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Hyperion Financial Reporting – Getting Started

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on June 7, 2008

Though BI EE has connectivity to Essbase, there are still quite a few gaps that would have to be addressed before it can be used for creating financial reports out of Essbase. I hope 11g can bridge that gap. So, lets look at another tool today called Hyperion Financial Reporting. Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR) is a component similar to BI Publisher. The major difference between these 2 products is that, BI Publisher can create financial reports only out of relational databases. But HFR can report out of Multi-dimensional data sources like Essbase, MSAS., SAP-BW and also on Hyperion Financial Management (HFM). Also, HFR provides drill down, drill backs etc out of the box which BI Publisher currently does not. I hope BI Publisher roadmap covers integrating features of HFR in the long run. In order to install and configure HFR there are 4 components that one would have to download. They are

1. Shared Services
2. BI Plus Services
3. BI Plus UI Services
4. BI Plus Client

HFR reports are generally created out of a client component called as Reporting Studio. All the reports created out of this studio are then published into the Hyperion BI Plus Workspace so that users can access the reports through a URL. Once the installation is done, we would have to create an user in the shared services and provision it to access BI Plus services.



The reporting studio connects to the Financial Reporting Server through the user created above.


Now, lets start with creating a simple report. As you see below, the reporting studio interface looks very simple and uncomplicated. But the features of this product are so good that you cannot think of using any other tool for doing Multi Dimensional financial reporting.


Lets start with creating a simple report on the Basic cube of the Sample application. We start with creating a grid in the report which would in turn ask us to provide the connection details.



Once this is done, lets choose Year in the Rows and Market in the Columns and see what happens.


Now, lets choose some dimension members for the Year and market dimension.


As you see we can choose any specific level for reporting (which is a major drawback currently in BI EE).


In order to enable drills, choose the member for which you want to drill and enable “Allow Expansion”.


Now, save this report and view the report from workspace (Since in my case there is no data in the cube you would see only #Missing in the report. )


As you see you can also drill down/drill back on all the levels.


In a future blog entry we shall be looking at some complex reports and how those can be created in HFR.

36 Responses to “Hyperion Financial Reporting – Getting Started”

  1. Tim said

    Hi Venkat
    Essbase and more general OLAP support is coming to a BIP install near you :0)

  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Thanks Tim. Thats Excellent. When you say generic OLAP support, do you mean other OLAP sources like SAP-BW and MSAS or more of a MDX support?

  3. Hyperion Financial Reporting is very powerful tool to make Business Analytics much easier and effective.

  4. sravan said

    Thanks tim for providing HFR

  5. AKHEEL said

    Thanq so much…..

  6. Rishita said

    Hi Venkat,
    I am new to Hyperion FR.
    I have a requirement of connecting 1 report to another detail report.
    Can you tell me how to go about it or else point out where i can find more material on it?
    thanks in advance

  7. veena said

    Hi venkat,
    I am a Newbie to Hyperion.I would like to get trained in Financial Reporting.Idont have any finance background.
    Could u pls suggest me What is the best module or tool along with financial reporting.How is the Job market For FR.


  8. Purna Chandra said

    Hi Venkat,

    Your blog is a good knowledge forum. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with the world.

    I am located in Bangalore. I am a finance graduate. I would like to learn Hyperion from Oracle University. Is it a good idea to attend Orcale’s training or can we do it in a local training institute?

    Also, I would also like to know the job prospects as a Hyerion Consultant in India. Please help me to make my career decision.

  9. Sukanya said


    Can you tell me how can I save a report in my local machine from Workspace? As far as I see, it does not give me an option of saving a report on my machine. Please correct me.


  10. Smriti Koul said

    Hi Venkat ,Great work , thanks and please keep on updating all of us.

  11. Stephen said

    I’ve done report work in HR using Essbase and Planning apps. I need to create some reports from HFM, however I don’t have any option in the Database Connection Manager to choose HFM. (I’m using HR 9.2.) All documentation says HR can connect to HFM, but give no instruction on steps to take.

    Can you help me?

  12. Alaina said

    Is there a rounding formula in formula cells?


  13. Devaki said

    @ SUkanya:
    You can save a Financial report on your local machine.
    1. open workspace
    2. Go to Explore (Where you can view all reports)
    3. File->Export
    4. Select the required report.

    * You can save individual reports (*.des), folders (*.zip) and also books (*.kbk)

  14. Devaki said

    @ Stephan
    I create Financial reports by connecting to HFM.
    1.You first need to create an application in Hyperion Financial Management client , to which your reports will connect to.
    2. When you open a new report in the FR studio, select “create new database connection”.
    3. Select TYPE: Financial Management
    4. Click on APPLICATION
    5. select your newly create dapplication.
    Your grid is now connected to this database.

