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Oracle BI EE – Hyperion Essbase Alternate Hierarchies

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 23, 2008

If you had read my blog entry here, i would have shown you how to go about implementing multiple hierarchies in BI EE by using the concept of Shared Levels. But the major problem with BI EE is that it can only handle shared levels and not shared members i.e it expects all the members within a level to be shared across hierarchies. Also, they cannot have a common parent. This basically intrigued me to find out how BI EE handles the alternate hierarchies from Essbase. Lets start with a classic example for alternate hierarchies i.e reporting in Fiscal and Financial years. So, lets go to the Administration console and start creating an outline as shown below.


We basically have 2 hierarchies. In the normal Fiscal year terms, January and Febraury months fall under Quarter 1. But for some companies like Oracle where Fiscal and Financial years are different, January and the Febraury months fall under Q3 of the Financial year. Once this done lets load the data using Essbase Integration Services or Hyperion DIM. In my case, i have used the DIM product to load the data. For more details on how to load data using DIM, check my blog entry here.


Lets first look at the data from the Essbase Excel Addin.


Now, lets import the cube in BI EE and see what happens if we drag and drop the cube into the BM layer.


As you see, BI EE treats all the hierarchies in the same way i.e it treats all the same levels from multiple hierarchies as same. We observed the same even for ragged hierarchies here. Lets create a report out of this in BI EE


There is also another approach for designing these. One can manually define the alternate hierarchies in BI EE. We shall see how to do that in a future blog entry.

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