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Oracle BI Publisher and BI EE – Invisible Admin Tab!!!

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on November 6, 2007

I had a couple of users today who had sent me an email informing me about a strange issue while installing BI EE. Call it coincidence, we had the same question pop up in the forums today as well. I do not have a complete solution to this problem yet. But i thought this is worthwhile to blog about since there are chances that other users might come across a similar issue. The problem was, after the default install of OC4J), the users are unable to perform any kind of administration on BI Publisher. i.e if they log into BI Publisher as Administrator, they do not see the “Admin” tab!!!. There can be multiple reasons why this can happen. But following should give you a general set of guidelines on where to look at to see where the source of the problem is.

When you install BI EE, the BI Publisher that also gets installed would be configured to use BI Server security. So, in order to access BI Publisher you need to ensure that BI Server and the Presentation Services(if you want reports from Answers as data source) are up and running. There are 3 different files that are worth a mention here.

1.   {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml

2.   {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Security\principals.xml

3.   {oc4j_bi}\j2ee\home\applications\xmlpserver\xmlpserver\WEB-INF\xmlp-server-config.xml

Now, each of these files store certain parameters that would be used in the security and also in identifying the reports. So, if you have an install where your BI Publisher does not show you the Admin tab, try to check the following.

1.   Open the file {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml using a text editor. Go to {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml. Check whether you have SUPERUSER_PASSWORD and SUPERUSER_USERNAME set. Also check whether SECURITY_MODEL property is properly set.


Edit the property SECURITY_MODEL and change it to XDO. i.e. for example <property name=”SECURITY_MODEL” value=”XDO”/>. This would basically change the security model from BI Server security to BI Publisher Security.

2.   Restart OC4J and see whether you are able to log in as Administrator and see the Admin tab. If you are able to see the Admin tab then there is some problem with BI Publisher not being able to connect to BI Presentation Services in order to leverage the security. By default, when we install BI EE, BI Publisher would use BI Server security. By changing it to XDO we are making it to leverage local BI Publisher security instead of BI EE security. In the {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml, try placing the ip instead of the hostname. For example, <property name=”BI_SERVER_SECURITY_URL” value=”jdbc:oraclebi://vejanaki-pc:9704/”/>. Default install will take the hostname and in some cases BI Publisher does not seem to recognize the hostname.

3.   Go to {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Security\principals.xml. Check whether you the Administrator Role mapping is enabled there.

The above are some checks that should get you started. If others have any other comments feel free to post them here. In the meantime, i am off for a mini vacation to celebrate the festival of lights!!!. Should be back next week with more posts.

26 Responses to “Oracle BI Publisher and BI EE – Invisible Admin Tab!!!”

  1. Remc0 said

    Hi Venkat,
    We did all of that what you discribed but still it didn’t worked. Now we find the following:
    We had an underscore in our password and it seems publisher didn’t liked that!
    So after removing te underscore the integration between publisher and OBIEE was succesfull!

  2. Rama Mohan said

    Hi Venkat,

    I am fasing the same problem. I am unable to login into the publisher.
    this is my xmlp server config file

    actually my problem is I am able to login into Publisher through this URL http://k04251:9704/xmlpserver/login.jsp but it is not integrating with Presentation services.
    When I was try to login via More Products Bi Publisher it’s giving the fallowing error.

    Reporting Login: Login failed: Please contact administrator for your username/password.

    can you Help me out of this problem

    Thanks in Advance
    Ram mohan

  3. SJ said

    I justed try for BI Publisher, and found that the user name might be “administrator” and password might be “Administrator”.
    Please try one more time, that’s work for mine.


  4. Raymond de Vries said


    I would like to use the BI_SERVER option and would like to know how to encrypt the SUPERUSER_PASSWORD.


  5. tapasvi said

    I found following thread very helpful:

    Add following roleMappings to principals.xml

  6. Victor said

    Awsome, Venkat. Finally it works fine. Thanks.

  7. Karthik said


    Option (1) worked for me…configuring superuser credentials and Security model.



  8. Suresh said

    thanks it worked for me.

  9. Vinayak said


    We have an integrated environment wherein Siebel users can access OBIEE, The user groups are assigned by Authorization initialization block. When I login to BIP with Siebel users’ credentials the admin tab is not visible even if the user is assigned to XMLP_ADMIN responsibility.

  10. aluke1 said

    I wanted to document both the issue and fix as it pertains to Security in BI publisher.

    In the BI Pubishler I am using the BI_SERVER security model. In the BI_SERVER my Authentication Model is LDAP.

    By default in the BI Publisher config file the Security Model Setting is set to “BI Server”.

