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Oracle BI EE – Automating Password Updates of Connection Pools and Users – Command Line Options

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on May 2, 2008

If you had gone through my blog entry here, i would have talked about using UDML as a way for automating migration from dev to test/prod environments. But the major problem with UDML is that one cannot update the passwords of Connection Pools, Users etc since the UDML expects them to be encoded. In such a case, for updating passwords alone we can use an undocumented command line switch option for the AdminTool. For example, look at the screenshot below.


This is nothing but the connection Pool property of the ORCL database. Here, we would like to change the schema names and its corresponding passwords. For example, we would like to change the schema to SH and also would like to change the password. In order to do that, open a text editor and enter the below command. Save the file in the same directory as the Admin Tool ({OracleBI}\Server\Bin). If not, then you would have to give the full path of the file.

Open Dev_Machine.rpd Administrator Administrator
SetProperty "Connection Pool" "orcl"."Connection Pool" "User" "sh"
SetProperty "Connection Pool" "orcl"."Connection Pool" "Password" "welcome1"

Now, open up a command prompt and navigate to {OracleBI}\Server\Bin. Typein in the below command,

 admintool /command commandlineswitch.txt


This would automatically update the connection pool values.


You can use the above to update many objects within the repository. For updating passwords for users, just use the nqschangepassword.exe tool. For more details on this, check my blog entry here. So, on a high level your entire migration process would look as shown below


Thanks to Phil for sharing this.

9 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Automating Password Updates of Connection Pools and Users – Command Line Options”

  1. Ilya said

    This is very helpful if you have BI installed on a windows machine and thus can run admintool.exe . How would I accomplish changing the .rpd password in a similar fashion if the tool is installed on a unix server?

    • tom said

      Hi Ilya/Venkat,

      I have the same req of automating changes in rpd in linux. kindly let me know how did you achieve this.


  2. Yogi said


    This is very interesting stuff. Do you have a cheat sheet or something that explains the various commands that are supported for this scripting language ?


  3. vyke said

    Is there a document out there that lists all the properties that can be set through Admin command line tool?

  4. GookSoype said

    mm.. thank you )

  5. Mr said

    I’ve tried your solution but nothing is getting changes ? (I try only user or pwd or both)

    Any idea ?
    By the way how admintool identify the relevant connection pool with the physical connection name ?
    Does it replace as well for VALUOF(OLAP_USER)

    Thanks in advance,


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  7. […] Venkat […]

  8. […] Venkat […]

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