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Oracle BI EE and Mapviewer Maps

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on August 23, 2007

As you must be knowing OBI EE now officially supports Mapviewer Maps. This is one more reason why users must look into OBI EE. One can have visual maps of locations that can change based on data. Mapviewer is actually one of those products that is actually tightly integrated with Oracle Spatial. What this means is that if you have topographic data about your warehouses, store locations etc, all you need to do is load them up into Spatial and use Mapviewer to create the maps for you. Once you have the maps, you can integrate your maps with OBI EE. For example, while analyzing the sales for a particular region, Mapviewer maps can provide additional topographic information about the location. It also supports drilling down from the maps to the OBI EE reports. Installing mapviewer is pretty straightforward. All one would
need to do is deploy the ear file in to a OC4J container. To test this out, i deployed it on the OC4J that comes along with the OBI EE installation. It just worked like a breeze. Below is a sample screenshot.

One can get all details about Mapviewer from here

9 Responses to “Oracle BI EE and Mapviewer Maps”

  1. Max said

    Any documentation about this? Regards,

  2. Venkatakrishnan J said

    I am afraid, there is no documentation available as such. I will try to publish another blog entry with regards to how to go about doing that. Also, i believe the step by step guide should be available in OBE(Oracle By Example) in the near future.

  3. Mike said

    Any documentation by now?

  4. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Hi Mike,

    I believe it is not available as yet. I am planning to publish one hopefully by the end of this week.


  5. […] by Venkatakrishnan J on September 25th, 2007 As i had already said here earlier, OBI EE now officially supports Mapviewer. Also, i had mentioned in the blog that […]

  6. Venkatakrishnan J said

    Update. I have a new document series here.

  7. pradeep potturi said

    Hi Venkat ,
    Quick question regarding the embedding of video using static text view.. In the blog you mentioned the below statement

    “Put the embed object into the Static Text view” . Not sure what u mean by this how do i embed the video bject. Can u please illustrate the steps..


  8. pradeep potturi said

    Venkat ,
    I have another question. I have a excel file on my disk. is there a way i can directly upload the excel file in OBIEE so the users can see those files through the application


  9. Sujal said


    We have a client requirement to report on spatial data.

    We are under the impression we need special license for this even if we have OBIEE Platform and Applications 7.9.5 licensed. Is that correct? Can you please tell us what are the licenses that need to be purchased?

    Does Oracle recommend any third party who provides spatial data?
    Do you have an idea if there any Third party providers which provides spatial data for Pharma customers

    Thanks & Regards,


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