    I logged in the BI Publisher with the default Administrator credentials and I was getting the following error

    I googled for this error and came to Venky’s Blog (obviously)

    I edited the {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml and added the SUPER_USER/PASSWORD credentials but the issue still persisted. Then for the sake I tried to Test an LDAP User and it got Authenticated and I was logged in BI Publisher. Then in all made sense, since I am using the BI_SERVER Security Model, The Administrator crendential is Authenticated like a LDAP user and obviously the LDAP user is not found in ADSI. I get an error”

    The following steps I took to enable the Super User in BI Publisher
    1) Stop oc4j
    2) Make a back-up of {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml
    3) Edit {OracleBI}\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration\xmlp-server-config.xml
    4) Change Security Model “XDO”
    5) Start oc4j
    6) Go to BI Pulisher and Login with default Administrator Creditials
    7) Go to the Security Module
    8) Enable Local Superuser and enter User and Password
    9) Re-start oc4j
    10) Test both the super user and ldap user

  11. Joe Bertram said

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, Venkat, thanks for the great blog.

    Alukel, so you are getting the system to run properly XDO security model? I a similar setup as you did. My security model is BI_SERVER and my BI Server is doing SSO. In your post, you said the admin user was the only one who couldn’t get into BI Publisher, however, my case is the exact opposite. My Admin user is the only one which can get into BIP, and all LDAP users get a But when I change the security to XDO, I stop getting to the error page with the message and I just get a “Login Failed, Please retry.” meesage.

    Does anyone know what causes the “ ” message? Which file do I need to look into to figure this out?


  12. Rajesh said

    Thanks Venkat. This worked for me.

  13. Conchita Macipe said

    Estoy traduciendo el Manual de Oracle Business Iltelligence Publisher, estoy viendo las traducciones al español y no hay una estandarización, por ejemplo SUPER_SERVER, algunas veces se queda así y otras superservidor. Lo mismo con algo tan elemental y QUE EXISTE EN ESPAÑOL como PASSWORD, contraseña, lo usan en ambos idiomas….
    I’m translating the Oracle Business Iltelligence Publisher Handbook into Spanish, but I can’t see a standadization of terms. Some will of course be in English, especially acronyms, but others, that DO have a translation in Spanish are left in English. I think you should try to standardize your Spanish version. I can contribute with the glossary I’m making, but a TRULY bilingual person that masters the software and BOTH LANGUAGES, (not Spanglish) should help me and give me feedback. If you are willing to do tis, please, answer me to my mail.

  14. praveen said

    cool venkat….it works…thanks a lot..

  15. swathi said

    Hi venkat,

    Am using Oracle BI the publisher is working fine for the default rpd’s. But when i create a new rpd the admin tab is, i followed the steps you have mentioned.Now am able to view the admin tab, But the dashboards link in the publisher is not working and when i logged in to BI publisher thru MS word folders in the workspace are not visible after selecting the BI server from the dropdown menu.

    Please help me in this regard.
    Thanks in advance

  16. Vasu said


    Thanks to your solution (of setting the security model to XDO), I managed to get the Admin tab!

    Thanks, again!

  17. Santhosh said

    Hey Venkat,

    i am trying to integrate BI publiser to use the external table authentication set up for my BI Server. Authentication works fine for BI Presentaion but can’t get into BI Publisher using the users in my external table. Could you please let me know how can I set up this configuration, so that i could be able to login using the external table Authentication into BI publisher?

    Thank you for your time,

    • vik said

      Hi Venkat,
      I am having the same issue as santhosh. Any Solution for this issue?.
      Santhosh,Any luck ?

  18. Vik said

    Hi Venkat,

    i am trying to integrate BI publiser to use the external table authentication set up for my BI Server. Authentication works fine for BI Presentaion but can’t get into BI Publisher using the users in my external table. Could you please let me know how can I set up this configuration, so that i could be able to login using the external table Authentication into BI publisher?

    Thank you for your time,

  19. deepika said

    Hi venkat,

    this really worked for me. Thanks a lot


  20. markus said


    thanks a lot Venkat.
    it works for me 🙂

  21. Manohar said

    Hi Venkat,

    Thanks a ton for the solution about the Admin Tab page.
    I could resolve it as per your suggestion.

    Also I am curious to know what could be the issue with
    External table authentication as reported by VIK.

    Thanks in advance for any kind of input upon this as well


  22. Mohammad Makahleh said

    Hi venkat,

    Thanks alot,
    it works for me.

  23. Ade said


    Thanks a lot. Setting SECURITY_MODEL to XDO worked for me.


  24. Sachin said

    Hey Venkat,

    It worked for me.
    Thnx a lot.

  25. scanbix said

    Just add new user group “XMLP_ADMIN” in repository file (rpd) and add your user to that group.
    I believe XMLP_ADMIN is defined during isntallation of BI suite.

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