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Some News, Updates and Changes

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 17, 2008

Well its been sometime since i last posted anything personal. Couple of weeks back i made an internal move within Oracle and moved into a full time Consulting role. Thngs got finalized yesterday and i might get to meet people more often. Previously my role involved part time consulting, part time biz oriented giving demos, presentations, architecture overviews etc. I hope this is a move in the right direction and i have some plans in place to make some changes to this blog (still not finalized yet. More news to come later).

As a first change in that regard, i have added one more page in this site here. The rationale behind creating that page is, i would like to make the content of the blog here to be driven by you. No, this is not just another forum. Please use the BI EE forums for questions that need quick, immediate answers. Again, this is not a substitute for Metalink which is where you should direct your production issues to. Please post questions that you think will be useful to others if the answer is in the form of a step by step guide. For example, a question like “How do we make BI Delivers to publish reports to a FTP server? How do we call BI Publisher APIs from BI Delivers?” would be of more relevance to that page. I would be blogging about those questions in the near future. You can also post the challenges that you face in using BI EE, BI Publisher, Hyperion etc. I will try to find an answer to your questions and i will blog about them here. If someone else has already blogged about it, i would point you there. But the idea is to have your questions answered in the form of a simple step by step guide. If it is a simple question which has been asked already in the forums, i would point you to the URL. So if you feel that your question warrants a step by step answer or an elaborate answer, feel free to post them there. This is again an attempt from my end to blog about relevant topics which people would need. This might or might not work. Lets see how this goes.

On a side note, lots of people have been asking me about presenting in events like Oracle Open User Group conferences which i have been neglecting so far due to some commitments. Well, i now have plans of attending and presenting in some conferences (yet to decide on which ones though). Any comments/feedback on which conferences to attend are most welcome. Also, feel free to post any feedback with regard to the changes which you would like to see in this blog.

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