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Time for a Change – Upcoming Announcements – Millionth Hit

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on June 15, 2009

Well, as the saying goes “Change is the only Constant”, there are quite a few changes that are coming up on this blog(well not blog alone!!!) in the near future. I would be in a position to make an announcement in a week or so. And i am very much looking forward to that. One thing that i can say for sure is the fact that you can expect more of my blog entries in the future :-). More on that next week.

And as luck would have it, while i was writing this, the blog registered its first Millionth hit (of a total of 302 blog entries). I would have to express and extend my thanks to anyone and everyone who have been visiting this blog ever since its inception on 18th of July 2007. I believe the blog has come a long way since then. I have written at least two blog entries every week since i started, barring a couple of months when i did not even write a single one. When i started to write on BI EE there were only a couple of people writing about it like Mark(who was very well known in the Oracle BI Community even at that time) and Adrian(actually myself and Adrian were discussing this in the BI Forum). Then came along John who was also very active on the BI Forums. And then came people like Alex(Siebel + BI EE) , Christian (BI EE + Essbase) and others who have been working on these products for long but just now started to blog about them.

In the coming future, i would be primarily focusing on Hyperion Essbase(i would say this has been a tool that has been really close to my heart that i have not blogged much about), EPM Integration, Hyperion Planning/EPMA integration, BI EE – Essbase Integration (more use cases). Hopefully you have found this blog useful and thanks for stopping by.

16 Responses to “Time for a Change – Upcoming Announcements – Millionth Hit”

  1. topper said

    you better not get an ace. too many others deserve it first.

  2. They need to invent a new category above ACE Director for Venkat!!

  3. Christian said

    Cudos Venkat! 1 million is an excellent performance. Hard to believe you only started back in July 2k7…

    Looking forward to hearing what news you’ve got.

    Cheers and keep up the pace!

  4. Fiston said

    Congrats Venkat!!!I agree with Adrian because you definitely deserve it.
    Keep up the excellent work .

  5. Congratulations Venkat!

    And your 1st Million hits is impressive indeed!

    Your blog inspired me to start my own and share with community. It’ll be very interesting to see you blogging about Essbase – I kind of felt it.

    I’ve added link to your site from my sidebar.

    Good luck and best wishes!


  6. Renga said

    Congrats Venkat.

    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing for wider OBIEE community.

    I am sure 2 Millionth hit will come faster than this.


  7. Congratulations on joining Rittman-Mead! Great blogging, the community appreciates your work!

  8. Narayan said

    Congratulations Venkat on this new milestone. Your contribution to this community is fantastic! Keep going dude

  9. Congratulation Venkat, you started at July 2007 but then you`ve gone so far, 1 million hit is amazing. Way to go dude. Keep it up.

  10. Hey, Nice job on all of the work you are doing for the community. Won’t it be exciting once you get that 3 millionth or 4 millionth hit? It is very possible! Just keep doing what you are doing! Just think when you have 4 or 5 hundred blog entries..

  11. 1 millionth hit- well done you!

  12. G Cook said

    That is so cool. Must feel great too, I imagine! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that you have been adding at least two posts per week. That is the key I beleive and I want to get to that level of activity myself.

    Thanks for the update.

  13. Mike said

    Congrats on the millionth hit! Very memorable milestone… 2 million!

  14. Thank you so much. This is a good resources

  15. Congrats on the millionth Hit

    Hopefully by end of this year you will have 2 million

    Good Luck

  16. Pratap said

    Congrats Venkat……….your blog really helped/helping me……..I am waiting for you Hyperion Posts………I stated learning Essbase a few weeks ago………..


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