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Oracle BI EE – Input box data validation using Guided Navigation Sections

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on January 12, 2008

Couple of days back we had seen how to go about achieving input box data validation using custom Java scripts here. One of the drawbacks as mentioned there was that it applies the validation to all your edit prompts. Though you can still further modify the java script to make it work only for your dashboard prompt but again that would entail lot of custom coding from our end which sometimes is a overkill for such a small feature. So, lets look at another approach today which would use Guided Navigation sections. Lets start with an example wherein we have a dashboard prompt on AMOUNT_SOLD column (using between). Below the dashboard prompt we have a report containing PRODUCT_NAME and AMOUNT_SOLD(this contains a filter on AMOUNT_SOLD with is prompted clause). So, first lets check whether the filter works by entering proper values.


The problem with this prompt is if we enter some char values you would find that this results in an error which many users would not like.


So our aim is to hide this report whenever wrong data is entered rather than this error. In order to achieve this go to the dashboard edit page and ensure that you have both the prompt and the report in different sections (if you have more reports this report alone should have a seperate section). Now go to the section properties(the section that contains the report) and click on Guided Navigation. In the Guided Navigation properties, reference the source request and reference the same report that we have used above. So, basically our aim is to hide this section when it does not return any data or any error.



Lets test it out by giving some character data.


As you would see this would not show the report at all if we enter any wrong data which is better than the error message.


2 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Input box data validation using Guided Navigation Sections”

  1. Sumant Sarkar said

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  2. Kurt Wolff said

    “Hides” is correct. It doesn’t keep the queries in the g/n section from running.

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