    * You can have connections to multiple databases in the same grid. i.e. each row could be picking data from different databases.

  15. Meghana said

    I have a report with 2 grids. I first view the report in the HTML and do the drill down on some of the members. Keeping the drill down intact, I shift from the HTML preview to PDF preview. Once I do that since the data is drilled down, the data in the grids is overlapping. Is there any way to avoid that?

  16. Chaitanya said

    Can we install both Hyperion Financial Studio and Hyperion Planning on the same server??/

  17. Devaki said

    @ Meghana

    “Auto size” option is available for all report objects.. ie grids and text box. It is checked by default.
    Verify that it is so.

    Also you could POSITION the two grids RELATIVE to each other.
    if placed horizontally
    Horizontal =Relative
    Vertical =None
    and visa versa.
    Placeing both as relative may give wrong output.

  18. Devaki said

    @ Chaitanya
    We can install both on the same server but it is preferable not to.
    If its a development server or a test server then there are no issues.
    But because the production server will be accessed by many users it is recommended not to have the FR studio on the same server.

  19. Chaitanya said

    @ Devaki
    Thanks for ur update.
    in our company we are having at max 30 users who are using Hyperion Planning webforms and Hyperion FReports.
    Currently we are having 3 diff servers for Essbase,Planning and Reports.
    We want to implement DR environment for Hyperion.In this also do we need diff servers….
    Please let me know.

  20. Corey said

    Hi, we are interested in using the load rules in a script to automate our actual results from our financial system into Hyperion. Can anyone recommend a source for examples of scripts calling the load rules and a source of examples of load rules

  21. Mark said

    Do you know how to make a cube root in Hyperion FR? I will be glad for any info…

    Best regards

  22. LaTasha said

    Hyperion Financial Reporting.
    I am looking for someone with Hyperion Financial Reporting xperience. Do you know anyone willing to work in Houston, TX.

    Please contact me at 972.241.8392 ext 174.


  23. Indira said

    Hi venkatkrishna,

    Thank you for the excellent Demo,
    I have been working on Hyperion IR , but never worked on HFR , I have installed Hyperion Reporting and Analysis client in my system, what should i do to have server to practice in my computer.
    as far as my knowledge we have to log in to work space to connect to essbase or any data source to pull data, can you please elucidate.
    Thanks & Regards.


  24. Arturo said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan,
    Is it possibile to place a cover before the table of contents when creating a book with financial reporting?

  25. Francisco said

    Arturo, im looking for the same. If you know something please let me know 🙂

  26. Leo said

    Hi there,

    I am new to ERP and have a client in Brazil using Protheus Software which reports to the headquarter in Italy which uses Hyperion.

    I am looking for a format (xml, excel) and the rules (fields, size, etc)to create a “financial report” so I can make it ready from here to send the information.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

  27. Upendra said


    What are the steps to compile a Blue Book. My requirement is that I need to prepare a Book from the set of Reports. Can you please provide the steps to prepare the Book.



    • Raj said

      You need to create a book using FIle >New document> Select book option.
      After that you can add your required reports to the book using the selection dialog. Save it. You will be all set

  28. Rajesh said

    Hi All,
    While making a report in FR, When i want to add related content to the cell and after checking the add related content checkbox -> setup, i cant see anything into the “addrelated content” windows that pops up after clicking on Setup.

    Can anyone help me out, how to populate it?

    Rajesh Jha

  29. s said


    “&attribute=” is not setting in new version hyperion 11. any thouhts??

  30. paul sandeep said


    I have a requirement of building a small report with 30 children accounts. is there any option that i can copy and paste from my specification document or any othermeans. becas , i am editing each and every children account and i am building the report.

    my grid contains account and custom1 in columns and year period in rows…

    so, is ther any easy way that i can build as fast as i can.

    Thanks & Regards ,


  31. ax said

    I have added the related content on a report but how can I capture the intersection that is passed via FR? Basically, I want to capture this information and feed it into another system to generate detail level report?

    I was able to add to pass FY08 to another FR report but unable to find how I can capture this from FR link.

    Any help is appreciated!

  32. Eric said

    Can you publish HFR documents out to users w/o consuming a workspace license? I guess what I’m asking is, can we roll out HFR docs to our user community w/o buying a bunch of Hyperion licenses. The cost of licenses is prohibitive. thanks for replies

  33. Tracey said

    We just added a new certificate and added a new user directory in the shared services console but now when I try to launch webpreview from the reporting studio it calls the wrong port for workspace and fails. Do you have any ideas why?

  34. Rao Manepalli said


    I am new to HFR. I installed Financial Reporting Studio. It is asking id and password to login. I need to install any other components.


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