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Oracle BI EE – Content Accelerator Framework V1 – Free Utility released – Migrating Reports/Dashboards/RPD

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 16, 2009

Update: As of today, this utility would not work against any of your existing installations as this is certified to work only with patch release which has not been released yet. Thanks Phillipe Lions, the PM for CAF. This would work with as well. Ensure that after deleting the jar files, there is no lingering in-memory older catalog manager processes.

I happened to stumble upon a new utitlity in OTN today. Not sure when this was released. But i am blogging about it as not a lot of people are aware of this.

One of the major disadvantages of BI EE has been the fact that there was no out of the box utility to migrate Dashboards/Reports from one environment to another. Also, the other major issue has been the fact that any changes made to the RPD are not propagated automatically to the Reports/Dashboards. To circumvent that a new free public utlity called Content Accelerator Framework (CAF) has been released. It has excellent features which i would list below

1. Ability to use a report or a dashboard as a template to create further reports. This is an excellent feature which basically helps end users to reuse a report across multiple subject areas (the utility will help in reverse engineering the RPD to an extent).
2. Propagating RPD changes to the Reports/Dashboards.
3. Easy cloning of Development and Production instances (helps in seamless migration of Reports/Dashboards from one environment to another).
4. Paves way for BI EE Answers templates (similar to BI Publisher Templates) which can be re-used by a lots of users. I can foresee a BI EE Template depot like what has been done for BI Publisher.

The above are just the high level advantages. There are even more excellent advantages which you would realize once you start using the utility. This utility can be downloaded here and the documentation is available here. To be honest, this looks like a precursor to the kind of capabilities 11g can offer. This utility basically uses the nqudmlexec and nqudmlgen to reverse engineer and rebuild the RPD.


As the name of utility suggests, i believe it is meant as a framework over which many similar such applications can be built (i am just guessing). The utility uses the catalog manager jar file to add custom properties within the catalog manager.

3 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Content Accelerator Framework V1 – Free Utility released – Migrating Reports/Dashboards/RPD”

  1. […] Berg posted about it here “OTN: CAF” and Venkat posted about it on his blog as well content accelerator framework. Unfortunately, it’s only going to work with version which hasn’t been […]

  2. Philippe said

    CAF utility only requires OBI EE to run. Actually, some of the features should even work with (not tested).
    There is a typo in the doc/ppt that says it requires Apologies for this poor typo in the doc and the mis-information.

  3. Mark Reedman said


    Can you tell me if this is a supported method? From my understanding the UDML command line utilities are not supported. As this tool utilizes those programs, can this be supported?


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