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Oracle BI EE – Open Intelligence Interface

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 23, 2007

One of the major advantages of BI EE is that BI Server exposes itself in the form of ODBC so that any other utlity/reporting tool can leverage the metadata of BI EE. In fact, any other reporting tool(which can use ODBC) can leverage this metadata. Let us take a sample scenario. Lets say we have installed BI EE on one machine A(including BI Server and Presentation Services). And say you have another reporting tool on Machine B. So, the question is how do we make the reporting tool on Machine B leverage the metadata of BI EE, which is on machine A? To understand better i have depicted the scenario using a diagram below.


So, coming back to question of how do we make BI EE available to the Custom Reporting Tool on Machine B, all we need to do is to install a product called Open Intelligence Interface on machine B. It generally is bundled under the Client_Ancillary folder of the BI EE software bundle. What this product basically does is it installs a ODBC driver for Oracle BI Server. Once you have this installed this product you can create a ODBC DSN using the Oracle BI Server ODBC driver and can connect to any BI Server. So, while creating the DSN just use the Oracle BI Server odbc driver as shown below.



Now you can use this DSN within your reporting tool and can start reporting using BI Server metadata. Though this is pretty straight forward i thought i would blog about this since it is a very handy utility

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