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Brighton BI Forum – Updates – Day 1

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 15, 2009

I just woke up after a very bad nauseating night yesterday. I believe the time lag finally got to me. In the retrospect, when i think about yesterday’s presentation that i did, i thought there were a few things(in fact a lot) that i could have done better. Mark was kind enough to say that this was one of the best sessions so far, due to the number of questions. But again i think i could have done more justice to it by being well prepared. For my own memory following are the key aspects of any presentation that one would have to focus on

1. Get the flow correct – I missed that completely yesterday. For the 1st 15 mins, i did not get any single question which meant that i was not coherent enough to make the audience understand.
2. Get the content to match the flow – Well, i thought i had this right as well. But when i was going through the slides (during the presentation which was another mistake) i realized the fact that it had more words than actual helpful content
3. Rehearse atleast once before you present – Well, i thought this was not needed at all. To my utter dismay, i was found lacking in this aspect as i could not get the audience glued to the presentation.

Christian was kind enough to fill in and after that the Q&A session went very well. Unfortunately, i could not get any photos to post here. Let me get try to take them today. All in all the conference was good so far. There were key presentations from Craig Stewart who presented the Roadmap on ODI. Today we have a session from Mike which i believe should be interesting as he would be presenting the Roadmap on 11g. All in all the conference has been excellent so far and i should thank Mark & Jon and their team of Borkur, Peter, Ragnar made us feel at home. It should be another interesting day of presentations today.

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