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Oracle BI EE – Automating Passwords Resets – nqschangepassword.exe utility

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on March 31, 2008

Though many of you might be aware of the simple utility called as nqschangepassword.exe, i thought this deserves a special mention here since it can serve as an automation utility to change the passwords/reset the passwords etc. You can find this utility under {OracleBI}\Server\Bin directory. As the name suggests, it helps in changing the passwords of the users in the Repository without opening the repository. The syntax for using this utility is

nqschangepassword.exe -d <data source name> -u <user name> -p <password> -n <new password> [-w <ssl passphrase> | -y]

For example,

nqschangepassword.exe -d AnalyticsWeb -u Administrator -p Administrator -n welcome1


This utility can be used in combination with DBMS_SCHEDULER and UTL_SMTP packages to automate the process of resetting the passwords and sending those passwords out to the end users. A very simple and very handy utility. We shall see the multitude of uses this utility can be put through in future blog entries.

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