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Oracle BI EE – Working with Disconnected Analytics – sadis Utility

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on November 23, 2007

I came across a very interesting utility today. I am not sure how many are actually aware of it. It is called as sadis.exe. As you would know, BI EE has a very unique feature called as Disconnected Analytics. Now lets try to understand what disconnected analytics is and then later see how sadis and disconnected analytics are related. Disconnected Analytics is a small footprint of the actual BI EE that can be used in a standalone laptop or a PC. It is primarily meant for users who would like access the BI Answers and BI Dashboards but do not have the ability to connect to the network where the BI EE is actually installed (say CEOs/CFOs who are travellling frequently). So, in order for these users to leverage the features of BI EE(one can argue that the reports and dashboards can be exported in various formats and then can be given to the travelling users. But one of the major drawbacks with this is that one does not get the same navigation interface as the BI EE so the ability to analyze the data is compromised. Disconnected Analytics overcomes this) disconnected analytics was introduced. Given below is the architecture of disconnected analytics (taken directly from the docs).


Now, this article is not about configuring disconnected analytics. But rather this is for users who would like to know how disconnected analytics would look like if they have BI EE already installed. This is where the sadis utility comes in. This is located under {OracleBI}/Server/Bin. If you have BI EE already installed, then you can still startup disconnected analytics on the same machine. sadis utility does that and you can browse through your presentation catalog without even having the presentation services running!!!. Now lets see what this utility does. Open up a command prompt and navigate to {OracleBI}/Server/Bin. Now enter the following command in the command prompt.

sadis /u Administrator /p Administrator /c {OracleBIData}\web\catalog\paint


sadis accepts 4 parameters. They are

      /u – Username for BI Server

      /p – Password for BI Server

      /c – Full path to the Web Catalog

      /s – Start Disconnected analytics in silent mode (You would just get the system tray icon. You need to manually navigate to the web browser and open up the catalog.)

Now this would open up a new browser. Also in addition to that you would find a new icon in your system tray. If this icon is present then that means that disconnected analytics has been started on your machine.

The browser opened would have the Dashboards for the user Administrator.


If you notice the URL in the browser carefully, it would have something like this


So, the port for disconnected analytics is 9762 and also instead of saw?Dashboard you would find sawd?dashboard where sawd denotes disconnected mode. This would accept all the go url parameters that you would use for normal SAW URL. This would also work even if you bring down the presentation services. Very interesting indeed!!!

10 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Working with Disconnected Analytics – sadis Utility”

  1. Meenakshy said

    Indeed a very useful piece of information.

  2. Brijesh said

    Hi Venkat,

    I was trying to configure disconnected analytics following the steps given by you but an error message titled ” Run time error!

    I really don’t know how to proceed further on that.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Brijesh said

    Hi Venkat,

    I had removed the last two parameter from that URL and then it worked. Now I have little doubt that in case I want to configure the same thing on the machine other than server what would be the steps.

    The utility “Sadis.exe” is only available on server machine.


  4. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Yes. As i said above in the article this gives you a flavour of how disconnected analytics works. But if you want to set it up in a client machine, you would have go through a list of config steps like installing the Disconnected client on the client machines etc. When you install the disconnected client you would get the sadis utility automatically on the target machine. But to configure it go through the steps described in the bookshelf here

  5. Brijesh said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for your continuous support on the topic.I have managed that pdf now I’ll try to configure disconnected analtic client.


  6. kumar said

    is it possible to generate a sourcing report for disconnected hyperion application.
    as far as i know there is no disconnected hyperion, but still want to clear the doubt

  7. Deepak said


    Using the Disconnected Analytics feature in BI, i’m trying to download an application from the Server system to Client. But in the process of synchronization i’m getting the following error…

    APPLICATION UPDATE>[nQSError: 80001] Update was not successful. : Web Catalog

    In the Sync log file it is there as,
    [nQSError: 80014] The Web Catalogs could not be merged
    2007-07-16 14:22:25
    APPLICATION UPDATE>[nQSError: 80001] Update was not successful. : Web Catalog
    2007-07-16 14:22:31.

    Can i know what else i need to do to complete the synchronization process sucessfully.
    Thanks in Advance.


  8. Vijai said

    Hi ,

    can you please tell me the configaration for OBIEE Disconnected Analytics?

  9. Prashant said

    If i want to install the BI Disconnected Analytics which download should be used can you send me link.

  10. vik said

    Hi Venkat,

    I did following steps so far to implement Disconnected Analytics…. need more info

    How to Create Disconnected Application on the Server Side?
    Server Side
    1) created folder structure under Disconnected folder
    2) In app folder
    –> created scripts for tables which will be useful for DisconnectedAnalytics–>not sure of the scripts (need more info on this????????) -> How to create tables in SQLANYWHERE DB??????
    –> Copied RPD from server and paste under this folder changed the connection pool–> DBsource to disconnected db

    Client side
    1) Installed Disconnected Analytics Client tool

    Can you please help me in how to create Application on the server side????


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