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Oracle BI EE – Changing Passwords from Presentation Services

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 28, 2007

OBI EE is so vast and has so many capabilities that i tend to learn at least one new information on this tool on a daily basis. For example, even though i knew about UDML generation using the nqUDMLexec.exe and nqUDMLgen.exe(i use this on a regular basis), i never realized that copying of objects within a repository actually generates UDML which can indeed be seen if you paste it in say notepad/wordpad. I came to know this from Mark’s blog entry here. Similarly, so far i was under the impression that passwords of users can be changed only from the admin tool. But i was proved wrong by Daan Bakboord who had given a wonderful reply to this forum question here. Let us try to understand this in detail. Generally, there is no option within Dashboards ,Answers (Presentation Services in general) to change the passwords by default. But if at all there is a requirement wherein we would need to have the capability of individual users changing the password, then the solution is to uncomment a commented line in a System XML file. To do this, one would have to follow the steps as below.

1.   Go to {OracleBI}/web/msgdb/messages. Open the controlmessages.xml file in a text editor.

2.   Search for kmsgChangePasswordLink in the file and uncomment the HTML tags. Sample, controlmessages.xml file is given below.


3.   Restart Presentation services and the BI Server.

4.   Login to the dashboards. Go to Settings->My Account. You would see a change password link using which you should be able to change the passwords.


I am not sure whether this would work for LDAP and database authentications. I dont think it would( a guess here, others can correct me) and thats why i believe it has not been enabled by default.

4 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Changing Passwords from Presentation Services”

  1. Hi Venkatakrishnan,

    I am glad I was able to help you out. Normally it’s the other way around 😉


    Daan Bakboord

  2. daniel said


    I set up this feature and it works fine for Administrator users.
    End users get an error message not succeeding in changing their passwords.

    Any ideas if this is happening because of some configuration missing?



  3. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Yes Daniel it indeed looks like a bug. Not sure though. The only way as of now is to add these users to the Administrators group.

  4. Esther said

    Hi Venkat,

    I was trying to get the “Change Password” link for our test users (apparently by adding them to the Admin group). I was unsuccessful in my attempt. I couldn’t get this link even to the Administrator account. Would it be possible that if once Administrator’s default settings are altered, this fails?

    Any thoughts are appreciated!

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