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Oracle BI EE – Integration into Hyperion Workspace

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on July 7, 2008

One of the common challenges in working with the current release of BI EE plus is that there is no out of the box integration available between BI E and the plus(Hyperion) components. I believe the coming releases would address that. But if you are working on the current release and if you want to integrate both Hyperion and BI EE components then the coming blog entries should provide you with some methodologies to achieve that. The plus part of our BI EE plus bundle has the following components.

1. Hyperion Workspace
2. Hyperion Interactive Reporting
3. Hyperion Production Reporting
4. Hyperion Financial Reporting
5. Hyperion Web Analysis

The integration methodology of BI EE into each of the above components is different since all of them are different reporting toolsets and each work differently. But the idea is to use BI EE GO URL to enable integration into BI EE. Lets start with Hyperion Workspace and BI EE integration. This kind of integration is pretty straightforward to achieve. This is achieved using a simple HTML page. Workspace can load HTML documents and can open them in a seperate tab within the workspace. So, the first step is to open up workspace and then import a URL.


Then enter the dashboard GO URL (http://localhost:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&nquser=Administrator&nqpassword=Administrator). For now, passwords would have to be embedded in the URL. If you do not like the passwords to be embedded, use the Public pages approach that i have used here.


Now, you would have dashbords page link in your workspace.


If you try opening this HTML page, you would notice that the entire BI EE Dashboards page would be embedded within the workspace.


The other advantage is that, the above BI EE Dashboards tab in workspace also has its own URL.


Once SSO release of BI EE and Plus products come out, there is no need to even pass the passwords into the URL.

3 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Integration into Hyperion Workspace”

  1. Gurpreet Randhawa said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,
    you explained how to connect to OBIEE using admin user and password, is there any way we can also pass through user ID and password of user logged in , like single sign-on to OBIEE through workspace.

  2. p.vennkateshwararao said

    Hi venkatkrishnan
    I need help from u, how Automate generation of hyperion financial reports
    pl explain the scenario’s


  3. Venkat – We have a simple set up… links on the OBIEE dashboard to the Hyperion Workspace 9.3 report. The report is saved as a Financial Report but it has the PDF preview capability and our end users typically use that and print it. We want to pass in the URL (which we currently cut and paste from the SmartCut) some parameter so that it goes to the PDF preview instead of the HTML preview. Is this possible? Or is it something in Hyperion?

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