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Oracle BI EE – Adding Custom URLs to the Dashboard

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on January 31, 2008

We will be looking at another simple feature today. Generally, when we give BI EE access to the end users, it is always good if the dashboard contains the frequently accessed URLs or the intranet URLs that are common within the organization. For example, some users might want to have a Google link on the top of the dashboard which should be available in whichever component of BI EE that they go into. If you are not sure what i mean, look at the screenshot below.


If you notice, generally we only have Dashboards, Answers, More Products, Settings(if you have privilege) and Logout URLs in everyscreen. What if the organization policy is to have the company home URL and other commonly used URLs to be part of the same set of URLs. So, our aim today is to look at a simple way of adding some static URLs like Oracle Home page and Google to the other set of URLs. The steps are listed below

1.   Go to {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\messages and copy the file commonuitemplates.xml to {OracleBIData}\web\msgdb\customMessages (if you dont have this folder create a new one). Now open this file in a text editor.

2.   Search for the web message kuiMainBarActionsTable and add the below listed lines immediately after the tr tag.

      <td class=”DashBarProductCell”><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Oracle Home</a></td>
<td class=”@{classPrefix}Sep”>-</td>
<td class=”DashBarProductCell”><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Google</a></td>
<td class=”@{classPrefix}Sep”>-</td>


So, what this does is it adds 2 new URLs to the existing layout. But remember this will affect the UI for all the users.

3.   Save the file and restart presentation services. Now, you should have these 2 new links added to the dashboard.


This can be useful if you dont have any other option but to add the links for all the users.

25 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Adding Custom URLs to the Dashboard”

  1. Meenakshy said

    Hey there..i have been a regular follower of your blogs and found many useful tips/tricks of BI..But this one did not work out for me.I did exactly as you had instructed.When i copied the commuitemplates file to custommessages,modified it and restarted nothing came up.Then i edited the commonuitemplates file in teh messages folder and on restarting,i got many errors on the Dashboard page which say ‘kuiMainBarActionsMenus message could not be found’,’kuiOKCancelDialog message could not be found’ and many more like that spread all across the Answers,Delivers,Dashboard urls.Have i missed out soemthing?


  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    You have got to be careful while doing this. You should not edit the xml files under the messages folder. You need to copy it to {OracleBIData}\web\msgdb\customMessages folder. And then make the changes there. Check whether you have done exactly as specified in the above picture.

  3. Vasu said


    I did the same you have stated,but the link is not visible. I have added the above listed lines in the commonuitemplates.xml{OracleBIData}/web/msgdb/customMessages. When I am opening the xml file I am not able to see the added lines, but when I am opening it in a text editor I am able to see them. I could not understand why it is happening so.have I gone wrong any where?

  4. […] these links. In order to remove these links, the set of steps would be similar to what we saw here. In our example, we shall see how to go about removing the Marketing link. The procedure to remove […]

  5. Mano said

    Hi Venkat
    Is there any way to add/remove links for just one user/group? For eg., can the Answers/More Products links be removed for a particular group by modifying the commonuitemplates.xml?


  6. Sridhar Mandala said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for the Nice Blog !!.
    This blog is really helping us in understanding various techniques/methods and thus we are successful at implementing/customizing the OBIEE Application.

    I tried to add some custom links as specified by you , but not able to see any link , Can you please correct me where I am doing a mistake.

    I did the following things

    1) Copied commonuitemplates.xml to customMessages folder
    2) Edited the above file by adding the mentioned Oracle Home and Google links after and saved the file.
    3) Restarted the Services (Both Server and Presentation).

    Is anything that I missed out.. Please let us know.

    Thanks and Regards
    Sridhar Mandala

  7. hari said

    Hi venkat,

    I try and have problem to add session variable on tag
    just like
    Oracle Home

    I try session variable like in XML messages..

    and i can see the user.

    can tag in xml messages using session variable like ?


