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Oracle BI EE – Importing XOLAP Cubes

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on July 21, 2008

If you had read my blog entry here, i would have shown you the new XOLAP feature of Essbase 9.5 (EPM 11.1). Though XOLAP is a new terminology, the idea has been there for quite some time. I basically wanted to test out this new Essbase feature of XOLAP directly from BI EE to see whether the latest BI EE version can infact import and report on the XOLAP cubes, without any issue. We shall use the same cube that we created using Essbase Studio in the last blog entry.


Lets import this cube using BI EE Administrator.


So far so good. Looks like the XOLAP has been designed to be compliant with the XMLA standards. Now, lets try creating a report on the imported Essbase Cube.



To be honest, i was expecting the import to error out. But it has not. I am not sure whether Essbase 9.5 is actually certified for BI EE but it does seem to work without any issues. Now, my next test is on Typed Measures in Essbase. Lets see how the current release of BI EE handles Typed Measures.

2 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Importing XOLAP Cubes”

  1. kaus mishra said

    I have been trying to implement reporting off the Essbase 9.3.0 cube for a large pharma company.

    So far I have concluded that the connection is very rudimentary, you can not use most of the BMM layer expression builder functions to do any kind of manipulations or sorting. The OBIEE tools seems to have very basic skills when it comes to browsing a multidimensional database and it can not generate complex queries. You can use the Evaluate function but it requires domain knowledge of MDX as well as the cube architecture.

    It would be great if you write an article about sorting when the cube returns an alias which is unsortable like month name.

  2. Shakir Zafar Rizvi said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,

    Is it posibble to migrate Hyperion 6 reports to Oracle BI EE directly or indirectly.


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