve through xml change?
    (ii) When measures are placed in pivot, their column navigation of headers would be disabled, how could we enable it.? I hope some one have achieved it.
    Thanks in advance,

  236. Amin said

    Hi Venkat,

    *** by mistake, I posted this question in a wrong page earlier. sorry…

    I have used your blogs several times and I really appreciate the time and effort you take to share your knowledge. I have a specific question and I did not get the right hits even though I spent quite a bit of time googling for it.

    Is there a way to save the ibot generated reports (in pdf) on a file server instead of sending it to an email address?

    One of our products pages on the web has links to certain reports (in pdf) that are stored on a file system. Currently, these reports are manually managed. We want to automatically update these files a few times a day from Data Mart using ibots.

    I haven’t checked if BI publisher in conjunction with ibots can do it. We haven’t configured BI publisher yet on our OBIEE server.

    Thanks for your help!

  237. Rajesh said


    Is there any way to send the link of the report along with the report content in the email in iBots?

    So that when users see the mail if they want to see the report they should be able to click the report and see the actual report.

    Any inputs on this will be really grateful.

    Many Thanhs, Rajesh

  238. Mohan said


    Which file is used for design the dashboard page. That is dashboard page content resides in table tag. Like that Answers page content resides in frameset tag.

    Which file is perform that operation.?
    I want to design the dashboard page like a answers page(using frameset tag instead of table tag)

  239. studentOBI said

    I need help writing some javascript code that needs to be called from BI Publisher to do the following….

    – call an OBIEE report that returns a list of usernames – returning an XML file
    – cycle through each user and passing as a parameter to execute another report
    – turn the results of each users report into a csv or tab delimited file
    – concatenate all files together and save on server

    parm1 = report to get users (url)
    parm2 = url for report that need to be run for each user
    parm3 = location to save file on server

  240. surya said

    Hello venkat,

    Is it possible to create a drop down menu for dashboard pages?? Also, is it possible to align dashboard pages vertically??
    If you have an answer, can you please email it to

    Thanks in advance


  241. Karan said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have following questions:-

    1. One of our user was logged into the system , was able to view the reports ,dashboards etc and suddenly he was thrown out and the message displayed was ‘You are not logged in’. We are using clustered environment with 4 BI Server , 4 presentation server , two cluster controllers (primary ,secondary). SSO is implemented.we are using version of OBIEE. What could be the possible reasons of this behavior.
    2. When we do sorting on bi server side does it uses memory to do sorting or it is stores data in some file and then do sorting?
    3. Auto fresh threshold does it clear saw memory?

  242. geerish said


    Is there any way to merge multiple ibot reports into single excel workbook on AIX so that single ibot mail can be send.Appreciate your reply.


  243. Rahul said


    I am working on a project in which we need to integrate peoplesoft application with OBIEE and BI Publisher.

    User wants to invoke reports directly from peoplesoft portal and authentication should be done by SSO in both case.

    Also, peoplesoft row level security need to be passed to OBI and publisher reports.

    Could anyone give a thought?

  244. B Saini said

    How do I check but discoverer version I am running and what patchset level. I want to see where I am at with my cy current discovere level and whatshould I upgarde to.


  245. B Saini said

    How to check the discovere version on the server where discovere is installed including patchset level?


  246. Balaji said

    HI Venkat,

    I am keeping on watching you blog with tremendous scenarios and explanation with examples. Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge.

    Here now I have a question on achieving my requirement.

    I have scheduled some 10-15 Reports to the User through delivers from OBIEE. My Requirement is to display the columns in Column wise. Usually we design the reports in Row wise. I have selected the Narrative View to achieve my requirement as that will be generating the reports as we need. Now I need to send the Reports as Text as there are some Blackberry user where they could not able to open the attachments. So I selected the HTML eMail in “My Settings” and Content as HTML in Delivers. When I schedule this report in Outlook I can able to view only the Report in email and the inline HTML Codes as Attachment. But when I schedule the same report with same setup in Lotus Notes, the inline HTML Codes is appending with the Report.
    Is there any option that we can generate the reports in lotus notes without additional codes?

