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I am a Business Intelligence enthusiast who likes blogging about acquisitions in the BI space, technical workings of the BI tools in general and Oracle Business Intelligence tools in particular. All the views expressed here are my own and does not reflect the views of my employer. I am happily married to one wonderful woman who has been by my side through all my ups and downs.

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  1. gopi said

    Hi Venkat, Nice to see your blog. I am new to Hyperion Essbase. And this is very useful for me. If you provide any material which is reflecting on real time environment. I have few doubts
    1. how many threads running in essbase app?
    2. what would be ideal size for block and cube?
    3. how we will connect the server?
    4. diff bw MAXL and Esscmd?
    5. if my cube size is 4 GB how much time it will take load the data.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    I am not sure i understand some of your questions here Gopi.

    1. Do you mean how many threads does an essbase app support?
    2. For the block size, it would depend on your cube. This link should help you to make that decision.
    3. Do you mean, how to connect to the essbase server and view the data? There are lots of options to do that. One is to go to Analytic Admin Services wherein you can view the data. Else you can use the excel addin to view the data from excel. Or if you have System 9 BI you can connect to the essbase server using them.
    4. I am not sure whether i am right about this. Both Esscmd and MaxL achieve the same functionality. But you have some conversion utilities to convert from Esscmd to MaxL. Also, i believe MaxL is more flexible.
    5. The answer to this question is “it depends”. It depends on your design. It depends whether you have partitioned the cube. It depends on how you have specified the level aggregation etc.

  3. gopi said

    Thanks Venkat.

    For above questions

    1. I gone through Help file. That depends on ports.
    3. Which 3rd party tool used for connecting to the server?

    My New questions are.

    i) If my data in flat file to load, that flat had 13 columns? How the data will load in outline? Dense or Sparse wise?

    ii) How i will delete the data in excel without using any Calc Commands or form outline, directly form Excel sheet.


  4. gopi said

    Hi Venkat.

    I am attending interviews on Essbase.

    as i asked abv 5th question. I don’t have any partitioning in cube? I am saying to interviewer that it will take to load 10 min time. They are asking that client will wait 10 min time. That’s why i am emphasizing on this? Please clarify


  5. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Even if you dont have partitioning it still depends on how your cube is setup. It depends on which storage option you have used in your cube. ASO or BSO. It still depends on the level of sparsity you have in the cube. Also, it depends to an extent on the hardware configuration of the underlying server.

  6. […] Ведет его консультант Oracle Venkatakrishnan J. […]

  7. Pitchai said

    Is it possible to display an image based on value passed through session variables in BIEE. Based on the login different images need to be displayed. The corresponding images are stored in s_oracle10\images folder.

  8. Soumya said


    I have started following your blogs snce recently. Nice work . Thanks for you help
    I have a question regarding the calculation of WTD.
    I already have a Dimension(based out of W_DAY_D)which i use as a Day Dimension.
    Did you mean i had to create another Dimension based out of W_DAY_D and set as a Time Dimension?
    Also if i have to use this the new measure(WTD)along with my other measures which do not go by the new Time Dimension(for WTD) How would this work?

    Can i use the normal W_DAY_D dimension itslef as a Time Dimension.?
    Could you please confirm this.

  9. Venu said

    Soumya, You can use W_DAY_D for time dim, but make sure you create an alias and use it; other wise, you may be creating a wrong join. BTW, OBI apps standard is to create alis for any physical table in the physical layer before the dim or fact has been used in the BMM. HTH. Venu

  10. MAIA Blog said

    Hi Venkat,
    I liked your blog as it really shows how Business Intelligence enthusiast you are… I guess the woman in your life might think you having an affair with your blog…. 😉

    Well jokes apart, Lately we too have started blogging on Business Intelligence… Please go through it and give us feedback to improve…

    BTW, Have you read about powerful CIOs for the year 2008?

  11. Venkatakrishnan J said

    MAIA – Thats a good one :-). I have added you to my blogroll.

  12. Ramesh Pabba said

    Hi Gopi,

    Just give me an update on difference between Hyperion and OracleBI.

    Ramesh Pabba
    OBI Specialist

  13. 🙂

  14. tom barney said

    I’m a financial analyst, and I need to learn to use Essbase to create financial reports. Any recommendations on where I can learn more?

  15. Ashish said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan ,

    I am not able to create this metadata report.
    Here i am mentioning the steps which i followed
    (1) Using Repository Documentation utility , i generated the CSV file.
    (2) Instead of using external table , i created a table in database.
    (3) Using sql loader i uploaded data from CSV file into the table.
    (4) Then Using OBIEE, i imported this table into Physical layer.
    (5) Then after i created a new subject area at BMM layer and dragged the table
    to the BMM. Then dragged the table to Presentation Layer.

