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Oracle BI EE – Import through Server

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 31, 2007

I learnt about another interesting feature today. If you open the Administration Console and go to import, you would basically find 4 options. They are

1.   Import from Database
2.   Import through Server
3.   Import from Repository
4.   Import from XMLA

The options 1,3 and 4 are pretty self explanatory. But so far i have never used the Import through Server option. This option again has some interesting features. And this works only if you have open a repository in the online mode. Let us try to understand this here. Consider that we have 2 machines A and B as shown below.


So in effect an user in Machine B is opening the repository in the server machine A in online mode. So, lets see what happens when we open Import from Database.


As you see when we click on import from Database it shows all the set of System DSNs that have already been created in Machine B(local to Machine B). So, now lets see what happens when we click on Import through Server


Oops what has happened now. The list of DSNs have changed, havent they? So what Import through Server does is it exposes the Machine A’s DSNs, TNSNames entries etc to Machine B. So, any user who is involved in the repository creation process does not have to create local DSNs or TNSNames entries. All they have to do is to connect to the repository on the Server(in Machine A) in online mode and then click on Import through Server. This is very much used in the Multi User Development of the Repositories.

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Oracle BI EE – IQY and Auto Generation of GO URL

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 31, 2007

I would like to write today about two interesting but un-noticed features of Oracle BI EE. The first one is called as IQY or intelligent Web Query which will generate an export of the data in Excel that can be refreshed from within Excel. Of course, now that we have BI EE Office add-in this is available out of the box if you are on or above. But for users who are on the lower versions, IQY is a very good feature which would basically help financial users to get the refreshed report data directly from and into Excel. In order to generate the IQY file, go to any report that you have created in Answers and then go to the Advanced tab of the report. There you would see 2 links. If you click on the second link it would basically ask you to save the report as an IQY file.


After saving this file open it in Excel. Lets try to understand what this IQY file actually does. After opening the file you would basically see that the report which you have exported would be available in Excel(it does not support charts). But what you would not notice is that this uses the Web Query feature of Excel. Go to Data->Get External Data menu in Excel. There click on Edit Query


There you would basically see a URL to the report. Here you can use GO URL or the URL generated by IQY.


As you see it is a very simple feature but again that can be used on a regular basis for refreshing your data. The next feature that i wanted to talk about is the GO URL Auto Generation. If you do not want to remember the GO URL formats then you have another feature in the advanced tab of a report wherein you can get the GO URL link for the report. The first link that you see in the Advanced tab is the GO URL link for that report. Pretty simple features but again generally not noticed.

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