    Thank is advance..


  247. Sana said


    I am a new in the IT field. My focus is OBIEE. Just want to know if you can explain how to create the three layer (Physical, BMM and Presentation).

    Any help would be really appreciated.


  248. Carlos Hernandez said

    Hi Venkat,

    Really interesting your blog.

    I´m working with BI SE One now, but I´m dessapointed of the graphics characteristics of BI Publisher bundled with BI SE1. My client wants some graphics in its reports, like stacked vertical bars, lines with tendencies, and so on that you easily do in excel; but the graph design tool included in Microsoft Word (were you desing the rtf template for publisher) is really constrained (too few options).
    I can design more sofisticated graphs in Answers but you can´t import them automatically in a publisher´s template (in the rtf), just the data and you lost the power of answer´s graphics capabilities; or I´m wrong?
    Any suggestions will be appreciated,

    Thanks in advance,

    Carlos Hdez

  249. Venkat and team,

    I have a requirement right now wherein I have to develop rich internet applications and OBIEE components as portlets for integration in a portal environment. Please provide if you have any.

    Appreciate your response!

    Praveen (PK)

  250. praveen1978 said

    Dear Venkat,

    I am new to the blog
    i am doing my project on Integration of BI Solutions in an heterogeneous environment based on SAP NW BI & Oracle DWH/BI
    Could you please refer me any case studies or articles related to above topic,
    e.g any company in a real time which implemented this project as i need to do as is analysis based on this case study which is part of my project.

    Any help will be appreciated

    many Thnx

  251. Roman K. said

    HI Venkat,
    I need to track Oracle BI EE Suite user’s activity. There is Usage Tracking option for Dashboars.
    It’s needed to do similar audit for BI Publisher.


  252. SandraM said


    I’m try to invoque a Answer Report in MsWord, by Oracle Publisher, and i need to create a template.
    So, i have a principal document and this document have a subtemplate. I need insert into the Template
    one chart designed with Answer’s tools, but this chart needs to receive a parameter to deploy the information
    into a cicle for example:

    group 1
    text 1
    text 2
    text 3
    group 2
    text 4
    text 5

    I don’t know how the chart receive an in parameter?, because the chart don’t allow to manipulate into MsWord…

    Thank’s for your help!

  253. kdkgomez said


    Would like to know how we can display only record for each transaction in BI Answers where the transaction has the latest date. For example, in the fact table, we have the following data:
    transaction no date status
    123456 01/03/2009 open
    123456 02/01/2009 for delivery
    123456 02/10/2009 delivered

    when we query in answers, it should display record on 02/10/2009.

    Would appreciate feedback.


  254. NateS said


    I’m creating a table in BI and I was wondering how I would create a column with the heading being the current date? I can achieve this in the data by simply writing CURRENT_DATE in the column formula, but it simply echos back the string “CURRENT_DATE” when I try it for the heading. Is it possible to do this? Thank you!

  255. Shiva said

    A dashboard that has a year column, displays as ‘2,009’ on PROD environment and as ‘2009’ on DEV environment…… its really puzzling me…. are there any environment settings that could be causing the difference ? Looking forward to a quick resolution….


  256. Sri said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have a huge fact table with about 40 columns and 9 dimensions. Total numbers of records in this table is around 70000.The report generated is in a simple tabular format. We are using excel plugin to display this report for the user, but excel gives ” Unknown error occurred”.
    I tried to use the dashboard tool , it works when I display in a table format but the presetnation server crashes when I try to view it as a pivot.
    Is there any way to get over this issue.

    Thanks in advance

  257. Kumar said

    Hi venkat,

    I want to store reports in a prticular path in sharepoint webportal by running i bot in obi answers and the storage should be dynamic or automated just aw we do in obi server to store ibots using java script .

  258. Ralph said

    I used BIEE I want to export current logon user list to OS file. How to do it? I know BIEE session manager can do it. But I must export session information by java or other program. Thanks.

