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Oracle BI EE – Customizing Login Screen

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on December 11, 2007

I thought of picking up an older forum question for my blog entry today. The question is how do we go about customizing BI EE login screen? BI EE login screen primarily works (from the UI perspective) using the following style, stylesheets and XML messages.

1.   Logon.css – Stylesheet that sets the font sizes, background color etc
2.   LogonControlMessages.xml
3.   LogonMessages.xml
4.   ProductMessages.xml
5.   Utilmessages.xml
6.   sk_oracle10 – Base skin which provides the images for the login screen.

The login image of the login screen comes from the bglogon.jpg (this would be present in your base skin i.e {OracleBI}\web\app\res\sk_oracle10\b_mozilla_4.


In order to modify the above image, just create a new skin and put a new image under the same name as bglogon.jpg. For creating a new skin, check my blog entry here

The word Oracle Business Intelligence comes from the kmsgProductGeneral message in ProductMessages.xml (This file would be under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\l_en\messages )


“Please enter your User ID and Password below, and then press the Log In button.” – This comes from kmsgAuthenticateRequestedContentRequiresLogon message of the logonmessages.xml (This file is present under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\l_en\messages ).


The UserID, Password and the Login button all come from a message called kmsgLogonLanguageForm in logoncontrolmessages.xml (This file would be present under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\messages).


Lastly the copyright messages come from the message kmsgNQuireLegalCopyright in utilmessages.xml (This file would be present under {OracleBI}\web\msgdb\l_en\messages).


In order to customize these messages check my blog entry here and here. Just a word of note: Some images like “Powered By Oracle” logo should not be modified since they would violate the license agreement. The above should give you an idea of the list of messages/images that you need to modify to get your desired customization.

22 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Customizing Login Screen”

  1. Manas said

    Excellent! I wanted to customize my logon screen and was trying to figure out the style sheets. Thanks a lot for this article!
    Would you also know how to change the background color of the logon page (not the screen)?

  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Yes. The color is in the logon.css file. You would find a Background Color attribute within the Body method. That controls the backgroud color.

  3. Qinghe said

    Hi Venkat,

    I found out that if I change kmsgProductGeneral message in ProductMessages.xml from ‘Oracle Business Intelligence’ to (say)
    ‘XXXX Business Intelligence’. It will also change
    ‘Oracle Business Intelligence BI EE’ to ‘XXXX Business Intelligence BI EE’ which is confusing.
    My OBIEE version is


  4. Robert said

    I’m doing this and it is very helpful. I am still not clear on something and mybe you can clear it up.

    When I do customizations I have to do them to both the directories {OracleBI}\web\app\res\

    And the same for skins. But what I dont understand is, what is the difference? Why in both places? I noticed that when I put the folder in {OracleBI}\web\app\res\ thats when it appears in the drop down, but its only when I edit the files in ..oc4j_bi\j2ee\… that the changes take place. Can you enlighten us a little bit on this?

  5. Qinghe said

    Hi Robert,

    In my understanding, it is related to what kind of web server you are using. If you use MS IIS, you only need to change them in {OracleBI}\web\app\res\. In other words, if you use OC4J as web server, you need to change in {OracleBI}\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res.


  6. Narit said


    Instead of replacing the bglogon.jpg in {OracleBI}\web\app\res\sk_oracle10\b_mozilla_4, I rename it to bglogon1.jpg but the image still remains in the Oracle Business Intelligence log in page.
    I also did a search and renamed all bglogon.jpg to bglogon1.jpg and the image is still showing up on my Business Intelligence log in page.
    Can you tell me why this is happening or tell me where the Oracle Business Intelligence log in page is located?

  7. Thomas Dodds said

    Is there any way you could to a posting like this to modify the Access Denied page? I’ve tried to use your approach, but can’t seem to find all the pieces.

    Again, this is a great blog!


  8. Harish said

    Hi, article is good and interesting. I am able to implement the same and i still have few more requirements to customize the internal Oracle logon on dashboards page and place the client’s logo. can u throw some light on the css/xmls to be updated in this regard.thanks in advance

  9. Aniket said

    Hi Venkat,

    I tried to customize the login screen as suggested by you. I am using OC4J as web server. I changed the bglogon.jpg file in sk_oracle10 folder in {OracleBI}\web\app\res\ directory and then made same changes in {OracleBI}\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\res. Even after restarting oc4j and presentation server, I still see the old oracle bglogon.jpg. I searched the whole web server but couldn’t find default bglogon.jpg file, presentation server might be refering to. I even tried an entry in instanceconfig.xml file to set default skin to oracle10, but got no success.
    Is there any way to see what skin presentation server is using for logon screen?

    I would really appreciate any further suggestions.

    Thanks and Regards,


  10. Randall Burcksen said

    Hi Aniket,

    If you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser it may be required to force IE to reload all images by using CTRL-F5 (within IE) or alternatively delete your temporary internet files.



  11. […] the changes lied in only 4 xml and 3 css files. After going through whole OBIEE documentation and Venkant’s blog things looked simple but they were not that simple. Here I will try to simplify things more. To […]

  12. reeta said

    Hi guys,

    I managed to change the login screen’s picture and the text but not able to change the version no in the text under the language selection drop-down list box .The text appears like this ‘Oracle Business Intelligence’.I managed to take out the text ‘Oracle Business Intelligence’ from the file ‘Productmessages.xml’ file.So Please guide us a way to remove the version text ‘’ which probably lies somewhere else.

    Thank you,

  13. Stefan said


    is there any chance to simply track the user logins/logouts? Or login atempts?



  14. Srikanth said

    Hi Venkat,

    I need some information on security in cubes build using AWM.We are using VPD in our company for reporting. The VPD is applied on all the base tables and it restricts the data based on the user login. We want to build a cube using analytical workspace manager and want to apply the vpd to the cube through the admin tool(or some other means). Can you give me a step by step procedure on how to do it or any articles in doing this.

  15. rbarad said


    is it possible to customize the login failure screen or redirect the user to another page when login fails?
    we use the go url option to integrate the OBIEE reports into sharepoint website. the user is passed as a parameter in the go url (nquser), when login with that user fails, we don’t want the user to get the login screen.


  16. Wojtek said

    do you know how to change a list of available languages in language selection drop-down list box? I’d like to delete most of languages and to stay available only two.

  17. jodtaetep said

    I’m looking for a bit more extreme customization. How could I go about adding / changing / removing buttons in the BI Publisher toolbar (View, Export, Analyzer, etc.)

  18. Srikanth said

    Thanks for a nice article.

    Let me ask you once question and before doing so, I would like to say Im a newbie on OBIEE.

    I have been reading articles that suggest changing the java script files to achive the desired functionality, changing xml files.

    1. I wonder if this can be done in regular cutomer based projects ?
    2. If Yes, then if the cutomer is running multiple applications with single OBIEE installations don’t you see a chance js/xml collision ?
    3. Are there any standard folders that we developers are not allowed to modify whereas some set of folders we can modify ?


  19. Toony said

    This was excillent post. Could anyone tell me how to change the version number that comes with Oracle Business Intelligence, and above the Copyright message.
    I was not able to change this.

    Appreciate your help

  20. sriram said

    regarding this, is there a way to increase the margin of the userid and password from the left to center the box depending upon the size of the image on the logon screen?


  21. it support said

    really cool website, the web needs more sites like this. I will visit again

  22. John Lee said

    Hi to all,

    How can i get the username and password of the user when logson to the OBIEE. There is option to bypass the logon screen (, but i don’t want to bye pass but how can i send redirect NQUser and NQPassword to any of the out side, i.e other jsp outside of oracleBI context.

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