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Oracle BI EE – Bookmark and Prompted links – Passing Prompt Values to Dashboards

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on November 13, 2007

Thanks to Bryan for pointing this out. One other important feature of BI EE is that one can have symbolic Bookmark and Prompted links. And this can be generated right from within BI EE. Lets look at what Bookmark and Prompted links are.

Bookmark Links( we have this right from

You can find Bookmark Links under Page Options of a dashboard. Basically the bookmark links store the entire session state of a dashboard. So if you are in the process of analyzing your data with say some values in your prompts across the pages in the dashboard and if you want someone else to see this dashboard in the same state, all you need to do is to click on the Bookmark Link and give that link to the other users.


A sample BookMark link is given below


You can also add the nquser and nqpassword parameters directly to get to the actual report. Basically when we create a bookmark link all the session states are basically stored in the presentation catalog. You can see the bookmark information from the catalog manager.


The only disadvantage with this is we cannot use this dynamically to build URLs. Fo that we have Prompted Links.

Prompted Links:

This is one cool feature that i have been trying to track down for some time now. This gives the ability to have Dashboard GO URL and at the same time pass default values to the various prompts in the Dashboard Pages. Lets take an example URL as below.


As you see above what this basically does is it sets the dashboard prompt (that uses SALES1.QUANTITY) with the value 4500000. A very handy feature.

13 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Bookmark and Prompted links – Passing Prompt Values to Dashboards”

  1. Bibin Kumar said


    Prompt links is exactly what I am looking for. Only way to generate Prompt link is to write some sort of script to pass the prompt parameters, right? What are your thoughts on using Web Services instead?

    – bibin

  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    You can generate prompt link by adding the following entry to the instanceconfig.xml


    This will show a prompted link similar to the Bookmark link.

  3. Bibin Kumar said

    Thanks Venky. Your blog is fantastic, keep up the good work.

  4. suresh said

    Hi Venky,
    This is very useful.
    Only problem I have is that when the dashboard has mutiple pages, then the dashboard prompt value specified in URL is not being passed to all pages other then default or specified page.

  5. suresh said

    Please suggest me how I can pass the URL value to all the dashboard pages.


  6. suresh said

    Hi Venky,

    Suppose your dashboard prompt (that uses SALES1.QUANTITY) is defined such a way that it set a presentation variable ‘SALES_QTY’.

    I am observing that this variable value is not initialized until I click on ‘Go’ button.

    Can you please suggest me how I can set the SALES_QTY variable value without clicking ‘Go’ button.


  7. Avik said

    Does passing vales as parameter to dashboard prompts through URL work for Oracle BI EE version ? Since when I tried to pass a value of 2000 to a prompt built on the column Periods.”Year”, then it is seems to fail. It is showing the value for “All Choices” (Default choice for the prompt).

  8. […] link to the page. If you are not sure what Bookmark link does, check my previous blog entry here. This bookmark link would give us a dashboard page with the same prompt values that we applied […]

  9. bidevl said

    Hi Venky,
    Great work. I have another scenario here where the customer wants detail report link underneath a dashboard where it has to automatically grab the value from the prompt ( using presentation Variable).
    Let me explain clearly here:
    I have a prompt in one of the dashboard pages where it picks the date from the calender control using the presentation variable. I have some requests that run using this prompt value. Now the customer wants to create a new link – > saying Detail sales report, when once clicked has to take the Prompt value dynamically and grab the detail report and has to be opened in the current window.
    Can that be possible ?
    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Tealialet said

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  11. Kraztha Hurwei said

    hi Venkat,

    Got an issue related to this.

    In my reports I am using combine similar requests and having the dimension field with drill. Oracle said it’s an issue on v10 and will be fixed on v11. As an alternative, I am forced to create another report (child) already drilled and make the parent’s dimension field drillable linking to child report using bookmark and having passed the parameter so that I can use them to filter the child report.

    ‘ || Indicators.”Cascade_Level_0_Description” || ‘

    the dilemmas i have here is that the (1)bookmark expires. have tried setting up instance config with the settings below but it seems it still expires. so i can just do is extend the days longer.


    (2)Another issue in this setup is that when i transfered this to another environment, say this works on devt and I want it transfered already to UAT env, i have to recreate the bookmarks since the server name is different.

    Any suggestion on how to fix my issue in general. Help is very much appreciated.

  12. Kraztha Hurwei said

    Sorry, this is the href link on my parent drillable dimension field

    href=http://mypc:9704/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&_scid=4TvuOaYN8rw&PortalPath=%2Fshared%2FEIS%2F_portal%2FEIS%20-%20CPM%20-%20BSC%20-%20Financial&Page=Monthly%20(%20Cascade%20Level%201%20)&PageIdentifier=hpsb76ve5i80t38u&BookmarkState=0fbvp7giak3lgdonk1ti0b701i&Action=Navigate&P0=3&P1=eq&P2=Period.Year&P3=’||Period.Year||’&P4=eq&P5=Indicators.”Cascade_Level_0_ID”&P6=’||Indicators.”Cascade_Level_0_ID”||’>’ || Indicators.”Cascade_Level_0_Description” || ‘

  13. shital said

    Thanks for this blog. I am new to OBIEE, I would like to know how to retrieve USER variable in my Custom J2EE application – JSP page which is presented via a Dashboard page.

    My Dashboard page text properties is setup as

    This brings up the OrderInfo page fine, but I am not able to retrieve the “USER” that is logged in via the variable.

    Can someone please help? Thanks!

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