  8. hari said

    Hi venkat,

    I try and have problem to add session variable on tag
    just like

    Log Out

    I try session variable like in XML messages..

    and i can see the user.

    can tag in xml messages using session variable like ?

    Thanks and regards,

  9. Ian Martin said

    Hi Venkat

    Thanks for all the tips on your blog – they really help. Just added a URL as described which works fine except that in the dashboard the new and existing links are dark blue on a light blue background, in answers the existing links are white, but the new link is dark blue and can’t be seen against the dark blue background. Is there a way of ensuring all the text colours are consistent?


  10. Parn said

    hey, I did the same procedure as mentioned above. I added the above mentioned lines in the commonuitemplates.xml{OracleBIData}/web/msgdb/customMessages}. But I am not able to view the links on the dashboard. When I open the xml file, I am not able to see the added lines. But i am able to see the same, when opened with a text editor. How should I proceed now?

  11. zed said

    Hi, I am having the same problem mentioned above. Has anyone came up with some solution?

  12. Suresh said


    under same section as mentioned by Venkat add following lines

    <td class="ActiveProductCell">

    Re-start the presentation server

    — Suresh

  13. Suresh said

    <td class="ActiveProductCell">

  14. Suresh said

    For some reason html tags aren’t working

    sawm:if name=”answersURL”
    <td class="sawm:param name=”classPrefix”/sawm:if name=”product” op=”equals” value=”dashboard1″Active/sawm:ifProductCell">
    a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Oracle Home site”Oracle/a</td>
    td class=”@{classPrefix}Sep”-/td

  15. tammy said

    lot of people asked that its not working though they followed the exact steps. Not sure why the author has not given the solution. are we doing anything wrong here venkat?..why we are not able to see the urls even though we copied the file to custommessages folder and edited it accordingly? ofcourse bounced all the services also..

  16. AdoneGafAdoma said

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  17. Libra said

    The problem is the strange double quote in his code. The correct one should be:

    Oracle Home

    After replacing those special double quotes with normal charactors, you’ll get what you want.

  18. Rachel said

    Hi Venkatakrishnan, and everyone,

    One problem: using class=”DashBarProductCell”, it looks fine in Dashboard pages, but in Answers, it seems to dark. How to make it same as other links, which will turn white in Answers?

    Thank you and regards.

  19. Ajay said

    The added link is blue in blue background in Answers.
    I checked the source file for Answers and saw that for all the other default links in Answers, it is class=”MainBarProductCell”.
    So, when you select dashboards, it has to be DashBarProductCell and for Answers, it has to be MainBarProductCell.
    How do you achieve this switching? I have no idea, and if anyone has any idea on this, please help us all out.

  20. Bob Murray said

    Can the HTML refer to a Repository or Session Variable? for example in your example below you typed in Oracle Home. Can that be a reference to a repository or session variable?

    Oracle Home

  21. Anand said

    I managed to switch the link to appear to use the same colors as the other links. For Dashboard the link appears in blue, same as other links and for Answers it appears as white, same as other links. Use the following code to achieve this:

    <td class="ProductCell">

  22. Anand said

    My previous message was not displayed correctly, so I am resending it with proper html quotes. Hope this is displayed properly:

    <sawm:if name="dashboardsURL"><td class="<sawm:param name="classPrefix"/>ProductCell">
    <a href="; target="_blank">Google</a></td>
    <td class="@{classPrefix}Sep">-</td>

  23. Ashwin said

    Hey. So Does the final addition look like this:

    Oracle Home


    or just “ProductCell” in line 3?

  24. Ashwin said

    I guess the code is being replaced by “Oracle Home” . It would be great if someone could paste the code in a way it does not get changed to “oracle Home” or “Google”. Thanks in advance 🙂

  25. Ram said

    Hi Everyone,
    Could you please paste the script, the changes that you people are made to succeed.

    Thank you and regards.

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