    Beacuse the BMM layer has only this table, No other table is present at BMM layer, RPD beacomes inconsistent. Beacause no logical join is present.
    And when i look this Catalog in BI Answer, It shows only Subject Area , No columns information.

    I also tried to use this table with a consistent RPD. But when i use this table , i makes the RPD inconsistent beacuse lack of logical join .Again the same issue comes.

    My question are –
    (A) How are you using this table to create metadata report?
    (B) How are you creating logical join?
    (C) How your RPD is consistent?
    (D) How are you able to use this table with BI Answer?

    Any ideas in this regard.

  16. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Ashish – Since you have only one table you cannot directly drag and drop that into BM. You need to basically create 2 tables in BM (both copies of the same table in Physical layer) and then make a logical join between both of them. Then drag and drop one table into the presentation layer. That should make it work.

  17. Ashish said

    Thanks for the reply Venkat.

    There is one more question –

    While creating a RPD , the description about keys and join information using
    description and hint property which we define at physical layer, those informations do not reflect BI Answer when i query to metadata dictionary.

    Here i give little bit more description what i did.
    (1) I created a RPD and gave some description about Foreign Keys and using hint a gave some description about Physical joins.
    (2) After then using utilities I generated the Metadata Dictionary.
    (3) When i query to Metadata Dictionary using BI Answer , i am not able to see those descriptions. Rest of the information like table level and column level descriptions i am able to see.

    Is there any way to get these descriptions or metadata dictionary does not keep descriptions for keys and joins?
    Any ideas in this regard??

    — Ashish

  18. Ashish said

    Hi Venkat ,

    When we use Repository Documentation Utility in OBIEE, it generates a CSV file which captures the information about tables and columns of presentation layer,BMM Layer and Physical layer.
    But it does not captures the description information which we define at Table level and column level.

    Is there any way to capture this description information into CSV file? I have a such requirement.

    I know that Metadata dictionary captures the description information but that is not helpful in my case.

    Any ideas in this regard??

    — Ashish

  19. romil said

    i am new to siebel analytics…
    i want to learn maximum i can…
    can you refer me any book,or any links,which can help in learning complete siebel analytics(OBI)

  20. Ashish said

    Hi Venkat,

    I have to create a presentation layer in multiple language. Let’s say language is Netherlands.
    I have gone through the below link –
    and tried to implement as per the steps given.
    I have given the abbreviation of Netherlands language ‘nl’.
    When i select Netherlands language in Presentation Services login page , Still i am getting all the tables and columns name and their description in English in BI Answer.
    I have converted a few column and their description only in Netherlands language, rest are in English.
    The NQ Query log is as below –

    ——————– An initialization block named ‘Set Language’, on behalf of a Session Variable, issued the following SQL query:


    Returned 1 rows. Query status: Successful Completion

    +++Administrator:fffe0000:fffe0005:—-2008/04/01 17:36:36

    ——————– An initialization block named ‘Set Translation’, on behalf of a Session Variable, issued the following SQL query:


    Returned 0 rows. Query status: Failure

    The 2nd query does not return any row.

    Any idea in this regard. Where am i doing mistake? Why is it not showing those column names and their description in Netherlands Language?
    Do i need to do some setting in OBIEE ?

  21. swami Nathan said

    Hi Venkat,

    This is swami, working in Cognizant technology Solutions. We are having a requirement in our project. Here we have to Integrate our Siebel Analytics Reports into our customer Web Pages. I dont have any idea where i have to start. I read your blog about Placing OBIEE reports in Portels using Jdeveloper. But how can i acehive this in Siebel Analytics 7.8.2.
    Pleas help me on this ASAP.

  22. Ali said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,
    No hesitate to say that i am new to Essbase, Hyperion. since four, five days i am reading your blog and its really a great start for me. i am understanding some here and there in the blog, difinetly lot of ppl might have taken advantage of this site. its great help to all venkat.


  23. Krishna said

    Hi VenkatKrishnan,

    How can I use a REF CURSOR in the data template.
    I am trying to convert the RDF which is using REF CURSOR to BI Publisher report. The REF CURSOR in the data template is not returning any data.

    Any help is appreciated.