  259. CS said


    Is it possible to use user defined functions in a eText document?. Our requirement is to derive last day of the month in a eText template. The oracle function last_day() is not working. Is there any workaround to achieve this functionality?

  260. Jai said

    I follow your blog.
    But I don’t find a different category for Hyperion Financial Management.
    It would be gr8 if you can create a separate category for HFM.

  261. Williams said


    Please I need your help I want to make in the model one field that represents an html link that shows a popup whith an inlineframe, and I want to pass by url the source of that iframe, can you telme how can I do this , please is very important.

    the thing is like this: I click in the link and have to show a popup and inside the popup its have to be an iframe with the source that I stablished, I know how to show this in a window but its shows the url, and for my aplication I most show this window within the url, I use this method

    ‘ Ver la ficha de esta persona” target=_blank onmouseover=”style.color=”Red”” onmouseout=”style.color=”MIDNIGHTBLUE”” onclick=””’ || VALUEOF(“path”) || CAST (area.”Datos”.Id AS VARCHAR ( 10 )) || ”’,”Ampliación de la Ficha”,”width=1000,height=560,left=100,top=100,location=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,scrollbars=0,titlebar=0,toolbar=0”)” >Ver Ficha ‘

    I create this as a field in the model but this show the url, I want to hide the url or show a popup whith an iframe

  262. Walter said

    You seem very knowledgable. I have been told by Oracle that OBIEE Answer Manager does not support an ODBC connection to Mysql. Is that true? Specifically for Answer Manager. Also, can it be configured to use JDBC instead of ODBC?


  263. Sougata said

    Hi Venkat,

    My name is Sougata Bandyopadhyay. and I am working on OBIEE. I have been reading your blogs and getting a lot of inputs for OBIEE on that. I have a question on iBot (Basically for this project I am working on Siebel Analytics(Ver 7.8.5).

    A user has one report which is returning 19000 rows. She added this to an iBot and wants to receve that as an html attachment in ibot mail. But it is not sending the attachment. If we change it to plain text then it is working fine. Is it due to huge size it is not able to send the HTML attachment in mail?

    Is there is any default value set anywhere (In instanceconfig.ini) that tells what is the maximum size file can be sent through iBot? If so, we can edit that to get this problem resolved.

    Waiting for your reply.


  264. Mohit said

    Can we deploy OBISE1 in cluster mode to achieve failover meachanism.
    It would be very helpful of you if you could help me urgently.

    with thanks and regards,


  265. Ayyappan said

    How to inform users when after they login with some messages,ex;ETL job running late, servers are running busy, HR reports can be used.

    1.I was thinking like some ibot, but not sure how to fire during login.
    2. posted in OTN, one reply was to used DISPLAY_NAME since its system variable – not sure what I’m affecting !

    Anyother ideas ?


  266. Ramki said


    I was trying to create the following query in Advanced Tab of Answers. but its throwing an error,coz the query contains the Left Outer Join and inner join. Please tell me where I am doing wrong and help in resolvinge the problem.

    Physical SQL Query:
    wqd.NAME as Queue,COL2 AS Type, COL13 AS SubQueue,
    FROM WF_QDEF wqd

    Logical SQL Query:

    “WF QDEF”.NAME saw_0, “WF FIELDVALUE 7”.COL2 saw_1, “WF FIELDVALUE 7”.COL13 saw_2,COUNT (*) AS COUNT
    GROUP BY saw_0, saw_1, saw_2 ORDER BY saw_0, saw_1, saw_2


    Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC:OI2DL65P:OI2DL65P
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 27002] Near : Syntax error [nQSError: 26012] . (HY000)


    Thanks in Advance.

  267. madhu said

    Hi Venkat

    we have requirement like

    we implemented a session variable based on organisationID , here we have two organisations like Building products and Plastic .we assigned that two user groups to get their related data and its working good.

    My requirement is if the building product user login to Answers and try for direct database request how can he get only building products data ?

    Is it possible to do like that?
    Thanks in Advance

  268. Vijayalakshmi said


    When I am using GO URL parameters.. where I will embed the code?

