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Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on August 20, 2007

As you might know, release of OBI EE is out for download. There have been quite a lot of features that have been added to this release. Especially, in the MS Office integration front and BI Publisher front. There is a new BI office add for office 2003. Also, there is an out of the box integration available between BI Publisher and Discoverer. Like in the earlier release, where in one can source OBI EE reports from BI Publisher, one can source this time from Oracle Discoverer. I won’t be going too much into details about this since we already have a great resource about them in Abhinav’s blog here, here and here. I would rather focus on the BI Publisher features in this article.




There are more download options in this release from within BI Publisher. In the earlier release, if you had noticed, there was no explicit way to install the excel analyzer. The only way was to click on the Analyzer for Excel button (one would have to reduce the excel security level to get this installed). But now, there is an external button that you can leverage to install this directly.



Also, there is an option wherein one can create a template automatically from a data set.

This makes a lot of sense for users who are pretty new with this tool and do not how to start. Atleast this can act as a bridge.




There are more download/viewing options now. Powerpoint, CSV support have been added into this new release.


And ofcourse, there is no need for anyone to remember the URL parameters (basic functionality is exposed. For more advanced, the only way is to get them from the user guide) to get parts of the report. This has been added as links to the report in the BI Publisher Enterprise.


Another major addition to this release of BI EE is that, BI Publisher supports flash templates. One can view flash reports from with BI Publisher and ofcourse can expose them to BI EE. Quite an interesting feature if one needs highly customized flash reports.


The last noticeable feature from within BI Publisher is that, it has option now to store the files within a directory structure (file system) or within XML DB.


And yes, Tim Dexter has earmarked some good new features in BI Publisher here.


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