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Oracle BI EE – Delivering Prompted Dashboard Pages using iBots – Saved Selections

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 21, 2008

If you have looked at my blog entry here, i would have shown you how to go about delivering prompted dashboard pages. But the major drawback with that approach was one cannot send out PDF attachments as it involved the use of GO URL and iframes. Lets look at another approach (thanks to an excellent tip from Mike Durran, Oracle BI Delivers Product Manager) wherein one can deliver prompted dashboard pages even as PDF attachments. Lets start with the same example as before. Open up the Brand Analysis Dashboard page and apply some prompt values on the page.


Now, our aim is to send this page as is (with the applied prompt values) to end users. In order to so this, create a shared selection for this page



Make the saved selection as default for this page (if you want to deliver this as multiple users then you need to make the selection as default for all the users). Once this done, just deliver the dashboard page. This will automatically send the page after applying the selection



An elegant solution if you want to send a dashboard page with applied prompt values.

5 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Delivering Prompted Dashboard Pages using iBots – Saved Selections”

  1. Rye said

    Hi Venkat!

    Indeed default saved selections will apply. When creating dashboard prompts, the default values set for these will be used as well if there are no saved selections involved. However, I was wondering if there’s actually any way to choose which saved selection will be applied when sending these dashboard pages?


  2. Pat said

    Is there any way we can schedule a ibot with Dashboard prompt values? Trying to use same dashboard page for different input values.

  3. AB said

    Hi Venkat,

    Gr8 feature.

    I am thinking to put a text property or button below the report and is it possible to attach the report values with current prompt selection and the request is attached to the in delivery content section which means user need not pick up the delivery content only he has to schedule current report only by clicking the link or button? Can I have script for that.

    To make it simple If I am the user I would like to see following:

    1. I go to dashboard page and select the prompt and get the report result.
    2. I have link or button below to schedule.
    3. I press the button I go to delivers section.
    4. I have current report attached to the delivery content with default selection or current selection.
    5. I modify other parameters and schedule.

    Please help me.

  4. nagar said

    can we do the same in siebel analytics 7.8.5. Please help

  5. Giuliano Bruno said


    I have created and saved my selection after I run the report with some prompts value. When I want to use it in the ibot creation it doesn’t pop up in select content under Delivery Content session.
    Originally the request is stored under my user “Obiuser” in the below folder
    than since when I am in delivery content and choose select content, I see just all what is in the SHARED folder, I copied in one of of the folders, but it doesn’t show up.
    Hope this make sense?

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