    Thanks and Regards,

  269. pavankumark said

    Hi Venkat,

    I work on building reports on OBI EE.

    I have a scenario where in I have a couple of columns on the dashboard prompt.
    User can select a value in column1 with or without selecting a value in column2 and can run the report.
    But when user wants to select a value in column2, he must select a value in column1.

    If the user accidentally skips picking up value in column1 , Is there a way in OBIEE to perform any of the below activities after user clicks GO button on the dashboard prompt.

    1) to notify the user to pick up a value in column1
    2) to default value of column1 to a particular value

    Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Pavan Kumar.

  270. Good morning,

    We hacve some custom mappings in Informatica PowerCenter with a custom Workflow and custom DAC task. When I launch the load from the DAC, the task takes a long, approximately 40 minutes. However, when released from the Workflow Manager, the task takes 50 seconds. What can cause this situation?

    This is happening to us only in the mappings that use a stored procedure, an example:


    The database is Microsoft SQL Server.

    Thank you very much
    Best Regards
    Benjamin Tey

  271. hi

    i want to know if obise1 is soported to install in win 2003 64 bits, the oracle certified this install??

  272. rajesh gosula said

    HI Venkatakrishnan,

    I am in dilemma for fixing this issue.

    I have setup 2 bi-server(B1,B2) in two different boxes,2 repositories (r1,r2)and 4 presentation server ices(b2.p1,b2.p2,b1.p1,b1.p2) of 2 each in two boxes. Till now every thing is fine.
    Now I have to setup the schedulers for these boxes.
    1) Does I need to set up 4 schedulers (each on for each presentation services) or
    2) Does I need to set up 2 schedulers (each one for two different presentation services of one box)

    I think second point is the most possible solution for this. If so then…
    As per OBIEE Doc’s only one server will be in active mode and another will be in passive mode i.e (b1.p1,b1.p2 in active mode ) and (b2.p1,b2.p2 in passive mode.) which mean that second scheduler comes into picture only when first scheduler is down.
    1)where does we specify that one scheduler is in active mode and another in passive mode
    2)How does the set up is done in this Scenario in details

    Rajesh Gosula.

  273. Himanshu said

    I am trying to generate a YTD report from the data present in an excel sheet. However the result is coming out to be incorrect for YTD sales
    The data sheet looks like this.(SaleDate is in *3/14/2009 format).

    SNo manufacturer date # of CarsSold
    1 Hyundai 1/2/2010 10
    2 Maruti 1/2/2010 15
    3 Hyundai 1/14/2010 11
    4 Maruti 1/14/2010 15
    5 Hyundai 2/1/2010 10
    6 Maruti 2/1/2010 13

    My logical layer consists of the following 3 tables

    Manufacturer Dim table with only 1 column ‘manufacturer’

    Date dim table with only 1 column ‘date’. Additional derived columns in this logical table created for YTD calculations are as follows:
    CALENDER_YEAR_NAME—- EXTRACT( YEAR FROM testdata.TimeDim.”date”)
    MONTH_OF_YEAR———– EXTRACT( MONTH FROM testdata.TimeDim.”date”)
    CALENDER_QUARTER_DESC—— CONCAT( CAST (testdata.TimeDim.CALENDER_YEAR_NAME AS CHARACTER ( 30 )), CAST (testdata.TimeDim.”QUARTER_OF_YEAR” AS CHARACTER ( 30 ))) ////appending year name to month name for uniqueness
    After that time dimension was created with the following levels.
    timedimdetail-Chronological key has been specified at all levels of the time dimension created for YTD calculation.The key at the lowest detail level was specified as ‘date’ column. At the upper levels it was CALENDER_MONTH_DESC,CALENDER_QUARTER_DESC,CALENDER_YEAR_NAME etc

    Fact table with 1 column ‘# cars sold’.The fact table is joined with both the dim tables by complex logical join. Sno has been ommitted and not used in any of the logical tables. Sale YTD column was created in fact table using todate function(year).

