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Oracle BI EE and JDeveloper 11g Tech Preview 3/4 – New Integration Features – Public BI EE pages without Authentication – NoAuthGo Parameter

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 5, 2008

Update: NoAuthGo does not provide public authentication as i thought before. So, the last para of this blog entry is not relevant anymore.

As you might probably be aware, JDeveloper 11g Tech Preview 4 is already out for everyone to download. I am not sure how many of you actually noticed this, but in Tech Preview 3 of JDeveloper a new integration between JDeveloper and BI EE was added(Strange that this was not announced anywhere since i found this out by chance) But the problem with that release(not a release per se since it is only a Tech Preview) was it was still buggy at best since the ADF components and BI EE somehow did not work together well (atleast on the instances that i tried). But now that TP4 is out, i thought i would try out the integration again. Alas, this did not work out again!!! There are still some issues with the integration. This blog entry is a compilation of my findings. This integration should give you an idea of how BI EE is going to be integrated into a majority of Oracle’s other suite of products. One can now drag and drop BI EE components like reports, dashboards etc directly into ADF-JSP pages to generate custom pages. For example look at the screenshot below,


As you see above, one can add connections directly to a Jdeveloper instance. That connection can automatically recognize the web catalog components of BI EE. One other very interesting feature is that one can model business components with BI EE as a data source. For example, if you are aware of the BI EE and BIP integration, you can query a report and add a template to that report. On the same lines one can use a BI EE report as a base and then one can add multiple views on top of it. These views will use the JDBC driver of BI EE.



One other very important feature that i noticed was the use of “no authentication” for BI EE reports. If you have worked with BI Publisher or Oracle Portal, you would be aware of the fact that one can expose individual reports/webpages to external users without authentication. Till now BI EE did not have this feature. I was under the impression that this is not available in version of BI EE too. But when i looked closely at the integration between BI EE and JDeveloper, i noticed that while rendering BI EE reports there was an usage of a special URL parameter called NoAuthGo for all the reports. This i believe would give the Public Pages/Guest folder feature of Oracle Portal/BI Publisher to BI EE. But when i tried using it directly as below


and it gave me the below page


What struck me was the error message.

“If you would like to use this powerful capability, please contact this site’s administrator”

I believe there has to be an undocumented parameter in instanceconfig.xml (most probably under the AUTH tags) to enable this feature. If anyone knows what that parameter is, feel free to share it in the comments section. As far as i see, the integration is based on using the URL parameters which is well in line with my observations here. Excellent piece of integration and still more to come in the coming releases!!!.

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