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Time for a Change – Upcoming Announcements – Millionth Hit

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on June 15, 2009

Well, as the saying goes “Change is the only Constant”, there are quite a few changes that are coming up on this blog(well not blog alone!!!) in the near future. I would be in a position to make an announcement in a week or so. And i am very much looking forward to that. One thing that i can say for sure is the fact that you can expect more of my blog entries in the future :-). More on that next week.

And as luck would have it, while i was writing this, the blog registered its first Millionth hit (of a total of 302 blog entries). I would have to express and extend my thanks to anyone and everyone who have been visiting this blog ever since its inception on 18th of July 2007. I believe the blog has come a long way since then. I have written at least two blog entries every week since i started, barring a couple of months when i did not even write a single one. When i started to write on BI EE there were only a couple of people writing about it like Mark(who was very well known in the Oracle BI Community even at that time) and Adrian(actually myself and Adrian were discussing this in the BI Forum). Then came along John who was also very active on the BI Forums. And then came people like Alex(Siebel + BI EE) , Christian (BI EE + Essbase) and others who have been working on these products for long but just now started to blog about them.

In the coming future, i would be primarily focusing on Hyperion Essbase(i would say this has been a tool that has been really close to my heart that i have not blogged much about), EPM Integration, Hyperion Planning/EPMA integration, BI EE – Essbase Integration (more use cases). Hopefully you have found this blog useful and thanks for stopping by.

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Oracle BI Forum – Brighton Conference – Update

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 14, 2009

As you might probably know already, i am right now at the Brighton – Oracle BI Forum for one of my presentations on BI EE and Essbase Security integration. More than the conference, i believe this has given me an excellent opportunity to actually interact face to face with the fellow active bloggers like Christian, Andreas, fellow forumers, conference presenters and of course with Mark, who was pivotal in organizing this entire conference. Now i know with whom i have been interacting over emails :-). I arrived yesterday pretty late and just about missed Mark’s keynote. Should not be missing any presentation today. I am not sure how much of an interest my presentation would invoke as its more tilted towards with the under-pinnings of Java API of Essbase. Well lets see. Will keep everyone posted about the conference updates here. Of course, do follow Mark’s twitter feed if you want frequent updates.

The above was taken today morning from my room. The view is breathtaking though i have not done justice to it with the above picture. I would post more later.

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Oracle to acquire Sun Microsystems

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 20, 2009

I believe for news as big as this, even 2 to 3 hours seems long enough. The entire blogosphere is now full with this acquisition news. My good friend Christian puts it well here. For me personally though, this could not have come at a better time as i heard this while giving finishing touches to a custom Swing based application for the Brighton conference here. Now, some good news for readers of this blog. I will roll this application out for anyone to try after the conference. Its a very simple application but has some very good features that Essbase Administration Console does not offer out of the box. It can be reused in any instance having BI EE and Essbase installations. I will post more details after the conference.

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Mr Winker has arrived!!!

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 3, 2009

It is very rare that i post something personal in this blog. But this is an occassion that i just cannot afford to miss.

It is with pleasure that i announce the arrival of Mr. Winker into the V family. He has been officially named Vrishav though. He was born on April the 2nd at 7.33 AM and weighed around 3.04 Kgs. Mother and the baby are doing well, though the father is way too famished after being the moral support for over 4 hours in the labour room!!! Father is under constant observation by the new mother, for his weight(baby)-lifting skills are being constantly tested/tuned.

Well, now that the news has trickled in, all goodwill funds for Vrishav Graduate and Post-Graduate Education are more than welcome. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, TC’s etc accepted. Just kidding :-).




New Mother and the new father,
Vandana and Venkat

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Swiss Chocolates and Bliss!!!

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on December 11, 2008

I just had to write this blog entry as a means of expressing my sincere thanks to Christian Berg who just happened to send me a bunch of swiss chocolates. The story started with this blog entry here wherein i had blogged about an issue that Christian was facing on the BI EE and Essbase Connectivity. Well, as a means of expressing his appreciation, he just forwarded a wonderful assortment of swiss chocolates. And Christian, i must say i was blown away by this gesture and i truly appreciate it. But of course, now my wife knows whom to blame when i put on 5 kgs of extra weight this week!!!




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Calling BI Experts – An excellent initiative

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on December 10, 2008

A very good initiative has been started by Mark on his blog here. If you are an Oracle BI expert and if you want to share/present something on which you are passionate about then just go to his blog and put your comments there. Not everything is available currently in the public domain and this is a chance for you to share/collaborate with other experts. For more details, just visit Mark’s blog.

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AIOUG – Open for Registration – Bangalore Tech Event

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 10, 2008

This came in my inbox today. Looks like AIOUG (All India Oracle User’s Group) is organizing a tech event in Bangalore. Since i am in Bangalore now, i thought i would attend this event as well. So, if you are in Bangalore and if you want to be part of a user group, just come along as the registration is free. You can register yourself here. If you are coming in and want to meet up, just drop me an email (my email is in the contact me page). Lets see how the event goes.


