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BI EE – BI Publisher and MDX – Essbase Connectivity

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on August 7, 2008

One of the new features of the BI EE release is the new connectivity to Essbase from BI Publisher. Lets see how this works today. As a first step, lets set up the OLAP Connection to Essbase from within BI Publisher.

The connection is pretty straight forward. All one would have to do is to enter the Essbase server name. Now lets, go into BI Publisher and create a simple report.


As you see, there is no level or generation selection that is possible in a wizard interface. One would have to manually enter the MDX Query. This is a bit of a downer since i was atleast expecting a wizard interface to choose the levels (if not members). But anyway lets try entering a simple MDX query as shown below

{[100-10], [100-20]}
{[Qtr1], [Qtr2], [Qtr3], [Qtr4]}
FROM Sample.Basic

Lets save the above report. Now, lets click on data and see what happens. As you see below, the data is properly retrieved which is very good.


Now, lets try a complex MDX query as shown below

Union(CrossJoin({[Sales], [Profit]}, {[Actual], [Budget]}),
Union(CrossJoin([Total Expenses].Children, {[Actual]}),{([Opening Inventory], [Variance]), ([Additions], [Variance %])}))
CrossJoin([200].Children, {[East], [West]} )
FROM Sample.BasicWHERE {[Jan]}



This is something that BI Server lacks currently as one cannot enter MDX queries directly in the “Direct Database Requests”. If you are not sure what i mean, lets enter the same query above in the direct database requests page in BI Answers.


As you see, the above errors out as BI Server expects only columnar data through the MDX. The support for MDX is very limited from a BI EE standpoint. Now with the support of BI Publisher, the MDX support is more enhanced. But the drawback still is the lack of a wizard driven interface and also lack of true multi dimensional aware reporting.

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BI EE – Available for Download

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on August 7, 2008

While i was away on a blogging slumber due to quite a few assignments off late, looks like release of BI EE has finally made its way out. Quite a lot of features have been bundled into this release. The list below shows some of them which i thought are worth highlighting

1. Integration of BI EE into EPM. One can now view BI EE Answers, Dashboards, Delivers and BI Publisher from within the Workspace. I believe one would need of BI EE and 11.1 of EPM to get this to work.
2. Migration of Discoverer EUL into BI EE Repository
3. Time Series based charting
4. Integration of BI EE and BI Publisher from within Weblogic

The other important addition in this release is the addition of multi dimensional data sources support in BI Publisher. One can download the software here. I am hoping to cover all these new features in the coming week. Lets see how the integration between EPM and BI EE works first in the next blog entry.

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