    The result am obtaining if i run the report today is:

    2,010 1 1 51 51
    2,010 1 2 23 46

    As you can see YTD for month 2 is coming incorrect it should be 51+23. This is jst test records and the same difference exists even if i run against my actual excel sheet

    I would like to know:
    1. Is it right to run YTD report against excel sheet as I checked for the query beign generated by answers, and its firing a lot of functions like Quarter name and monthname etc which i am not sure are supported by excel for answers.
    2. If i am going fundamentally wrong somewhere in this entire approach as i am new to obiee and chances are i might be missing something important.

    Would highly appreciate your help

    Himanshu Hira

  274. venkat said

    Hi ALL,
    I am new to this one …
    having two groups,one manager,they can see the total credit card number of customer.One more group is support people,they can see last four digit numbers of credit card.I need to implement security at rpd.
    Can you please let me know the ways..


  275. Rajpal Bal said

    I want to generate the xml or xls file based on the Oracle Business Intelligence (Analytics) Request/Report output.

    For example if the request output is as show below. I would like to write some method to automatically down load this to a file on file system.

    Does any one has sample script or code?

    Fiscal Month Fiscal Year
    2009 / 01 2009
    2009 / 02 2009
    2009 / 03 2009
    2009 / 04 2009
    2009 / 05 2009
    2009 / 06 2009
    2009 / 07 2009
    2009 / 08 2009
    2009 / 09 2009
    2009 / 10 2009
    2009 / 11 2009
    2009 / 12 2009


  276. Anand said


    I need to implement Datalevel security on SSO with oracle apps as source.
    I dont have users in rpd, I need to apply filter on Business group ID based on responsibilities in APPS, so could you please tell me how to do it…

    Please explain clearly


  277. Kasturi said

    Hi – New to OBI,so pardon my ignorance. I would like know if its possible to build a Pivot Table in OBI on server side ? If yes can I then implement paging on the client side so that I don’t have to bring all the data on the client side ? Any helpful pointers / link would be appreciated.

  278. betty said

    Hi Venkat,

    Recently we have upgraded to OBIEE from Siebel analytics 7.8.We have encounter a problem in production. Can you provide me with your comments please.
    The column length in siebel analytics rpd is defined as 10 and where as the DB column length for the same column is defined as 100 and when we run the reports, the report level column is displaying correctly with full length and also drill down on that column also working fine with Siebel analytics.
    but after up gradation to OBIEE where we have the rpd column length 10 and DB column length 100 and when we run the report the column is not displaying correctly ,it is truncated to 10 chars and the drill down on that column also not working. In order to solve this issue we have to increase the column length in rpd. But my question is here like ‘do the report level column length refers to rpd column length or DB column length. And is there any differences in referencing these column lengths with Siebel Analytics and OBIEE. Why previously with Siebel analytics it was working fine and why it is not working with OBIEE? In Siebel Analytics report column refer to DB column length ? and in OBIEE report column length refer to RPD column length? Any tool restrictions with OBIEE?
    Appreciate your help.


  279. OBIEE beginner said

    In one of my requirement the report should display + before the column

    heading so that the column Collapse and Expand mechanism should happen

    Once If the user clicks the Grand Total column in the report, only he should be able to see the

    Grand total Row.The detailed rows should be hided. Once if the user clicks again on the same

    Grand total Column he should be able to get the detailed rows of the report. .( The same for

    sub totals aswell). Any idea on this is Highly appreciated.


  280. Kaushik said

    Hi Venkat,

    Im wondering if there is way to automate (short cut method) to duplicate the entire Dimension.
    Simply copying and pasting or Duplicating will not create the Hierarchies.

    For Example:
    I have Fact_Transaction (with columns Trx_Id, Trx_Date, Create_Date, Update_Date, Invoice_Date, Amount)

    I have a date dimension joined to this fact in physical layer.

    Now if I get a requirement to show 3 other dates as dimension, I need to create alias for the same time dim and manually create the dimensions and hierarchies in the BMM layer.

    Is there any much better way we can do this using some scripts (udml, /commands, ..etc)


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