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Mr Winker has arrived!!!

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 3, 2009

It is very rare that i post something personal in this blog. But this is an occassion that i just cannot afford to miss.

It is with pleasure that i announce the arrival of Mr. Winker into the V family. He has been officially named Vrishav though. He was born on April the 2nd at 7.33 AM and weighed around 3.04 Kgs. Mother and the baby are doing well, though the father is way too famished after being the moral support for over 4 hours in the labour room!!! Father is under constant observation by the new mother, for his weight(baby)-lifting skills are being constantly tested/tuned.

Well, now that the news has trickled in, all goodwill funds for Vrishav Graduate and Post-Graduate Education are more than welcome. Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, TC’s etc accepted. Just kidding :-).




New Mother and the new father,
Vandana and Venkat

33 Responses to “Mr Winker has arrived!!!”

  1. Congratulations Venkat! Great News 😀

  2. Mark Rittman said

    Fantastic Venkat, congratulations to you and your wife. I hope Vrishav will make you both very proud parents.

    regards, Mark

  3. Dinesh Gandhi said

    Congratulations Venkat !!

  4. Sumant said

    Congratulations, Venkat.

  5. Nicolas GERARD said

    Congratulation to the parents.

    The greatest happiness always come with children.

    Special attention to the mother, a great felicitation to the father and big welcome for winter.

    Good week-end

  6. Rupali said

    Nice pics Venkat…

    I am sure your weight-lifting skills will be tuned perfectly in next couple of days… Enjoy the parenthood…

    Congrats once again….


  7. Congratulations to the proud parents.

    Cheers, Umesh

  8. Remc0 said

    Hi Venkat,

    congratulations with your kid!!! 😉

    Best Regards,


  9. @lex said

    All the best wishes to the little one, mother and father. So good news!

  10. David_T said

    Congratulations, Venkat! You have been a major contributor to helping all of us with OBIEE. It is heartwarming to know that a special blessing has come your way!

    All the best,


  11. Rajsheel said

    Congratulations Venkat

  12. Anil said

    Congrats Venkat

  13. Kaus M said

    Congrats Venkat , and thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  14. Ankit said

    Congratulations…He is very very cute 🙂

  15. Bhawna Singh said

    Cute Baby….
    Congrats….. 🙂

  16. Rahaman said

    Congratulations on the new arrival, who will fill your hearts with lots and lots of love.

  17. Shailen said

    Congratulations Venkat.
    Wishing good health to Vrishav

  18. Gud said


  19. Tom Hunnicutt said

    Venkat congratulations, he is a very handsome boy so I know he takes after his mother. HEE HEE

  20. bischool said

    hi venkat,

    Many many congratulations…

  21. Congratulations Venkat!

  22. Tina said

    Congratulations! Venka.


  23. Aniruddha said

    Congratulations Venkat. Welcome to “papa-hood” !!

  24. B.Pugazhendhi said

    Congrats, Vandana and Venkat.
    May God bless the child and the family!


  25. Qinghe said

    Congratulations!!! He will be superstar …

  26. vineeth said

    congrats !!! wishing a bright future ahead for him …

  27. Thulasi Devi said

    Congratulations to the “V” family 🙂
    Now I understood why u called him as Mr.Winker ha ha ha….
    He looks so sweet n lovely !!!

  28. Vikram said

    Congratulations venkat!!!!!!!!

  29. T A Ramesh said

    Congratulation to Vandana and Venket! My Best wishes to your family and my Special wishes to Vrishav!

  30. Sunil Epari said

    Congratulations. Best wishes to you and the family and Vrishav. Very cute.

  31. santhosh kumar said

    choo sweet.., hope u and vaju r gd…,
    have a nice time…, tc

  32. Narayana Prakash said

    Congratulations Venkat!. Your kid is really lovely!!!

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