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Oracle BI EE – New release – New Features

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 22, 2007

Well, i picked this up from Abhinav’s blog here. Looks like the is out for download. One of the things that i do after any Oracle Software release is to go through the list of new features. I see that 3 new features for BI EE and 3 new features for BI Publisher have been added. But keep in mind that this is not a major release. This is only an add-on, if i may put it that way, release to the earlier release. Following are the list of new features in BI EE. I will quote it from the docs here

1. Oracle Business Intelligence Installer Now Deploys BI Components into One OC4J Container – If you had gone through Advanced installation of BI EE earlier, you would have noticed that all the components got deployed into the root container without creating a seperate OC4J container for all of the components. Now, in this release all the components will be deployed into a new OC4J container called as home.

2. DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers for Linux and UNIX Operating Systems Bundled with Oracle BI EE – Well, now one does not have to go on the look out for ODBC drivers for various databases. Oracle BI EE provides ODBC drivers for Informix, MS SQL Server, and Sybase ASE databases(for linux and UNIX OS).

3. Support for Charts in Oracle BI EE for Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew – This looks to me more like a workaround since BI EE charting engine has a limitation in terms of its rendering capability for Arabic, Thai and Hebrew. Now, in BI EE you would have to use BI Publisher to render these charts. Use BI Answers report as the data source and use the BIP translation to do the rendering for you in Arabic, Thai and Hebrew.

BI Publisher New Features in

1. Time Out Value for Web Service Data Sources – One can now set the time out value for Web Service data sources.

2. Bidirectional Function for eText Data Fields

3. Default Repository – There is now a default repository location that has been added to xmlp-server-config.xml. One can set it to the file path desired. It is also set by default during installation.

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