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Oracle BI EE – Customizing Output Messages

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on October 4, 2007

We had a question today in the forums on how to go about customizing output messages in OBI EE. In this case, the question was about how to modify “No Results The specified criteria didn’t result in any data” message when the report that we have created does not return any data. Lets see how to go about modifying the same here. The steps that i am defining here are documented in the Presentation Services Guide and it does work as documented.

1.   Go to the folder {OracleBI}/web/msgdb. This is the folder that would contain all the custom messages for all the languages that BI EE supports. All the custom messages are contained in XML files.

2.   The next step is to identify the XML file wherein the No Result message is present. For that lets do a normal windows search for the text “The specified criteria”


As you see above, the message is present in 2 XML files and file of our interest is the viewmessages.xml.

3.   Go to {OracleBIData}/web/msgdb. Create a new folder l_en(for english). Create a subfolder customMessages under l_en. Once this is done copy the viewmessages.xml file into the customMessages folder.

4.   The idea is to make modifications to all the XML messages in a seperate data directory so that we do not lose these during the next upgrade.

5.   Now lets open the viewmessages.xml in a text editor and modify the message that we needed to make a change to.


Lets modify the message to say “Oops Sorry. No Data found” and save the file.


6.   Once this is done all one would have to do is to restart the Presentation Server and the BI Server. Now we should be able to see the customized message in both Answers and Dashboards.


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