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Its a day of Acquisitions – Oracle to Acquire BEA and SUN to Acquire MySQL

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on January 16, 2008

What more does one need after a nice little vacation. News of acquisitions of course :-). Well it looks like a day of acquisitions. I am not sure how many of these is true. Use your own discretion to validate these since i am just pointing you to some market news of which i have absolute no knowledge before hand or even now for that matter. If it is indeed true wonderful days ahead for the entire Java, SOA and BI community. We would have the best of breed of everything interacting with each other seamlessly. I am thinking far too ahead of course but again i am entitled for free thoughts aint i? :-). Coming to the actual acquisitions themselves following are some news articles.

Oracle to Acquire BEA:

Sun to Acquire the Open Source Database Vendor MySQL:

2 Responses to “Its a day of Acquisitions – Oracle to Acquire BEA and SUN to Acquire MySQL”

  1. I heard that too, Can you figure out how much money did Sun spend to acquire MySQL 😀

  2. Dan Nenni said

    Sun Microsystems Autopsy: Death by Reverse Darwinism

    My personal view of the Sun Micro debacle. It is a bloody shame what happened to Sun, let me know if I am on target. More blogs on Sun to come………

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