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Oracle BI EE – Changing Sort Order of Dashboards

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on April 2, 2008

I have seen this question floating around in many of the forums and thought i shall blog about it. The question is how do we change the sort order of the dashboards that is shown in the Dashboards Banner. Well, currently there is no out of the box way to change the default sorting of the dashboards. If you are not sure what i mean, look at the screenshot below.

As you see above whenever you create a dashboard that would be automatically sorted alphabetically. So, what if you want to sort it in the reverse order. Unfortunately there is no out of the box way to achieve this. But lets look at one approach today which would be leveraging the fact that the dashboard display ignores the trailing and leading spaces. So, open your catalog manager in online mode and go to Shared\Paint Demo\_portal. This is the directory which would contain all the dashboards.

Now, first decide on the order in which you want the dashboards to be displayed. In our case we need the following order

3.···Paint Dashboard

Always start from the last but one (in the above order). In our case, right click on the Sample dashboard from the catalog manager and click on Smart Rename. Just add a leading space to the name Sample i.e ” Sample” (without quotes).

Next, right click on the Test dashboard and click on Smart Rename. Just add 2 leading spaces to the name Test i.e ” Test” (without quotes).

Now, if you go to the dashboards screen you would notice that the dashboards would be sorted in the descending order. Dont worry about the spaces since they would be automatically truncated while doing the display.

You can use this to have any display order by adding spaces accordingly. As more and more spaces are added that dashboard would be moved to the front. A simple solution but can be quite useful if your users are very particular about dashboard display order.

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