  24. sitesh said

    hi …can u pls tell me how to change the background images in OBI .i am using version of OBI with OC4j.
    thanks and regards

  25. siteshkumar said

    hi venkat,
    i want to change the background images in each pages of a dashboard,each page having a different it possible..if yes…provide me with a solution…

    thanks & regards

  26. shubh said

    Hi Venkat,
    I have a requirement in which i have to send a report to 1400 different stores (store’s primary person’s email id) via iBots. But one person can be primary of multiple stores and all the primary persons of the stores will login to OBIEE and setup their my account and provide the email id (which is different for different stores) to which the report need to be deliverred. as he is primary of multiple stores, he need to setup multiple email ids. but the report is not getting deliverred to multiple email ids rather it is getting deliverred to only the default email id.
    If you can help me in setting up this, it will be of much help,


  27. Philip said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am working with BI and Mapviewer, and would like to know if you can point me in a direction for a solution to this problem:

    I need to run a BI query (report) and THEN show the results of the query on the map.

    An example would be a query or report that could show customers who sell green widgits with total sales of $x.xx per week. I need to show markers on the map for the location of only those customers and not customers who don’t meet the criteria of the query. This makes for a much more dynamic query / map application that is controlled by the user via the query power of BI.



  28. milin said

    hello sir,

  29. milin said

    hello sir;
    I am fresher in BI and i want to ask u about future scope of BI in market?

  30. Amit said

    Good work Venkat. I come from similar interest. Do write me a email if you get a chance and I will like to see the prospect of doing something together. Eitherways, good luck and keep up the great work…..
    best regards

  31. Ed Eloian said

    I am having trouble starting the OBIEE scheduler service. I get the 1064 error. Do you know why this is happening and how I can fix it.

  32. Ramki said

    I am unable to install HFM web client is there any web patch required for that any one can help me.


  33. R Hari Haran said

    Hello Venkat,

    I chanced to see this blogsite and I must say that the information is very useful indeed.

    I am working as a Program Manager for BI with one of the IT services major.

    Congratulations on creating and maintaining this wonderful blogsite.

  34. Sandeep Kumar Mohanty said

    Hi Venkat,

    You have put a real helpful information here abt development in OBIEE. It helped me a lot in past few days in my project. Thanks a lot to you for that.I am new to OBIEE and I have impemented the writeback to the answers. In my case I am writing back to a staging table instead of directy updating the data base. Later an OWB map updates my backend base tables from the staging table.So when the user logs back in he/she is able to see the update in the dashboard made by the writeback.
    Here my client requires to capture the ‘Username’ of the user who makes a writeback and the date(sysdate) of updation as well.
    Can you kindly advice me how to make it happen. If you can describe the steps with some screenshots for a sample example it would be really very helpful to me.

    Thanks a lot in advance for all yur help.


  35. vineeth said

    hi venkat,
    i have a query. i am using a case statement to calculate the output into 3 ranges as high, medium or low.

    here is the case query:CASE WHEN ( CAST(“V Circuit Pwe3 Details”.”Value Oat” AS INT) >=100 and CAST(“V Circuit Pwe3 Details”.”Value Oat” AS INT) =300)THEN ‘High’ ELSE ‘Low’ END END

    cast function is used as the data type is varchar and i am comparing with numeric values.

    the report is working perfectly fine. however when i use this output (case stmt column) as a prompt, i get the following error:
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 1722, message: ORA-01722: invalid number at OCI call OCIStmtExecute: select distinct concat(concat(T2407.LOCALITY_EA, ‘-‘), T2407.TRS_AREA_EA) as c1, T2407.A_EQUIPMENT as c2, T2407.A_IP_ADDRESS as c3, T2407.CIRCUIT as c4, T2407.CREATE_DATETIME_ORDERS as c5, T2407.VALUE_OAT as c6, T2407.J_CEA as c7, concat(concat(T2407.LOCALITY_EZ, ‘-‘), T2407.TRS_AREA_EZ) as c8, T2407.Z_EQUIPMENT as c9, T2407.Z_IP_ADDRESS as c10, T2407.J_CEZ as c11, T2407.Z_MTOSI_PORT_NAME as c12, T2407.PWE3_NAME as c13, T2407.VLAN_TYPE_CIRCUIT as c14, case when cast(T2407.VALUE_OAT as INTEGER ) = 100 then ‘Medium’ else case when cast(T2407.VALUE_OAT as INTEGER ) >= 300 then ‘High’ else ‘Low’ end end as c15, T2407.A_MTOSI_PORT_NAME as c16 from V_CIRCUIT_PWE3_DETAILS T2407 where ( case when cast(T2407.VALUE_OAT as INTEGER ) = 100 then ‘Medium’ else case when cast(T2407.VALUE_OAT as INTEGER ) >= 300 then ‘High’ else ‘Low’ end end = ‘Medium’ ) order by c1, c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, c8, c9, c10, c11, c12, c13, c14, c15, c16. [nQSError: 17011] SQL statement execution failed. (HY000)


  36. V Murali said

    Hi Venkat,

    We are facing a pecuilar problem in OBI Reports.

    If any report, which has provided with advanced sql filter condition those report output in csv not getting creating for other normal filter condition is able to create csv output.

