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Hyperion System 9 BI – Overview

Posted by Venkatakrishnan J on July 19, 2007

Before Oracle acquired Hyperion, their BI stack was called as System 9 that included a lot of components ranging from BI to Performance management. After the acquisition, Oracle has come out with a slightly modified bundle called as OBI EE Plus. The BI bundle was earlier called as OBI EE. OBI EE+ = OBI EE + 4 Hyperion Components. Following are the components of OBI EE Plus

1. Oracle Dashboards
2. Oracle Answers
3. Oracle BI Publisher
4. Oracle Delivers
5. Oracle Disconnected Analytics
6. Financial Reporting
7. Production Reporting and SQR
8. Web Analysis
9. Smartview for Office

Now that we know the bundling of OBI EE+, lets try to understand the Hyperion System 9 components. These components lend further support to the OBI EE and makes it a complete offering.

Financial Reporting: (Like BI Publisher with the ability to natively connect to Essbase, SAP BW and Office integration with PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc)

·        BI + module primarily utilized for highly formatted financial and operating reports against OLAP, planning and HFM sources.

·        Can do scheduling

·        Can do report bursting

·        Was known as Hyperion reports

·        Primarily used for creating compliant financial reports

·        2 interfaces – Desktop client and web client

·        Desktop Client – Financial Reporting Studio

·        Web Client – Part of System 9 Workspace

·        Can have SAP BW as a data source

·        Has MS Office integration

 Financial Reporting

Production Reporting: (More like BI Publisher without bursting capabilities. One would have to use Financial reporting for that feature)

·        Web-based delivery of high volume, presentation quality reports

·        Cross function reporting like creating reports based on data from CRM and financial planning data

·        Connection to DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Essbase, SAP R/3, SAP BW

·        Pixel-Perfect reporting

·        Formerly known as SQR

·        No Bursting capabilities

Production Reporting


Web Analysis: (Like Discoverer for OLAP but with multiple OLAP sources and ability to create dashboards and other features)

·        BI + module primarily utilized for advanced analysis capabilities against OLAP data (not restricted to Essbase alone)

·        Analysis focused

·        Adhoc querying

·        Dashboard creation

·        Was known as Hyperion Analyzer

·        2 interfaces – Java Client and Web Client

·        Java Client – Web Analysis Studio

·        Web Client – Part of System 9 Workspace

Web Analysis

Also, Mark Rittman has a writeup on Hyperion components here. This would give more details on the components. The above post is just to give you an overview. It would be interesting to see how these components would be integrated in the future. But for now, one would have to go through a seperate download for the OBI EE and Hyperion to use OBI EE Plus. But again, that would be worth it for the features this tool offers :-).


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  2. Raja said

    Really good to know abt that,

  3. rajaobj said

    Good Stuff

  4. Jessica Bass said

    Thanks for the high level understanding of Hyperion and OBI EE

  5. Gustavo said

    ¿Conoces la Suite Oracle Hyperion 9 / 11? Unite al grupo Oracle Hyperion LATAM ( )

  6. Yanal said

    hi to all …

    i am new user for Hyperion System 9 BI and i don’t have any idea about it, so any one can help me and be in contact with me to help at least to generate my frist report.


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