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Finally – Back from the Blogging Slumber

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on September 25, 2008

Blogging can sometimes be so hard on anyone especially when you try to write articles on a daily basis. Thats one of the reasons why i took a 2 month sabbatical from anything and everything related to this blog. I had even stopped responding to forum questions (internal as well as external). Apologies to anyone who might be waiting for response from my end. I would slowly be coming back to normalcy. The last two months have been pretty interesting(and hard as well) where i have been leading a project on BI EE, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion BI +( now under BI EE Plus bundle) and some apps components like OAF. The project is now more or less complete. Though i cannot reveal any details about the project, the project experience has been pretty good. Now coming back to this blog, I am planning to expand this blog even further. I am planning to cover the entire breadth of Oracle BI from a Technology standpoint and also from an Applications standpoint. Also, all your questions under the “Your Questions” tab would be answered. I have a plan in place and its just a matter of putting that into action(which is the toughest part). I am planning to create some indepth consulting materials that consultants (who use oracle BI) can use in their day to day implementations. These articles would cover configurations like SSO, SSL on the entire EPM/BI stack of Oracle. The materials would also cover the new integration between the components. By October, i would be in a position to roll out all these articles in this blog here. As always, these articles are meant only for guidance. And yes, it would not be good on my part if i do not say “A Big Thanks” to everyone who enquired about my health (in this 2 month sabbatical). I am perfectly fine and i appreciate all your concerns. Hoping to start blogging again in October.

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EPM 11.1.0 – Its out & available for download – Fusion Edition of Essbase, Hyperion BI Plus

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on July 15, 2008

I picked this up from Mark’s blog here. Actually, i was expecting this to be released only by the end of this week. But yes, always sooner the better. The new release of the entire EPM is available for download in edelivery. There are loads of new features in this release. I will list some of the interesting new features one by one for the BI Components in this release.


1. A new UI called Essbase studio has been release which supersedes the Integration Console & the Administration Console of Essbase. But both of them are still available in this release.
2. Support for JDBC connection to extract data.
3. Support for a concept called as XOLAP(Extended Online Analytical Processing). One can now completely model Multi Dimensional cubes with Outlines sitting in Essbase and the data coming in from relational sources.
4. Supports typed measures. Measures need not be numeric anymore.
5. Inbuilt Lifecycle management for migration.
6. Support for use of Environment Variables in Calculation scripts. Now, one can have system level parameters in Calculation Scripts.
7. Parallel load of SQL data into Essbase Databases. In this version one can run upto 8 rule files in parallel using the same authentication.
8. New Report level Calculation functions have been added.
9. New MDX Functions – This has more relevance since BI EE using MDX over an XMLA connection.
10. New MaxL statements.

Hyperion Workspace:

1. The most important addition here is that one can now add BI EE reports, dashboards, Delivers & BI Publisher within the workspace out of the box.
2. Performance Scorecards is now integrated into Workspace
3. A new searching feature that can now search for all Workspace related documents.
4. The search feature now can integrate with Google OneBox as well as Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.
5. Support of new high definition pixel perfect themes. This, i believe, is to bring a common Fusion UI across all the components.
6. Copy pasting of documents is now supported.
7. Portlets for the Hyperion BI Plus components to Oracle Portal, Web Center Suite & Sharepoint are now available.
8. Support for Oracle Proxy user authentication.

Hyperion Financial Reporting:

1. One can do annotations/comments from HFR now. An excellent feature which is currently lacking in BI EE. I believe this feature will also see its way in some form to BI EE in future.
2. Rank function enhancement – From a performance standpoint and also from a functionality standpoint.
3. External files can now be added to Books.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting:

1. Support for Oracle Proxy user authentication
2. New connectivity to Oracle BI Server. One can now create reports directly using OBI EE Server ODBC connection.
3. New Dashboard Gauges have been added.
4. Enhanced drill through from a multi-dimensional data source to a relational data source.
5. Dashboard specific enhancements

Hyperion Production Reporting:

1. Support for Oracle Proxy user authentication
2. BI EE Semantic layer integration – This is something i need to test out as it says that the semantic layer for production reporting is now integrated with BI EE.

Web Analysis:

1. One can do dynamic row and column references.
2. New calculation functions have been added. Some changes in the calculation dialog box.
3. Multiple report objects import into Smartview

Now, that i have worked on almost all the above reporting toolsets, one thing that i am noticing is that all the tools are converging in terms of functionality. I can see new features that were planned for BI EE also getting added to these product sets. So, no tool is left behind which is very good for existing customers. Also, each of these toolsets are getting integrated. For example, now we have connectivity to BI EE, BIP from Workspace. Also, we have portlets for the hyperion components to connect to Oracle Portal, Webcenter suite etc. The probable next integration is to enable the out of the box drilling from one reporting tool to another. Lots of things to test in the coming weeks!!!

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Nothing like waiting for a new release – BI EE to be released tommorrow!!!

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 9, 2008

Well, this is what the otn BI EE download page gave me today. version is about to be released in another 8 to 10 hours(hopefully). I believe this is more of a patch release with some bug fixes. Lets wait and see what new features/bug fixes are being bundled into this release.

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