    Please let me know how to resolved this problem

    Our OBIEE version


  37. Pankaj Garg said

    Hello Sir,

    I am newbie to OBI EE…and while working on it i got stuck…as per our requirement we need to make charts and put them on dashboards..that’s the easy part…now complex thing is i have to make slider that interact with that chart and the value and shape of the graph changes, as we change the values in the slider area….

    please help me its very urgent…

    Thanks & Regards,

    Pankaj Garg

  38. pankaj said

    hello all

    Is thr ny way to define error code and error messages tht wil display on dashboards..i mean is there any poss way of getting the error code and error msg that are defined by user….or is thr any file that contains a list of all error codes and msg’s



  39. kalyaanasundhar said

    Dear Venkatakrishnan,
    I am kalyaanasundhar, working in dowell technologies, chennai. i was searching abt business intelligence in google and had a chance to see your blog, and thought u will be correct person to clear my doubt.
    I don’t know nothing abt Business Intelligence? but i am interested to learn more abt it. before that i want to know wat is OBIEE, is it a tool? is it enough for me to learn OBIEE if i am good in Oracle and SQL server, is these basic thing is enough to learn OBIEE. I will be thankful to you if u give any tips regarding OBIEE and links to learn more abt OBIEE. I will be thankful to you if u send me the details to my mail id

    Thanking you,



  40. Bharatagraj said

    Hi Venkat,

    Just checking with you if you are working as a offshore with Oracle for OBIEE+? if so then there are chances that we crossed each other during your presentation at Bank Of America Corporate Treasury.

    Just while googling for OBIEE/Hyperion got your blog. After reading your name thought should check with you.

    Warm Wishes

  41. megha said

    Hello Venkat,
    I got stuck in Multilanguage configuration… I done all this steps which are mentioned in the Multilanguage ButWhen I done the Upadate row count in offline mode it shows all rows in the.csv. But while online mode it not reflect all the rows in the RPD..
    Please help me out…
    Bye take care

  42. Person Who Should Know Better said

    Hi Venkat,

    I don’t know anything about BI at all. Can you write a quick blog post explaining everything there is to know. Please make it short, I have an interview in 2 days.

  43. Person Who Should Know Better said

    Hi Venkat,

    In OBIEE, how do I integrate a dynamic, fortuitous call to a COBOL program from a dashboard prompt? The user must be able to choose the COBOL program and the mainframe its running on. The user also must not know he’s using OBIEE so can you tell me how to customize the screens to make it look like a Pacman game? The orginal, not Ms. Pacman. Can iBots help here?

  44. Rachel said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,

    Glad to see your blog, it’s really useful.

    I have a problem with Analytics:
    How can I add some customized links at the top right of the page, just side by side with “Dashboards – Answers – … – Log Out”?
    I’m not sure where to find the source code for that frame.

    Appreciate your time and hope to hearing back from you.

  45. saichandv said

    hi Venkat,
    First thanks for your extreme support for all BI professionals.I worked on how to call bi publisher reports from ibots.I refered to your previous post they are doing well.

    But i want to select a “Delivery Content” based in a BI Publisher Report, not a dashboard content… when I press the “Select Content” button the navigation explorer shows Dashboard Folders only…

    The question is: I need to put a BI Publisher Report “into” a dashboard before call it from a iBot schedule?

    Thanks and Regards,

  46. Elven said

    hi sir,
    i am newcomer in OBIEE
    and i don’t know how to start, really newbie in ETL and Knowledge Management
    would you mind guide me to learn, i mean, can you guide me to good website which teach about ETL and OracleBIEE.

    For your suggestion thank you verymuch.

  47. Venkat – We have a simple set up… links on the OBIEE dashboard to the Hyperion Workspace 9.3 report. The report is saved as a Financial Report but it has the PDF preview capability and our end users typically use that and print it. We want to pass in the URL (which we currently cut and paste from the SmartCut) some parameter so that it goes to the PDF preview instead of the HTML preview. Is this possible? Or is it something in Hyperion?

  48. Smita Acharya said

    Hi Venkat,
    I am relatively a new user in OBIEE world.

    CAn you pls suggest some good documentation on Intergartion of peoplesoft with OBIEE HR Analytics.
    We are in process of enabling Authentication and authorization process in our HR analytics (OBIEE , inherting peoplesoft configuration.
    Pls suggest

  49. Naveen said

    Hi Venkat,

    Our OBIEE developers developed their reports. Now we want to integrate and show them users through Hyperion workspace. How to achieve this?

  50. Rengenx said

    Попробовал разобраться со статьей, но увы. Не могли бы вы написать свою аську или стукнуть мне – 783858

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