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Oracle BI EE – Getting different view link shortcuts in the Criteria Tab

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on January 29, 2008

Lets look at a nice customization feature that can be useful in quite a lot of situations. If you go the Criteria tab of any report you would see that you would basically have 4 different shortcuts for different views. For example, look at the screenshot below,


As you see above, there are 4 out of the box shortcuts to go directly to the Compound View, Table View, Pivot View and Chart View. But what if you need another shortcut to go directly to the Narrative View or the Filter view. Lets see how to go about achieving that today.

1.   Go to {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\messages. Copy the file answerstemplates.xml from here to {OracleBIData}\web\msgdb\customMessages (if you do not have this directory, create one). Open up the copied file in a text editor.

2.   Search for the XML message kuiAnswersCriteriaEditor. Now if you go through this XML message you can find that this XML message points to the various shortcuts that you saw in the 1st screenshot. For example, the following XML message within kuiAnswersCriteriaEditor shows the pivot view

      <sawm:if name=”privileges[‘View.pivotTableView’].EditView”>
<td class=”AnswersBarButtonCell”><sawm:messageRef name=”kuiAnswersBarImage”>
<sawm:setParam name=”buttonImage”><sawm:fileMap path=”Answers/abbPivot.gif”/></sawm:setParam>
<sawm:setParam name=”buttonTip”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgPivotViewDescription”/></sawm:setParam>
<sawm:setParam name=”buttonScript”>AnswersCriteriaEditor.onSelectViewType(‘<sawm:param name=”eid”/>’,’pivotTableView’)</sawm:setParam></sawm:messageRef>

Now lets add a similar message like this for Narrative view as shown below

      <sawm:if name=”privileges[‘View.narrativeView’].EditView”>
<td class=”AnswersBarButtonCell”><sawm:messageRef name=”kuiAnswersBarImage”>
<sawm:setParam name=”buttonImage”><sawm:fileMap path=”Answers/abbother.gif”/></sawm:setParam>
<sawm:setParam name=”buttonTip”><sawm:messageRef name=”kmsgNarrativeViewDescription”/></sawm:setParam>
<sawm:setParam name=”buttonScript”>AnswersCriteriaEditor.onSelectViewType(‘<sawm:param name=”eid”/>’,’narrativeView’)</sawm:setParam></sawm:messageRef>

So, your final kuiAnswersCriteriaEditor web message would look something like this. Once this is done restart your presentation services. Now you should see a shortcut extra for the narrative view.



Again, this goes to show you the customization capabilities of BI EE. As shown above you can add shortcuts to all the views that you need.


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