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Oracle BI EE – Removing URL Links to Marketing, Disconnected Analytics and Delivers

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on March 4, 2008

Another good question came up in the forums yesterday with regard to Dashboard Customization. As you might probably be aware, when one purchases BI SE1, the licensing of BI SE1 does not allow users to use components like Marketing, Disconnected Analytics and Delivers. When you install BI SE1 you would notice that these components would not be visible from the Dashboards — More Products link. But if you notice, BI SE1 comes with version of BI EE. So, whenever you are doing an upgrade then the component links like Marketing, Disconnected Analytics and Delivers would reappear in the dashboard(if you are not restoring the older XML files). Now, the question is how do we go about removing these links. In order to remove these links, the set of steps would be similar to what we saw here. In our example, we shall see how to go about removing the Marketing link. The procedure to remove the other links would be the same.

1.   The first step is to copy the commonuitemplates.xml file from {OracleBI}webmsgdbmessages to {OracleBIData}webmsgdbcustomMessages (if you do not have this folder, create one).

2.   Open this copied file in a text editor and search for the kuiMainBarActionsMenus webmessage.


3.   In this web message, you would find an XML like the one below

<sawm:if name=”marketingURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”marketing” href=”@{marketingURL}” mce_href=”@{marketingURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIMarketing”/></a></sawm:if>

This is the XML that makes the Marketing URL to be visible from the dashboard. Just remove the above XML from the actual message and save the file. Your final XML for this webmessage should look like the one below

<WebMessage name=”kuiMainBarActionsMenus” translate=”no”><HTML>
<div id=”MainBarProductMenu” class=”NQWMenu” align=”left” onmouseover=”NQWMenuMouseOver(event)”><sawm:messageRef name=”kuiMenuShadowBegin”/><sawm:if name=”deliversURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”delivers” href=”@{deliversURL}” mce_href=”@{deliversURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIiBots”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”advReportingURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”advReporting” href=”@{advReportingURL}” mce_href=”@{advReportingURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIAdvancedReporting”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”marketingURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”marketing” href=”@{marketingURL}” mce_href=”@{marketingURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIMarketing”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”mobileURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”mobile” href=”@{mobileURL}” mce_href=”@{mobileURL}” target=”@{target}”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIMobile”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”officeURL”><div class=”NQWMenuItemSeparator”/><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”mobile” href=”@{officeURL}” mce_href=”@{officeURL}” onclick=”NQWClearActiveMenu()”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIBIforOffice”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:messageRef name=”kuiMenuShadowEnd”/></div><div id=”MainBarSettingsMenu” class=”NQWMenu” align=”left” onmouseover=”NQWMenuMouseOver(event)”><sawm:messageRef name=”kuiMenuShadowBegin”/><sawm:if name=”adminURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”admin” href=”javascript:void(null)” mce_href=”javascript:void(null)” onclick=”saw.popupWindow(‘@{adminURL}’,’SAWAdmin’);saw.clearActiveMenu();return false”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIAdmin”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”canProxy”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”proxy” href=”javascript:void(null)” mce_href=”javascript:void(null)” onclick=”saw.proxy.showProxyDialog(‘@{proxyTargetAccount}’, ‘@{proxyStartPage}’, event);saw.clearActiveMenu();return false;”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIProxy”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:if name=”prefsURL”><a class=”NQWMenuItem” name=”prefs” href=”javascript:void(null)” mce_href=”javascript:void(null)” onclick=”saw.popupWindow(‘@{prefsURL}’,’SAWPrefs’);saw.clearActiveMenu();return false”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgUIMyProfile”/></a></sawm:if><sawm:messageRef name=”kuiMenuShadowEnd”/></div></HTML></WebMessage>

4.   Save the file after making changes to the web message. Restart presentation Services. Now you would notice that the Marketing URL would not be visible under More Products link.



6 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Removing URL Links to Marketing, Disconnected Analytics and Delivers”

  1. Remc0 said

    Hi Venkat,

    I was reading this blog.. but with OBIEE you can just go to manage privilieges and deny acces for everyone..
    Can’t you do this with OBISE1?

    Best regards,

  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Remc0 – You are right. Good that you brought this up. But the disadvantage with that is any Administrator can go and turn those privileges back on. From a BI SE1 standpoint, even the Administrator should not be able to access Delivers, Disconnected Analytics etc since they are not licensed even for that. Though there are also disadvantages with the above approach, but this would completely give the impression to end users(even Administrators) that Delivers etc have been actually removed from the product. This would be useful when you are bundling BI SE1 within your application and when you are selling the product to other users.

  3. Sharma said

    I tried this but it didn’t worked for me. Infact, I made a copy of the file commonuitemplates.xml with different name and removed commonuitemplates.xml from the directory, restarted OC4J and I still see the page with all the links of it as it is.
    Any help if highly appreciated as removing the links are important requirements for us.

  4. Manju said

    Hello Venkat,
    Can I do this selectively i.e. disable for users who are not part of Administrator group and enable for users who are part of the ADministrator group?

  5. Ian Martin said

    Hi Venkat

    Just been playing with this feature, but found that it only worked if the commonuitemplates.xml file was copied into the customemessage s folder in {OracleBI}webmsgdbmessages. The other folder you describe in {OracleBIData}has no affect. Might this be Sharma’s problem?

  6. kalyan.G said


    I just want to know how to Disable the Url link in dashboard which on clicking that url it opens the popup window.Now,my requirement is that to make that Dashboard url as Disable rather than in enable mode.

    Thanks and Regards,

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