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Oracle BI EE – Bookmark and Prompted links – Passing Prompt Values to Dashboards

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on November 13, 2007

Thanks to Bryan for pointing this out. One other important feature of BI EE is that one can have symbolic Bookmark and Prompted links. And this can be generated right from within BI EE. Lets look at what Bookmark and Prompted links are.

Bookmark Links( we have this right from

You can find Bookmark Links under Page Options of a dashboard. Basically the bookmark links store the entire session state of a dashboard. So if you are in the process of analyzing your data with say some values in your prompts across the pages in the dashboard and if you want someone else to see this dashboard in the same state, all you need to do is to click on the Bookmark Link and give that link to the other users.


A sample BookMark link is given below


You can also add the nquser and nqpassword parameters directly to get to the actual report. Basically when we create a bookmark link all the session states are basically stored in the presentation catalog. You can see the bookmark information from the catalog manager.


The only disadvantage with this is we cannot use this dynamically to build URLs. Fo that we have Prompted Links.

Prompted Links:

This is one cool feature that i have been trying to track down for some time now. This gives the ability to have Dashboard GO URL and at the same time pass default values to the various prompts in the Dashboard Pages. Lets take an example URL as below.


As you see above what this basically does is it sets the dashboard prompt (that uses SALES1.QUANTITY) with the value 4500000. A very handy feature.

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