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Oracle BI EE – SAMetaExport – For improving Query Performance – Precursor for Materialized Views

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on November 5, 2007

I came across another handy utility called as the SAMetaExport. What this utility can do is, it can convert the dimensions(hierarchies) that you define in the Business Model layer of the Administration tool into actual CREATE DIMENSION script for Oracle. As you would know Dimensions in an Oracle database help in determining the Query Rewrites while using Materialized Views. You can get this utility from {OracleBI}/Server/Bin. The syntax for using this tool is as follows

SAMetaExport···-r···”<full path including the Repository Name>”···-u <username> -p <password> -f <full path of the filename containing details about the BM name etc> -t “ORACLE”

As you see above this utility requires another file as its input. This file should include the following details

BUSINESS_MODEL= “<Business Model Name>”
PHYSICAL_DATABASE =”<Physical Database Name>”
RUN_AS_USER = “Administrator”
OUTPUT_FOLDER = “D:\oracle\OracleBI\Oracle Export”

For ex:

RUN_AS_USER = “Administrator”
OUTPUT_FOLDER = “D:\oracle\OracleBI\Oracle Export”



Let us try running this utility and see the output generated. The output would be a sql file which would have the CREATE DIMENSION script.




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