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Oracle BI EE – Charts – Flash, SVG, PNG, JPEG

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 17, 2007

If you are wondering what are all the various types of charts that OBI EE supports, then the answer is in title of this blog post. Yes, OBI EE supports Flash, SVG, PNG and JPEG charts. But by default one would get the flash charts. If you do not have a flash plugin in your browser then the flash charts would not work. So, if you do not want flash charts but like to have the same interactivity as flash charts then you can try SVG charts. In order to change the chart types to SVG, just follow the following steps

Go to {oracleBIData}/web/config. Open instanceconfig.xml. Add the following entry to the instanceconfig.xml file.


Just remember, these tags should come before the close of ServerInstance and WebConfig tags. Once you have copied this restart your presentation services and you would be getting the graphs in SVG format. But remember, it is always recommended to use Flash Charts since they support huge data sets. SVG might fail in some data sets.



As you see above, we have got SVG chart within OBI EE. If you feel that you dont need any kind of interactivity in your charts, try using the JPEG and PNG options. These would remove the drill downs from your charts and would present the charts as static images of type JPEG or PNG.





This is just to show you the types of charts one can have in OBI EE. But it is recommended that you stick to Flash charts since they have maximum interactivity.


9 Responses to “Oracle BI EE – Charts – Flash, SVG, PNG, JPEG”

  1. SreeHarsha said

    i want to make the default chart type as “Rectangle”. As of now “Cylinder” is being taken as default in Oracle BI. On the contrary SiebelAnalytics used to take “Rectangle” as defualt chart style.

    Pls. advice how can I change this across the system. Do I need to add any tag?

  2. Chris Hanley said


    I have followed your instructions on both

    and am still unable to view charts. Any help would be greatly approceiated.


  3. Venkatakrishnan J said

    @Chris – Can you check whether you JavaHost service is up and running?

  4. vineeth said

    can u please tell me the steps to create charts ??


  5. Chris Hanley said

    Hi, my applogies for not posting sooner. I rechecked the documentation and installed Adobe Flash player – everything seems to be working now.

  6. Ilya said

    I have been trying to change fonts for charts and have it support “internationalization” following the “Converting Chart Fonts” instructions from Oracle Infrastructure and Configuration Guide. I am not sure what I am doing wrong as neither fonts nor foreign characters are working. Can post a blog about this or point to another good source.

    My chartfontmapping.xml looks like this:

  7. learningobiee said

    Hi Venkat,
    I am having errors while generating graphs. When i try to generate the graph for the report, either i get the grid with a ! sign in middle or this error : Error Generating Chart
    An error occurred during execution of “connect”. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. [Socket:1008] .

    i have installed adobe flash player, added the syntax to the xml file. so i am cnfused were i am going wrong. kindly let me know.

  8. Ashley said

    Hi Venkat
    I’m getting the below error while viewing charts.
    The Java Host is running and Flash is installed.
    Can you kindly help me out with this issue.


    View Display Error
    View staticchart!1 returned the following message:
    Assertion failure: pDFile != 0 at line 266 of ./project/webcharts/popchartengine.cpp
    Error Details
    Error Codes: OQ78YWIW
    File: ./project/webcharts/popchartengine.cpp, Line: 266

  9. Ganesh said


    We are upgrade from Siebel Analytics 7.x into OBI EE Most of the graphs in 7.x is set as 3D stack and it displayes real good. But when we upgrade to, graphs are not displaying correctly. Mainly the Bar Graphs are very small, lot of bars are not visible. If we change the settings to 2D stack it displays fairly ok. Have you encounter this issue before? Do we have any global settings to change every thing from 3D to 2D. Changing all the graphs manually to 2D is a time consuming job.


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