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AIOUG – Open for Registration – Bangalore Tech Event

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 10, 2008

This came in my inbox today. Looks like AIOUG (All India Oracle User’s Group) is organizing a tech event in Bangalore. Since i am in Bangalore now, i thought i would attend this event as well. So, if you are in Bangalore and if you want to be part of a user group, just come along as the registration is free. You can register yourself here. If you are coming in and want to meet up, just drop me an email (my email is in the contact me page). Lets see how the event goes.


3 Responses to “AIOUG – Open for Registration – Bangalore Tech Event”

  1. Sadik said

    Hi Venkat

    very helpful blog… I found you searching google for oracle related blogs, I also run a Oracle Forum and would appreciate some feedback.

    Btw I am an oracle apps manufacturing consultant.


  2. platingnum said

    i think business itnillegence is the key factor in oracle.

  3. Wonderful.. I have added your blog to my bookmarks and share it with all my colleagues and friends..

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