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Oracle BI EE – Querying Repository – Changing Icons of Objects in Repository and Getting a list of Repostitory objects

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 16, 2008

I got this question via email yesterday. The question goes like this “How do we get the list of all the objects that are there in the repository and how do we change the icons of the objects in the repository?”. Though the answer to this question is pretty straight forward, i thought i would blog about it since the answer involves a very important utility that can come in handy to a lot of repository administrators. The utility is called as “Query Repository”. It is a very handy utilty and one can query the repository and its corresponding objects using this utility.


You can also get the list of all the variables inside the repository and of course, you can export that into a CSV file. You also have other options like you can save a query for future use, you can mark the objects which you use regularly etc. If you want to list down all the variables inside the repository, then just query for all the variables.


Coming to the 2nd part of the question i.e how to change the icons of some of the repository objects, just query your desired objects using the query repository option and then click on “Set Icon”. This will list down the alternative icons that are available and you can choose and assign the ones you like.





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