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Oracle Data Miner 11g – Available for Download

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on February 15, 2008

I came to know this via Charlie Berger, Oracle Data Mining Product Management. Oracle Data Miner UI for 11g is now out for download. One can download it from here. This contains some 2 new algorithms (Logistic Regression and Multiple Regression) and a number of enhancements. For more details i would recommend you to check this out here. I think its time for me to start blogging about some data mining features and how BI EE and data mining can actually work together. Charlie Berger had in fact offered me before to give a quick tutorial on the various data mining features(Thanks Charlie for that offer!!!, i believe i need it now!!!). Somehow, i never got around doing any of those before. Maybe its time for me to start working with Ramkumar Krishnan(his blog has some excellent technical details on ODM) and Charlie to blog about some interesting points of integration between BI EE and ODM.



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    it’s a good time to try it. 😀

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